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calimary's Journal
calimary's Journal
February 9, 2013

Welcome to DU, timdog44!

Glad you're here. It really IS a monopoly game, isn't it?

Among the battles we face as liberals and progressives: we're going to have to take back and strengthen and rehabilitate a WHOLE BUNCH of terms that have been smeared with shit for 30 years and made to look bad and un-American and un-patriotic and even, incredibly, un-Christian. "Labor" is one of them. Organized labor has become a compound dirty word. And organized labor is what made this country the country that it is - where people around the world see opportunity for all. When the rich control everything - there's only opportunity for the few. Organized labor helps level the playing field. It's the ONLY thing that offers the non-rich a chance to gain a little ground and move up. And it's been SOOOOOOooooooo demonized and vilified and smeared and besmirched. It's a damn shame. We need to take that concept back and start rebranding it as the positive concept it actually is.

February 9, 2013

Southern Californian here. I wish you all: safety, warmth, plenty of food and fresh water

and toilets that don't back up or freeze up. I wish you as little inconvenience as possible. I had to pull my kid's band off the big tour they were on - because tonight, tomorrow night, and Sunday night were in the belly of the northeastern beast. Near Syracuse tonight, coastal Connecticut tomorrow, and back up near Albany Sunday. YIKES. We were asked what they were driving and were then told that if they even made it there in time for tonight's show, they probably wouldn't be able to get out. So I got them out early. Tour ends on Sunday night anyway. And I'm wondering if maybe some of the dates get canceled - since who would want to go out on a night like this? And aren't people in that area being told not to? I'm hoping the headliner act is safe and secure. They were gonna soldier on. But they at least have a nice big tour bus - and even more important, a nice experienced professional tour bus driver.

Everybody please be safe!

February 9, 2013

And they STILL don't get it. All the message discipline and improvement and not talking about rape

in the WORLD is not going to get them more votes if they cling to the same old stale irrelevant, intolerant, closed-minded, antiquated policies and ideas and agenda. The yowling and scolding they're doing to each other for self-improvement is STILL - all cosmetic. Surface-only. They can NOT talk about rape all they want, but they still believe it's a woman's fault and if she gets knocked up by it it's STILL her fault and totally on her and she's stuck there with no recourse. She's lucky if she doesn't get some long plastic phallus jammed up into her privates as they tried to mandate by law in Virginia and are looking at, seriously, elsewhere.

They STILL DON'T get it. It's not HOW you message. It's WHAT you message.

The only hope they have of longterm reinvigoration is to change some of their ideas, open their minds more, look around and observe REAL reality, not the fake "reality" that Pox Noise tells you about all the time. They need to face and accept the changing and evolving views of a majority of the American public. And stop trying to defy the changing reality around them. Adapt or die. Be flexible so you can bend, or be rigid and get snapped in half.

February 9, 2013

My kid's band was going to play in Uncasville CT. Out near the coastline.

GREAT place to be in the storm.

We had to withdraw them from the tour. The final three nights were/are within the really badly battered areas, starting tonight. We were asked what the boys are driving and we were told "well, if they manage to get here, they probably won't be able to get out." Tomorrow night (Saturday) they were supposed to go to the venue in coastal Connecticut. YIKES! Awful what's happening out there. Every time I check the Weather Channel, it looks nastier and nastier.

OY, guys - you folks in the Northeast - PLEASE TAKE CARE!!!! And stay INDOORS!!!!!

February 8, 2013

Whoever "hearted" me, THANK YOU!!!

I really appreciate that! Whoever you are - you made my day (oh yeah, that and knowing my kid's plane got off the ground safely from the Cleveland Airport. On his way back west! His band just bailed out of the tour they were on. The final three dates, tonight, tomorrow night, and Sunday night, are in the Ground-Zero area for Nemo. Yikes! Glad we concluded it yesterday after the Cleveland gig on Wednesday night)!

February 8, 2013

Miss Peggy Lee!

Quite a gal!

And about that other matter -

VERY glad the weather is kicking the GOP in the teeth! They have such a cavalier attitude - this might actually open their eyes about not fucking with Mother Nature, and ...

Oh wait. This is the GOP we're talking about. Heads like a rock. Hearts like a BB.

February 8, 2013

Just reminds me how much I miss having his voice on the air.

Cable, regular TV, radio, I don't care what the vehicle is. We still need his voice out there. Liberals Loudly on the Front Lines! We need as many as we can get! We have a lot of wrong-wingers to out-shout.

February 8, 2013

OY! I just got my boys out of there!

My son's band was on tour and their VERY NEXT destinations were in the Northeast - New York near Syracuse, and tomorrow - YIKES - coastal Connecticut! THEN, they were to wind up back in New York State - in the Albany/Schenectady area. Just great, 'eh?

SOOOOOOOOOOooooooooo glad I called a halt to it while they were still in Cleveland (where the tour played on Wednesday night).

PLEEEEEZE EVERYBODY - TAKE CARE! Close down and stay inside if you can. And listen to those goll-durn gummnt people who are giving you emergency advice rather than taking all your guns away in their black "New World Order" helicopters!!!

Every time I think about the science deniers and birthers and teabaggers and all the rest of the idiots holding the rest of US hostage with their Pre-Cambrian-Age mentality I just want to SCREAM!!! They're the ones who keep blowing their own cover whenever they say "we want to take America back(wards)!" They drive me nuts!

February 8, 2013

Same here. Too busy trying to manage my kid's band.

Besides, I can barely get to the stuff I WANT to read, which isn't fiction. It's the stranger-than-fiction stuff - like the political stuff and links I always get from here. And I'm overloaded on that score, too! I don't have time for fiction. And I can get all of that I want from Pox Noise anyway.

February 7, 2013

Welcome to DU, supercats!

Glad you're here! I really feel for this server. Restaurant workers work like dogs. They're on their feet ALL DAY. ALL DAY! When do they get to sit down? And they have to deal with all manner of humanity in all manner of moods and upbringings. That's hard work even when the customers are pleasant and not too demanding or flat-out assholes. I always try to tip extra. Those folks work hard for their money. Reminds me of a story I heard Donna Summer tell once - about "She Works Hard for the Money." If I remember correctly, she got the idea while in a fancy ladies' room that had an attendant posted inside. Women would come and go and sometimes leave a tip while she collected used towels and wiped up water splatters and kept things neat. Donna Summer said she looked at this woman and thought - "SHE works HARD for the money." And then she got the idea for the song.

I waited tables in college. SOOOOO many times - big table full of people and they ordered all kinds of shit and asked for special stuff and kept me hopping. I busted my butt for those people. And they left nothing on the table for me when they departed. That was SO disappointing and demoralizing.

And besides, this is the internet. They do more than just talk among themselves.


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