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calimary's Journal
calimary's Journal
February 23, 2013

Welcome to DU, Riverman100!

Glad you're here! I couldn't agree more - with you OR with the OP. Unfortunately we DO have to push it to extremes to wake people up. But we have so much fact-based ammo to use in our arguments. There's a bumper sticker that was all over the place during the bush/cheney years - "if you're not outraged, you're not paying attention."

I am BEYOND outraged. You could fry an egg on my forehead, I'm so steamed about these bastards. Why can't we deport them to Somalia - where everything they want is there, in full, glorious reality: NO government. NO regulations. NO advocacy for the poor. NO restrictions on guns. NO restrictions on warlords and/or pirates. Greedy schmucks running amok. Millions of poor and hungry and sick and disenfranchised. Total anarchy. Isn't that what the teabaggers want, after all? I wish they'd relocate themselves. Self-deportation would work wonders here!

Something else I wrote here that needs to be seen and understood. Not because I wrote it, but because the facts in it are vital to be understood and NOT forgotten. The single most important reason NEVER EVER EVER to vote for a republi-CON for high national office OR state-wide office. Not for governor, senator, secretary of state (in an individual state office), OR congress, and CERTAINLY not for president. These assholes look to gain a foothold locally or regionally, from which they can realistically reach for higher office. And it's not just them that's near-lethal, it's everybody they bring into office WITH them.


February 23, 2013

Welcome to DU, Lobo27!

Glad you're here. That's something I fear, too.

EVEN IF the republi-CON who'd win would probably talk all nice and mellow about not flexing America's muscles and how we can't afford more wars like this - you just watch.

If that horrendous turn of fate were to happen, we'd have to watch ALL THE PEOPLE THAT republi-CON WOULD BRING INTO THE WHITE HOUSE WITH HIM. Who'd be advising him? Who'd be whispering in his ear at Camp David or after hours or at some of those fancy dinners? Who'd be on his National Security team? How many chickenhawks? It'd be a frickin' PARADE of chickenhawks all hot for war to prove how macho they are (since, after all, they couldn't be bothered to go to actual war when they were younger and had the chance, and now, in their dotage, they've still got chips on their shoulders that need to be exercised).

Just plain 'n' simple, the GOP needs to be kept OUT of the White House. Just think - if john mccain lives long enough - how many times HE would be in there as a "respected" elder statesman/advisor, and HE would be the one whispering in the GOP president's ear about going to war. At their last CONvention last August, remember how many wars he ticked off - Yemen, Syria, Iran, back to Iraq, beef up Afghanistan - I counted at least FIVE.

PLEASE, NOBODY FORGET:::::::: In the PNAC manifesto, they earnestly believed and pushed their KEY idea of the U.S. being able "to fight and decisively win multiple wars on multiple fronts." That was a HUGE part of it. Their absolutely idiotic, unrealistic, and utterly imaginary but still fervent belief that the United States is this invincible all-war-all-the-time machine, or should be. That's all they wanted. That's all they STILL want. They're not finished.

Believe me. They are NOT finished, NOR do they feel defeated. They are NOT finished. They are NOT willing to admit their ideas were wrong, impractical, unrealistic, untenable, or ridiculously impossible. THEY still think we're up to it, as some sort or warrior-nation. And I guarantee you, they WILL be back. Especially if they think they still have scores to settle, like mccain does, or all those fucking assholes who think we didn't finish the job in Iraq and need to go back in there and "show 'em who's boss!"


One other thing is key here, too::::: FEW IF ANY of the PNAC signatories ever fought. They NEVER saw combat. NEVER put their lives and/or limbs on the line for their country. CERTAINLY NEVER volunteered to put themselves in harm's way for their country. NEVER even wore their country's uniform (except for rumsfeld, who served during the time BETWEEN the Korean and Vietnam aggressions - but he never saw combat, either). Whether it was dick cheney, jebbie bush, frank gaffney, bill kristol, randy scheunemann, robert kagan, elliott abrams, ken adelman, or ANY of the rest of those bastards, NONE of them were military or war veterans. NONE of them knew anything about what war actually is - beyond what they saw on TV or heard about during high-level briefings while comfortably ensconced in their expensive padded leather conference room chairs. NOT ONE. But they sure knew how to saber-rattle, and NOBODY had bigger hard-ons for war.

It's probably the single biggest reason NEVER to vote for republi-CONS for national office - OR high state office. No matter how nice they seem or how mellow and reasonable and educated and grounded-in-reality they seem to be. NEVER. One of these assholes could be president some day, or vice president. And it's a mistake we CANNOT afford to make, as a nation, ever ever EVER again!!!!

February 23, 2013

Ahh, the Voice that Launched a Thousand Trips!

Gracie Slick was THE BEST! I could only dream of being even a teeny bit as cool as she was/still is. Made each one of us want to be a singer in a rock 'n' roll band. She was so gorgeous, and look - she still is. Nice that some of the legends are still here!

February 23, 2013

Welcome to DU, dhol82!

Dear God, the pencil test. I remember that. I barely passed at that time. By the time I'd had babies, I was able to pass a whole-box-of-pencils test!!!

We had another one, too: the ruler test. That was in Catholic school, where the nuns made you kneel down and they'd measure from the floor to where your skirt hem hit you, and if there was more than a two-inch difference, you were in trouble! We were in uniforms when we weren't wearing our flowers and beads and fringe. I remember wearing a rosary around my neck one day and the nuns were horrified! One of them told my mother, in a hushed voice with ominous tones - "you know, she's a borderline hippie!"

February 23, 2013

I certainly did do the go-go boots thing! But they were not allowed in cotillion!

My friend Julie got sent home from cotillion one afternoon because she wore her white go-go boots and that was Just Not Done!

Go-go boots and empire-waist dresses and flowers in your hair and maybe a flower painted on your cheek. All girls' hair was long and parted down the middle. Guys' hair was mostly just long. Everybody wore beads and fringe. A very cool time. I fell in love with shawls then and still love them to this day.

Ahhh... those were the days. I got in on the very very tail-end of it. Just barely. Our kids often bragged to their friends - "yeah, my parents were hippies."

February 22, 2013

How's her helmet hair?

She had a seriously odd hair style. Talk about rigid! Must be one of the things newty liked about her.

I find his claim of being any kind of "historian" rather jaundiced. If he really knew his history, he wouldn't have gone around badmouthing unions - AND child-protection laws. If he was really a historian of any worth, he'd have understood clearly WHY those child-protection laws were VITAL!!!

What a pompous ass. And an attention whore. And a windbag that's still empty even when it's filled-to-bursting with hot air.

February 22, 2013

Well how 'bout that?

Good on you, AP! My old stomping grounds. Some awfully good people there - it was a privilege working with them.

February 22, 2013

This is GREAT!!!

It makes me wonder - am I looking at a future President? I find myself thinking that whenever I see kids.

February 22, 2013

Welcome to DU, Hulk Smash! It sounded like "Straight Talk Excrement" to me.

As a mother, I was OUTRAGED by what I saw and heard in that clip. And then all the hyenas in the room applauding and cheering - HIM!!! Made me want to throw something at the TV!!!

SHAME ON HIM!!!! HOW DARE he speak to her that way!!!! Heart like a BB, as my late mother used to say. I don't care what he might have said as a preface to that heartless scolding, or how solicitous he might have tried to be at first. He can take that "Straight Talk" bullshit of his and sit on it and swivel. How would he feel if it was HIS kid in that movie theater when the nut with the body armor and the loaded mow-down machine burst into the place?

February 22, 2013

I'm all for allowing Catholic priests to marry and have children, also!

I wish my church was forward-thinking enough and open-minded enough to consider the reasonable ways that would solve a lot of problems. Priestly celibacy as optional, not mandatory. Married priests. Women priests. Perhaps with all pathways to sex NOT shut off, we wouldn't have quite so much of a pedophilia problem. People need safe outlets. Look what can - and does - happen when stuff stays bottled up.

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