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calimary's Journal
calimary's Journal
February 22, 2013

Well said, Sheila T. VERY well said. And completely true.

And the default position always seems to be sneering at the whole idea of being empathetic. Of genuinely sympathizing with someone else's plight. Of really embracing the - "shit, what if it happened to me?" I was watching MSNBC today and the woman who knocked the magazine out of the hands of the Tucson shooter while he was trying to reload said something really stark. ANOTHER of those statements that just sort of bores into your brain for a good long stay. "Take the name of one of those victims who was shot, and substitute the name of someone you care about. Imagine that was YOUR daughter, or grandmother, or the neighbor who lives down the street from you."

Really sad. And these assholes vote. And some of 'em even get voted into Congress and the Senate.

February 22, 2013

Dang - that line - "There But For Fortune." INDEED.

Years ago I worked for a guy who used that phrase once in a conversation describing conditions that were turning harsh for some of his friends. And that just stuck. Just bored into my brain. And regardless how deep in there it is, it still keeps popping up to the surface. It made a tremendous impression on me.

February 22, 2013

It was UTTERLY appalling!!! I just put this on my Facebook page.

I think we should all hang this around mccain's neck. Forever. You said it, Senator. You built this. And thank you for delivering two more new Democrats to us! And one of them is from the older white male category.

Let's never forget this. And anyone who stands with him - like their little GOP girlie kelly ayotte and certainly lindsey graham! Their next Democratic opponents should use this over and over and over. Immediately following a clip or montage of them standing at the mic or side-by-side somewhere in public with john mccain. He could well become a Typhoid john.

This is reprehensible. VIVID living proof that the GOP loves to sneer. To kick 'em when they're down. To grandstand REGARDLESS of the discourteous or heartless optics it creates. Because the rigid ideology, and indeed the grandstanding itself, is more important to these assholes. mccain should have to pay a price for this. It's just simply disgusting and reprehensible and an OUTRAGE that he would speak so cavalierly and cold-heartedly to such a citizen. Well, hell, to ANY citizen whether they were personally impacted by gun violence or not. But to a grieving mother - I mean, HOW DARE YOU, john mccain? SHAME on you!!!

The following well-known quote applies quite aptly to john mccain now, too: "Have you no sense of decency, sir? At long last, have you left no sense of decency?"


February 21, 2013

The quick hit, especially.

That leaves 'em stumped, confused, speechless, nonplussed, and destabilized.

From all the work I've done with my kid's band, I've learned about the value of the "elevator pitch." What could you say to promote yourself or pique curiosity or make a decisive point or indelible (preferably favorable) impression - in the time it takes for the average elevator ride.

I loved mccain to one teabagger lout at the meeting, after blah-blah-blah'ing a bunch of meaningless drivel that they just totally reject - about everyone being welcome to their own opinion and how all are welcome here at this meeting "...and occasionally I get a jerk like you here!" Well, john, be proud! YOU BUILT THIS. You broke it AND you own it. It's all yours! Chickens, meet roost! You and yours stirred up this shitstorm. So don't act so surprised or indignant when it splatters all over your expensive suit.

February 21, 2013

This is the kind of shit that stirs up the animals at town hall meetings.

Quite a display of them at a john mccain town hall meeting made the news today. It was a freakin' MOB, shouting, carrying on, showing their ignorance, being loutish and brutish and rude and bullying and confrontational. My husband was watching one of them in that clip from Sun Lakes AZ today and said "that guy's a plant. A teabagger plant." Wouldn't surprise me. They metastasize like a cancer.

February 21, 2013

Wonderful photos!!!

Looks like it was equally wonderful fun! Hmmmm - notice how our side tends to spell correctly?

"Anaerobic"! Man! Hey climate deniers and other assorted political ostriches, put THAT in yer teabag and steep it!

February 21, 2013


Kick n Rec!

I'm old enough to remember Jackie Kennedy. I kinda liked Lady Bird Johnson for her "Beautify America" campaign. Even while being GOP, I loved Betty Ford. And Rosalind Carter. I'm a huge admirer of Hillary Clinton, and now we have the glorious Michelle Obama!

I'm not old enough to remember Eleanor Roosevelt, but everything I've read and heard about her tells me she was a towering, courageous, and inspiring light! I heard a story about her - that she was the first First Lady to hold a news conference. And only women were allowed to ask questions. Which opened doors for women to go and staff news events for the first time. That was REALLY NEAT to hear. Made me think that I'm one of many women in the news biz who owe her their careers.

February 21, 2013

It's useful in two ways -

1) Spelling this stuff out so more of us, who don't get to see emails like that specific one, can see and read and know.

2) Adding your comments. Always good to see the bullshit neatly fricasseed. And concisely, too, for the short-attention-span crowd. They'll understand brief talking points more easily than long and studied ones. The quick hits are always better when you find yourself having to debunk some nut-blather in the checkout line or something.

February 20, 2013

I'd bet that had a LOT to do with Hillary's loss to Obama.

All other things being equal - that's what finally determined how I voted in the 2008 primary. She carried California. But I just couldn't do it - and for me the deal-breaker was that she fell for the bush/cheney lies and Barack Obama didn't. I realize clearly that he wasn't IN the Senate when it came time to vote on the war. But he'd maintained an opposition all along and for me, that counted a LOT.

What really bothered me was this: I have always been greatly impressed with Hillary Clinton's towering intellect, her brains, her brilliance, her ability to cut through many things. Brains are pretty big with me. I'm the one who liked Spock when everybody else was sighing over Captain Kirk. My husband's a nerd and a geek and an egghead. I'd take a Paul Krugman or a Neil deGrasse Tyson over some football player or hunky movie star - ANY day! Her intelligence is formidable as hell! In terms of sheer intellect, no one touches her. Yet with all that brainpower, she still allowed herself to be snowed. She was STILL taken in. And I'd have expected Hillary Clinton, of all people, to have seen through it and resisted. SURELY someone as smart as she is would have known or would have seen at least SOME of the information we all saw - that was more than enough to convince many many millions of us. She HAD to have seen or heard at least some of it. Or somebody on her staff had to have seen at least some of it, and brought it to her attention - or tried to. I mean, CRIMINY! If WE lay people and outsiders and non-pros could get that information and study it and analyze it and discuss it and vet it fully and conclude, correctly, that the case for war was an utter fraud, WHY COULDN'T SHE? That always bothered me a lot. It still does.

February 20, 2013

I'm trying to figure out whether that's his lower teeth or his tongue.

He sure can make good faces. Too bad he can't do that with policy anymore (or maybe he's just too busy whoring and grandstanding and stirring things up - to care anymore).

john - do us all a favor. Do YOURSELF a favor for pity's sake! RETIRE.

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