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calimary's Journal
calimary's Journal
February 20, 2013

Truly. Stir up a shitstorm - and guess what you get, john?

You get shit. That's what. And that room full of your carefully cultivated nutcases threw all kinds of shit back in your face.

February 20, 2013

I'm always pleased to see pieces like this -

The ones yanking the curtain back on the republi-CONS and calling them what they are. CON-artists. Because EVERYTHING, and ANYTHING they offer is a CON-job.

February 19, 2013

Their COMPASSION? Compassion for people in poverty??????????

WHAT compassion? They wouldn't know how compassion feels if it kicked them to the ground, rolled 'em over on their stomachs, and gave 'em an enema!

February 19, 2013

And gives him that feeling that runs up his leg, you mean?

What an infant.

I swear. He's nothing but a schoolyard nebbish who wants to be the first kid in the front row of the next playground fight. He'll be the first one there, yelling "FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT!" And he'll NEVER be the one with skin in the game. Just yelling from the sidelines for others to go in and knock each other around so he can watch.

February 19, 2013

After slobbering and drooling over that shameless display on the aircraft carrier.

"We're all neoCONS now!" Speak for yourself, tweety. While we give you the bird.

It's nice that he's gotten with the program now, but I always wonder how sincere or "permanent" that epiphany of his will really be. He's anybody's baby. He's loyal to whoever he thinks is on top and has momentum and is chic this week. I like what he's been doing lately - visibly indignant at what the republi-CONS have been pulling. It's nice that he SEEMS to have come around. But I'm never certain how for-real that is. I don't trust him. I'm delighted to use him while he's useful. But I don't trust him. How soon does he start flipping over to republi-CON worship and and all his shameless fawning again?

February 19, 2013

I love this part best, madfloridian:

"It was a shameful sickening time in our country. It played out on TV with all it's shock and awe. All the George Bush cowboy followers cheered.

I will always be thankful for having a place like Democratic Underground during those days."


It SO SO SO WAS a shameful sickening time in our country. And you'd tell people the truth and they wouldn't listen. Or they'd argue with you or accuse you of knowing nothing, or worse - hating your country and being against the troops and being a Saddam-lover and an enemy sympathizer, getting your car keyed because of your anti-war and anti-bush bumper stickers, getting fired, losing friends, disrupting lives - and hell, WE were the lucky ones! We at least kept all our arms and legs and our stomachs and our skulls and both eyes and both ears and skin intact. We at least can still move all our moving parts and don't have to be wheeled around or attached to appliances or machines or artificial limbs. We at least aren't suffering from the day and night terrors of PTSD. We at least haven't seen what our troops have seen, heard the noises, smelled the smells, felt the fear and the heat and the concussions from bomb blasts.

I swear these bastards who sold us this bill o' goods should be in leg irons!!! For the rest of their miserable accursed days!

And, madfloridian, what's so damn galling on top of all of the above - is how WE KNEW! WE SAW THROUGH IT! AND WE TRIED TO WARN EVERYONE WE KNEW!! We tried to get the truth out wherever we could, and most of the doors were closed in our faces and locked securely. No one wanted to hear it. And so they won. They carried the day. They called the shots, set this up, put it in motion, and counted all the eggs before they even had any hens to lay the eggs. Of course they laid a humdinger of an egg all of their own.

THEY'RE the ones who aren't fit or suitable for high office - they who sit and judge Chuck Hagel, basically because he finally had his eyes opened and he responded accordingly. Or they who get the big speakers' fees now and the celebrity treatment and the life on Easy Street and the taxpayer-funded protection (at least for awhile).

We should all be repeating as often as possible - They HAD their turn. And look what happened. There's no way we can either trust them or give them back the car keys, after we finished pulling it out of the ditch THEY drove it into. They've HAD their turn. And look what happened. They've thus forfeited any chance at another chance! Game's over for them and they've been sent to the showers. And look how things turned out! How's that free-markety thing workin' out for ya, neocon chickenhawk bastards?

It is just tremendously infuriating.
February 19, 2013

God that photo breaks my heart.

FUCK YOU bush/cheney!


February 19, 2013

Welcome to DU, ybbor - AND usafvet65!

Glad you're both here! That "go fuck yourself" salute works for me! If I ever have the bad fortune to meet that SOB, that's how I'll greet him, myself.

mccain has to be one of the biggest disappointments in American history. And I wonder if, deep down, late at night, when it's quiet and he pours himself a drink, he may realize - someday - MAYBE - that he's his own biggest disappointment. He gets to live with the idea that he never made it to Alpha Male in his family. He'll never best his dad or grandfather who were admirals. He's the jerk-off who finished fifth from the bottom of his Annapolis Naval Academy graduating class. He's the cocky full-of-himself ass who wrote in his own biography that he really did embrace the idea that he should be President. Didn't have any particular reason for it. Just thought he deserved to be President. Mainly because he needed to assert his own dominance over some very high-achieving males who came before him in his family. And because he was such a loser (damn near failed out of Annapolis, failed as a husband, almost got his ass handed to him in the Keating Five scandal years ago) he probably has a huge "mine's BIGGER" complex. Just like dubya did. They HAD to assert dominance over their fathers. THEY had to be first. First among equals. THEY had to make sure that their fathers bowed to them.

Worthless pieces of shit, the both of them.

February 19, 2013

At LEAST a dozen.

Let's see, georgie, dickie, wolfie, rummy, contradicta, dougie feith, kenneth "it'll be a cakewalk" adelman, elliott abrams, george tenet, scooter, david addington, colin powell, kkkarl rove, ari fleischer, karen hughes, paul bremer, tommy MAN-he-sure-skeedaddled-outta-there-in-a-hurry franks, and all their assorted puppets and other yes-men/women who covered for them and fawned over them and greased the skids for them and spread the lies and deceit and cost at least 4400 Americans their lives. They should all rot in Hell, stating with the top two.

February 18, 2013

Welcome to DU, johnnyreb!

Well, I'm as Machiavellian as the next guy when it comes to stuff like this. Let's help this one get noisy! She's being touted as one of the "I Love You Wimmmmmmmmmennnnnnnnnn!" GOP bright lights for the future. I would like to see her knocked out of contention - and certainly out of the governor's mansion!

And yes, before anyone goes on about double standards and ken starr and all that - the difference in Bill Clinton's case was indeed that he NEVER held himself up as some sort of moralizing straight-arrow role-model. He never made morals one of his talking points. It never came up with him. It was the busybodies and holier-than-thou's on the CON side that did. It's ALWAYS the busybodies and holier-than-thou's who yap about morality. And they're usually among the biggest amoralists around.

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