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Profile Information

Gender: Female
Home country: USA
Current location: Oregon
Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 64,794

About Me

Female. Retired. Wife-Mom-Grandma. Approx. 30 years in broadcasting, at least 20 of those in news biz. Taurus. Loves chocolate - preferably without nuts or cocoanut. Animal lover. Rock-hound from pre-school age. Proud Democrat for life. Ardent environmentalist and pro-choicer. Hoping to use my skills set for the greater good. Still married to the same guy for 40+ years. Probably because he's a proud Democrat, too. Penmanship absolutely stinks, so I'm glad I'm a fast typist! I will always love Hillary and she will always be my President.

Journal Archives

Well, in that case, maybe Heidi Heitkamp will take my views more seriously!

I live in California. But I donated to numerous campaigns. Never that much to speak of, since I don't have piles of extra money lying around, but certainly enough that I could have used to fill my gas tank more than a few times instead of putting it off and dragging it out longer. I donated to her campaign. I was disgusted when I saw that clip of her on one of the Sunday talk shows recently, blithely dismissing the White House proposals for strengthening gun regulations, saying they were too extreme and wouldn't pass. And so I did not hesitate to call her office on Capitol Hill more than once, and say so. I told the staffer who answered the phone that if the Senator expects to get another contribution from me in the future, she better broaden her views on this issue.

Ah, Will,

You made me think of the time I interviewed Jonathan Winters, and among his many witticisms: "certainly beats the ol' dirt nap." Every time I find myself upset, I try to haul that one out (when I'm not upsetting myself too much to remember it, that is), and give myself something else to think about. Always helps me snap out of it.

LOVE the Whitman quote, btw!

Welcome to DU, bubbayugga!

Good to have you with us. Propaganda is the watch word with Pox Noise until they adopt a serious change of heart and mind. Which will be never, considering these people. Minds brainwashed, "hearts" - if they even have hearts, they're cold and hard and small like BBs.

That was one of my mom's favorite sayings - when she referred to a selfish or heartless or cold or cheapskate person: "they've got a heart like a BB."

I'm just SO gratified that so many people actually recognize this! And more all the time.

Let's remember these assholes.

Fucking republi-CONS. Un-American and Un-Christian Alpha-Hotels.

rick perry IS just barely a fart.

Not even bright enough to know that's a photo-op you do NOT want to pose for...

GEEZ, these political consultants need to issue an all-points-bulletin: NO CORNDOG EATING ON THE CAMPAIGN!!! It just invites too much trouble. But he strikes me as pretty stupid, all told, so it doesn't surprise me that he has political consultants with heads full of powdered corndog batter.

LOVE IT! That's a keeper!

Thank you for posting it, SMC22307!

Yes. Dumbfuckistan indeed. Now, moree than ever.

What's that expression - "Oh SNAP!!!" ?


And they NEED to be smacked around - HARD, too. We've never been more poorly served than when republi-CONS are in high office.

You could be correct. Besides, it's not the presidential round so who cares that much?

I hope they squander a shitload of money on BOTH sides, fighting each other until they're so battered and bloodied that they can't stand in Hillary's way in 2016 (she said, hopefully).

Yeah. 'Fraid that's what you probably need to do at this point.

I was abruptly unfriended on Facebook during the last campaign, after we started getting into some hotly contentious arguments. And when I noticed a few months later that I was invited to friend-up again, I didn't react. I was in no hurry to have tirades of anger and verbal abuse rained down on me for asking that the vitriol not be posted on my page. (Sheesh! How dare I have the gall to demand the last word regarding what's posted on MY page!) Eventually the friend request was canceled by the sender. I was sorry to see that whole misadventure play out, because we'd been friends for a long time. But that's how it went.


You win some, you lose some, I guess.

Nope. Don't give a fig.

We were busy running errands. GREAT time to be on the road - nobody else was out! Freeways were open, major boulevards were empty, perpetually gridlocked intersections were flowing smoothly as could be. Totally uncrowded roads! But in residential neighborhoods near us you couldn't find a parking space along the curb to save your life. Must have been a lot of Super Bowl parties going on.
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