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Just extraordinary!

It's amazing, and somehow comforting to me - that every now and then a whole new species is discovered. Nobody had any idea this spider existed till recently! We have to treasure and protect these absolute living jewels. Breath-taking!

Welcome to DU, BoneyardDem!

I don't even try to understand them anymore. They're from Upside-down-land. Particularly if they claim to be "Christian," and yet they support this pathological, congenital, unrepentant, proudly-ignorant, scheming, cheating, non-stop liar, racist, revisionist, thief, CON-man, traitor, enemy-collaborator, and sexual predator. An ADMITTED sexual predator, no less.

And they're okay with that. So then they're automatically NOT okay with me. I don't care what their damn "grievances" are. Regarding those who have more than earned the label "Deplorables," I keep going back to the same retort: "So what does that say about THEM, then?"

Perhaps not. I do believe souls can be saved.

But I'd need to see a longer track record of behavior that proves this. Not ready to trust or fully embrace these three. Bill Kristol, David Brooks, and George Will have spent an awfully long time being knuckledraggers. Someone like David Brock, on the other hand, is an example of genuine repentance and making amends. He's a former wrong-winger whose eyes were opened to the extent that he not only cast off his old beliefs and his former proselytizing but he founded Media Matters for America - which has become a weaponized resource for TRUTH and debunking the REAL fake news.


HIM I can believe. The others have to show, over time and many writings, speeches, and public appearances, that they've honestly an genuinely reformed. I await becoming convinced that they're not just shameless opportunists bending with whatever wind they see as most advantageous. And yeah, Bill Kristol has the stain of Sarah Palin on his soul. Gonna take some time and effort to repent that one.

I guess it's the Catholic school effect - wherein we were taught, among other things, that salvation is all about faith AND good works. You have to put ACTION behind your lofty-sounding words. Because talk is cheap. As Rachel Maddow frequently points out: don't watch what they say. Watch what they DO.

Welcome to DU, ariadne0614!

Great post! And an excellent point you make.

Thats Fantastic!

Congratulations, HopeAgain! Thatís quite an accomplishment.

Recovery IS possible. You have to want it, sincerely, and be willing to do the work thatís necessary to achieve it. Perhaps most important: first you have to admit you have a problem (which we sure donít see a lot of in this era of epic denial!).

Itís hard! And youíve pulled yourself up! Iím certain you had support, but the hardest work was on you.


Birds of a feather.

We CANNOT and MUST NOT forget that. Not EVER.

Welcome to DU, LibArts!

Thank goodness SOMETHING's being done!

I'm seriously worried about activism fatigue. The "How-the-fuck Long Do We Have To Keep Fighting?"











Oh YES WE DO!!!!

She and Steve Mnuchin's Marie Antoinette wife

should be comparing notes.
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