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Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 57,784

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Is this another one of those alleged "good guys with guns" who are supposed to proliferate all over

the U.S. to keep us safe from the alleged "bad guys with guns"?

Yay!!! SO great to get this news, Tree-Hugger!

I hope you and your family continue to do well, and step into the sunshine of MANY bright spots!

Maybe we should start adding reagan's name to EVERYTHING we want.

St. ronnie! St. ronnie!

Schmuck. But if we can use that accursed name to do some good, hey why not mind-fuck 'em a little bit?

Yeah, he'll make her famous alright.

Her name will soon be inscribed on a marble tombstone or grave marker - for all eternity to read.

Hasn't gotten him yet.

Still waiting. If he's anywhere outside of serious custody (like in PRISON - for YEARS) he's a menace to society. Still waiting for karma to catch up with him. So far he seems able to beat the rap. Got more people covering for him and tidying up after him than george w. bush does!

Welcome to DU, Mother Muckraker!

Good to have you with us! This is freakin' NUTS. That this guy is STILL allowed to walk free when he is just never out of trouble. The Trayvon Martin acquittal (he's an unrepentent murderer in my book, having seen all the evidence presented and studied the case as much as I could as a civilian) was in July. It's November. Forcryingoutloud - that's four MONTHS. And he's been detained by police and in and out of the slammer several times just since then?

How long do we let this walking Russian Roulette case keep walking around? How long is it okay? Seems once a month he gets himself into trouble. And it's always somebody else's fault, boo-hoo.

He's a menace to society. And it was so shattering to me, all over again, to read one of the comments for how painful and frighteningly true it was. Someone posted about how he should be put away before he kills someone. And another poster replied to that post with "...before he kills someone ELSE." He's got at least one unpunished murder to his credit. Wonder how many more there'll be before he's finally and decisively prevented from being a public menace? He's a walking disaster, just waiting to happen.

Answer? Yes.

It masks everything else.

In her case it's the "...but she photographs well" excuse. BSPW. Maybe we should start a new slogan.

I was just about to post a thread - titled "WHAT?"

WHY are we apologizing to sarah palin? What on earth could Martin Bashir have said that demands an apology to sarah palin? Apology to Barack or Michelle Obama maybe. Apologize to Hillary Clinton maybe. They've been maligned and wronged repeatedly. But apologizing to sarah palin? WTF? What could he have possibly said that constitutes an offense to that bimbo?

Okay, I found the video of it. Allow me to quote something dick cheney said, that Martin Bashir's many critics evidently had no problem with:


The worst part of that clip was the clip-within-a-clip of miss sarah herself and that whiny nasal screech of hers. OW!!! And sorry, but “resident dunce” and a “world class idiot" are not insults. They're biographical descriptions.


DEARLY AND ARDENTLY hoping!!! I want them GONE. Tear 'em DOWN. Scrape the lot. Start OVER.

Welcome PeoViejo, AND albino65! Both of youse!

Glad you're both here!

The whole idea fills me with delight! Wouldn't that be the sweetest justice? Those who relentlessly followed grover norquist's stated goal of trying to shrink the government so small it could be drowned in a bathtub - now find their entire nauseating political party set up for the same fate!

SWEET, SWEET, delicious tasty justice!!!!

This is one case in which I'm all for the whole idea of "creative destruction." Let it rain down upon the GOP and all its hydra-headed heads! I hope that God-forsaken party dies, and its members are scattered throughout the wilderness like the builders of Babel were. I hope they're out of commission (and certainly out of power) for at least a generation or two - until our side has time to fix a few things and rehabilitate the Supreme Court.

They don't get it. It's not ANY of the ways in which they present or massage or communicate or focus-group test their ideas that alienate voters. It's THE IDEAS THEMSELVES that alienate voters.
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