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Gender: Female
Home country: USA
Current location: Oregon
Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 60,701

About Me

Female. Retired. Wife-Mom-Grandma. Approx. 30 years in broadcasting, at least 20 of those in news biz. Taurus. Loves chocolate - preferably without nuts or cocoanut. Animal lover. Rock-hound from pre-school age. Proud Democrat for life. Ardent environmentalist and pro-choicer. Hoping to use my skills set for the greater good. Still married to the same guy for 40+ years. Probably because he's a proud Democrat, too. Penmanship absolutely stinks, so I'm glad I'm a fast typist! I will always love Hillary and she will always be my President.

Journal Archives

Indeed. I suspected this from the beginning.

I told my husband more than a year ago that the only reason I thought trump was interested in the Presidency was so he could slap the Presidential Seal on his hotels and golf courses and make money off merch sales.

The Donald isn't interested in ANYTHING that doesn't involve lining his pockets. It has always been thus. That's his one and only motivation - EVER.

Unfortunately, Montana is a red state.

And if we know ANYTHING about red-staters, it's that they stick up for their own. Even a casual glance at the Electors will prove that. Our side refuses to stick together. Theirs? It's damn near a fucking sacrament.

"Autographed guitars by an Opening Day 2017 performer."

Uh - WHO? Got any names? Maybe because musicians and other performing artists and celebrities are not exactly flocking to join the onstage line-up? I suppose they can always get Ted Nugent...

Wouldn't surprise me.

It was a spectacular debut. Sure put Barack Obama on everybody's radar with that speech. That self-described "skinny kid with the funny name" caused a political earthquake at the 2004 convention. A star was born that night.

The main fault here is not Obama's. It's the information-pushers on our side.

WHEN was it EVER reminded or recounted or reasserted that THE REASON President Obama "didn't deliver" was because he was BLOCKADED and OBSTRUCTED at EVERY POINT? From the get-go. From his first Inauguration Night. WHEN? Answer? NEVER. NOT ONCE! Not even from our supposed allies among the talking head troupe.

Frustrates the hell outta me that this was never the second sentence after any first sentence talking about how President Obama "didn't deliver." You leave it there, with no context, and that's the impression that's left there, and that's the takeaway and after you keep on issuing that grossly incomplete statement, that then becomes the widely-understood and accepted "truth".

Conversely, the media actually DID do that with Hillary Clinton. Hardly a mention of her was EVER made without adding the extra phrase pointing out how supposedly "unpopular" she was. How she was a "flawed candidate." No. In all truth, she wasn't. She wasn't any more "flawed" or "unpopular" than any other candidate. It's just that everyone else didn't have this label attached, as she did. I've sometimes wondered, indeed - strongly suspected - that some memo had to have gone out from some upper level of management in the newsrooms that this mention MUST be included in every reference to Hillary Clinton. In much the same way as trump's own "Crooked Hillary" was repeated and repeated and repeated and repeated and repeated and repeated - it was laminated onto her as a nickname, and it got WIDE usage among the enemy camp. Unfortunately, among the NON-enemy camp, it sunk in because of all the repetition, and soon became this undercurrent that left a bad taste in the mouth whenever Hillary's name was mentioned.

Pavlov's dogs and all that.

THE REASON President Obama could not get more done was because he was OBSTRUCTED. By whom? THE REPUBLI-CONS. BY CHOICE and BY DESIGN. And by Jove, NOBODY EVER brought that up during the coverage of the campaign. Which started to look pretty suspicious to me - as though that, too, was BY CHOICE, and BY DESIGN. And what happened? The low-info voters (translation: gullible dumb-asses) out there had only one take-away for their own limited thinking: "Obama didn't do anything." NOBODY ever entertained any notion as to WHY that was. And they wound up favoring and voting for the very people who kept him from doing as much as he could - BY CHOICE AND BY DESIGN. And that false bit of absolute fake-gold-plated bullshit became a truth. And when those voters get nothing but a world of hurt, they won't understand why. Not a clue. And that, too, will be reinforced. Regardless whether there's nobody left to blame - as there will be next month, when the bad guys take over ALL the power positions in Washington.

Shit - we have NO machinery or infrastructure to advance this. Nobody even supposedly on our side seems the least bit interested in this. INFURIATING!!!

So can I! I hadn't thought of him. But Bill Maher makes a most beguiling point.

Gavin Newsom is a most beguiling political figure.


FIFTEEN fucking Californians!

That just burns my burgers, gotta say!

What are we, out here, anyway? Chopped liver?

We have the largest population of the 50 states.
We have the largest population of America's fastest-growing demographic: Latinos.
We have the largest Congressional delegation.
We have the largest delegation of Electors.
We have a state economy that ranks in the top ten NATIONS of the WORLD.
And more of our taxes go to everybody else but us. We consistently pay out LOTS more than we get to keep or take in and we're the ones likely doing more to keep the red states afloat.

Why do WE not rank? All these different groups of voters who yowl and whine and complain about how they've been forgotten and ignored and overlooked? Excuse me, but WHAT THE HELL???? THOSE FOLKS are all anybody talked about regarding voting groups, all year long! What about California? What about Californians? Nothing. Crickets chirping. We're almost literally fucking LAST on the primary list. The candidates never even bother with us out here except when they come out to fund-raise. But man they're on their knees to Ohio, Pennsylvania, Florida, Iowa, New Hampshire, and the like, all through election season. With apologies to DUers from those states, I still stand firm in this opinion.

As a Californian, I resent it. Deeply. I resent that, AS a Californian, MY voice is repeatedly silenced, forgotten, ignored, and overlooked while my state is consistently and repeatedly sent to the end of the line. And again, WE'RE the biggest, with the most at risk, the most to lose, and the most people who stand to be affected by whatever is decided in faraway Washington DC. Where most of what they do, regarding California, is smirk and laugh and scoff at us. Why can't we lead? Why can't the rest of the nation follow US? Considering the direction of almost every trend from fashion to Prop 13 to pop culture to evolving social issues to multiculturalism to Reagan-everything, the rest of the nation eventually seems to, whether it thinks it wants to or not.

I'm sick of it. Those murmurs about a thing called "Calexit" are starting to speak more loudly to me by the day. Sorry to rant. But this is just galling as all hell.


Thank Heavens for small favors.

The local/state elections are where we're horridly outflanked.

Plus the Kardashians. Those three always struck me as

the modern version of the Gabor Sisters. Craving attention, famous for being famous - and a guilty pleasure to look at, and they did find their way onscreen plenty. They were the luscious-looking empty-calorie dessert in a pop culture meal, back in the day. The fame! The fashions! The men! The jewels! The scandals!

They were always entertaining, dahling! Zsa Zsa's cop-slapping trial in Beverly Hills in 1989 was the last story I covered before going on maternity leave. Shit, what a scene! It was hard, pressure-filled, draining as hell, hilarious as hell, gossipy as hell, sometimes simply ridiculous, other times surreal! I must have "dined out" on that story for years afterwards. It really surprised me. It was the headline story of the month! ALL the rage, the caviar and Crepes Suzette of the late night comedy show monologues, and all anybody was talking about.

So much else was happening in the country and the world, and all our member stations wanted was more Zsa Zsa tape. Couldn't get enough. The assignment desk in DC kept telling me that stations across the country would be calling all day, every day, for refeeds. Everybody went nuts for weeks! LOVED it! Every time she opened her mouth, she made news with outrageous statement after outrageous statement, up to the point where the judge finally imposed a gag order on her. But as a reporter, you didn't dare risk missing something. You'd hear about it if you did! You made sure you got to the story early, stayed through lunch, stayed after the day was over because you had to be sure you were there as she exited court because she was always good for another crazy quote. Kinda reminds me of this year's campaign coverage. She was like a female trump! She was THE shiny-object-du-jour throughout that late summer.

Ah, Zsa Zsa - you will be missed, You sure did show everybody a good time!

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