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LOVE this post!!!

We have this joke between us, too. Often when he's out working on the plane, he'll come home

with a little grease smudge on his shirt. THAT is his version of "lipstick on the collar"!

What I don't get is a woman like Samantha Scheibe. WTF?????

WHY would ANYBODY go near this human garbage? Why would anyone want to video themselves having sex with him? WHERE is the appeal? Nobody pays attention to track record or personal history? Where was she anyway? Down in an underground bunker or something last summer? Did she miss the whole Trayvon mess? Or if she didn't miss it, did NONE of that register with her?

I wondered the same thing about the blonde who went for O.J. after that dismal business. How could he get ANY woman's interest from then on.

Sometimes I come across things I just do NOT understand...

And I was all ready to argue with you, CreekDog...

Until I opened the thread!

Want to see a cool video my husband shot riding in a VERY SEXY vintage plane?


And the poor unfortunate woman might also believe that SHE ALONE can tame him,

or reach him, or help him, or fix him. Many women fall into that - the whole "well, he hasn't met ME yet." And that, as we know, RARELY works in real life, outside of the bodice-ripper soft-porn novels.

That's the one!!!!

Well done, Chiyo-chichi!!!!

Welcome to DU, FatBuddy!

Glad you're here! This thread is full of rather astute observations. Good points all. Except for that moran guy.

Nothing so funny as wandering through some of the teabaggers' protest signs and noting how rotten the spelling and usage and punctuation all are. I keep thinking about the photo of the "Get a Brain! Morans" dude with his American flag do-rag over his bad mullet.

My sentiments exactly!

Wow - they sure call it - and him. That's precisely what he is: a public menace. I suspect he will be his own undoing someday, but I fear who else will be seriously injured or killed before it happens. At any rate, a guy like him is the LAST guy on the planet who should be allowed to have or carry a gun of ANY sort. With serious issues he denies and for which won't get serious treatment, a chip on his shoulder the size of the Island of Manhattan, and a sense of entitlement bigger than the romneys, that was so thoughtfully granted to him by those friendly and gullible jurors a scant few months ago.

OMG! I LOVE the comments!

Starting with the first one:

"I'm not going to donate any of my organs until that man is dead."

And the last one (at least at this point) - answering the previous comment of "tell us how you really feel about the cheneys" with:

"If anything, I'd say Charles was too kind."

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