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Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 57,815

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So am I, CaliforniaPeggy!

And when they say try to claim that JFK was one of them, they blaspheme!

Sheesh! Fifty years.

Definitely. I LOVE that part!

Show him how easy it is to change and be that way for about a year.

Love the "he won't listen to reason" part, too. SHEESH!!!

Understood, but my first thought was - it was a mother who wrote in.

I would GUESS - and it's just a guess - that women in general are more concerned about being made fun of, or what would the neighbors think, or Dear God, what if our friends find out?!?!?!?!! Doesn't seem as though most men would get that mussed-up about it - especially to the point where they'd feel they have to write in to an advice columnist about it. Further, it's usually moms who remember the birthdays, buy the cards, write in the cards and send 'em or set them out where they can be easily spotted, get the gifts, wrap the presents, arrange the parties or activities, etc. At least in my experience, anyway. We have just the two kids and my husband usually has to double-check with me about exactly when the kids' birthdays are, or what year they were born. Just flies straight over his head sometimes (our anniversary too). And he's one of the most attentive, loving, supportive, and non-judgmental fathers there are.

Renominate Goodwin Liu!!!!

Let's get him in there! And more like him!

She's terrific! I love Joy Reid! Brilliant and quick-witted.

I find myself saying "Damn, that was a good one, girlfriend" over and over when I watch her. I hope she gets her own show. I think she's just great!

Welcome to DU, trishtrash!

Glad you're here! I saw your post and my first thought was - "and all they can do now is threaten revenge." Like a bunch of frickin' five-year-olds.

Hey, I'M shocked that he finally did it!

My husband's reaction and mine were the same yesterday: "It's About Fucking TIME!!!!"

GEEEZ how much time has been wasted noodling around with the assholes on the other side, believing them when they lie that they'll cooperate and then being just like Charlie Brown trying to kick the football that Lucy PROMISED so faithfully that she'd hold for him this time for sure, before yanking it out at the last minute. And gullible Charlie Brown Reid falls for it every time.

So all I can say is - "well whaddya know - he finally decided to stop falling for it."

It's HUGELY important. The single-most convincing reason why we need to keep the White House

for SEVERAL presidential election cycles to come. We have to replace the scalias and thomases with sensible left-leaning choices. They're the only two that seem old enough to be replaceable SOON.

But the farm teams - the appeals courts mainly - just infested with CONS. And think how long we're gonna have to wait for all the imbedded CONS that bush/cheney left in place ALL OVER the federal government. They're everywhere - like a lice epidemic.


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