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My question always winds up being the same thing. WHY DON'T WE HAVE THIS?

WHY doesn't OUR side have our own dirty tricksters?

Why can't WE fight fire with fire? Why can't WE go on offense like this? Why can't WE fight dirty like they do? Taste of their own medicine. See how they like it.

Why can't WE have our own "Dark Arts" division?

Or do we just like being patsies and sitting ducks like this?

He's every bit as hateful while a squatter in Hillary's office as he was as a civilian.

I've got nothing else. He is hateful and what he's doing to this country and the rest of the world is just as hateful.

Sorry. It's deserved. And very well-earned. I sincerely don't want to hate anybody. But that's all I've got when it comes to this monster.

If Roger Stone is in even the remotest way involved, then it is DEFINITELY ratfucking.

You can take that to the bank. That's his specialty. Cocky bastard has been very proud of it for decades, and has never hesitated to say so.

Welcome to DU, Farmer-Rick!

And Happy Thanksgiving!

I hesitated when I saw the source for this story. KABC-AM (talk radio station here in L.A. that slants hard right) - which has NEVER been the dateline of ANY news story, EVER. I know because I used to work at their FM sister station which was literally across the hall. We shared the same little newsroom where the teletype machines were. They never broke news, because they never had an emphasis on a big full-service format with a vibrant, well-staffed news department. It was a talk format then and still is, now.

There was a two-host team in the morning, two men. One was a modified yuck-it-up type - who usually handled the kicker stories (lighter people-related news stories that tend to air at the end of the newscast), and his partner was an older man who was the guy who read the headlines at the top and bottom of the hour and any breaking news that might come up. At which time the next guy up would spend his whole time slot talking about whatever breaking news had come up, complete with lots of guests lined up on the phone from all over the nation (and the world), and listener calls, too. TERRIBLE signal strength, and lousy penetration in SoCal, and there were parts of the city of Los Angeles in which you couldn't even hear them! IN L.A.!

One Christmas, I was slated to work on the FM to fill in for one of the Monday-through-Friday people who did news in drivetime. I had the morning shift because the FM news director had Christmas week off. I took in a big platter of chocolate chip cookies I'd made. During a commercial break over on the AM, I went into their control room with the cookies. From the on-air both, they saw me in the control room standing next to the engineer, and motioned for me to come in. Which I did. With the cookies. And they put me on the air to chit-chat for a few minutes, introduced me by name, and as one of the FM folks from across the hall, and immediately started making jokes about my cookies - and what might be cooked into them (since you could regularly smell pot smoke in the hallways because the ventilation system went everywhere).

As it happens, I did NOT bake anything into them. Just to be safe. Besides, I'd only been there a few months. And who knows who would grab a cookie from farther up the hall where the executive-types and sales department and upper management all had their offices.

They weren't as hard-right back then. They slid downward that way over the years. They became the "poor second place" option you might have switched to if the BIG talk station across town, that carried limbaugh, was in a commercial break or something, and they had the ratings to prove it (or lack thereof). And they NEVER made any news or broke any stories or did any special reports or investigative reports or ANYTHING like that. Forty years in the L.A. market, more than half of it on the air, and I NEVER EVER saw KABC-AM step to the front as far as distinguishing itself as having an active, viable news department or break ANY big stories (or small stories, either). They were never the station you'd turn to for breaking news anyway, especially since L.A. for several decades had two VERY viable, very well-established, award-winning all-news AM stations. They didn't even have regular traffic reports except in drivetime.

Oh Dear God that was crushing.

To take impeachment off the table before any such "table" was anywhere in sight, or in mind, even. That was STUPID. Our way seems to be carrot and leave-the-stick-over-there-somewhere-out-of-sight-and-certainly-WAY-out-of-reach.

If the bad guys think (or in our case, KNOW) they'll face no consequences, then what's ever to stop them from continuing to do it?

Your other point is excellent, too. I remember seeing some quickie interview with some republi-CON woman in Congress or some such. And she made the point that "WE FIGHT." I remember thinking - "yeah, there you go again. (Yawn.) ALWAYS fighting. You've always gotta be fighting." But maybe that's the key here. Maybe all those out there in voter land think we have no spine because we always cave, we never resort to fighting. Fighting in our case is last-resort stuff. The opposition? It's first-last-only. They come out of the gate with guns and rockets blazing. We come out of the gate with open arms and empty hands, assuming the other side will "meet us halfway." Well, NOT THIS BUNCH!!! I wonder how long it'll take our side to recognize that. Seems like they STILL don't get it.

Haven't we already given them AMPLE time to "meet us halfway" and otherwise be reasonable? And where's it gotten us? NOWHERE. Except for the "well, we got close!" Getting "close" doesn't make it. You don't get to run the joint, determine the priorities, set the agenda, and force compliance to it - UNLESS YOU WIN. I don't care how "close" the race may have been. If it wasn't a win, it was a whole lotta NOTHING.

If the game is played dirty, and the only way to win is dirty, then if we don't play the game that way, we will never win much, ever again.

No kidding! And they were doing just fine, all this time, without us, weren't they!

That's right where I'm aiming.

I would not be able to address him as "president". Because his "win" was completely illegitimate. When Vladimir Putin (or ANY other world leader or chieftain or strongman or generalissimo from ANYWHERE ELSE THAN AMERICA) can decide who OUR president will be, then that "president" is NOT legitimate.

This has annoyed me for a long time. Why can't WE fight dirty?

That's the way the game is played. That's how the bad guys win. They cheat like hell, at the state level and nationally, and they win. And they get away with it. And nothing is done. And nobody pays the price except for all of America under their thumb with their lousy ideas, their 6th century collective mindset, their shitty Reverse-Robin Hood policies of selfishness, short-sightedness, and abject cruelty, and their cockeyed totally out-to-lunch "alternative facts".

I want us to have our own Roger Stone and our own kkkarl rove and our own Lee Atwater and our own Frank Luntz and our own dirty tricksters. I want us to do some rat-fucking on the bad guys.

I'm sick of taking the high road. In THIS day and age, the high road leads you straight over a cliff.

So's my husband's rice pilaf.

Holy Cow it's good. Eat some and forget...

"Hello Mr. trump. Hillary got three-million more votes than you did."

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