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bill kristol is a chickenhawk of the first order, and a certified IDIOT.

Useless hunk of flesh sitting there in his comfy chair in the nice air conditioned studio with his soft lily-white hands that never get dirty and never had to fuss with a decent day's work. And he never saw combat, never served, never wore his country's uniform, never put his own coddled fleshy little white ass in harm's way for the U-S-of-A. But he sure was damn eager to see YOU do it. Or your spouse. Or your kids. Detestable schmuck!

A small degree. What I saw mostly was them all closing ranks around him.

It was horrible that any of us on the other side of the aisle were critical, or offered an opposing view, or debunked his lies. Nobody listened to our side. And when they try to draw another one of their lovely false equivalencies now - about how HORRRRRRRRRRRRIBLE our side was to bush and what names we called him and blah-blah-blah, what little our side did was NOTHING compared to what their side is doing now. AND ALSO: THEIR side gets MUCH more coverage than our side did. There were entire protests and rallies and weekend-long gatherings that were completely ignored. COMPLETELY. There was this citizens' march through the streets of New York City during the republic-CON convention. It went on, with gusto, an ongoing parade of humanity marching through town hour after hour after hour for two straight days. And the only place you could see it was on CSPAN. The networks ignored it completely. And it took over almost all of midtown Manhattan. But if you hadn't watched CSPAN or gone online to liberal blogs, you wouldn't even have known it had happened.

I attended numerous anti-war actions and protests and rallies during the run-up to Iraq, and I remember seeing NO coverage whatsoever at all but one of them - the candlelight vigil that went on across the country and many parts of the world - on the eve of the Iraq War. Kinda like with Occupy, and also with Moral Mondays. Almost NO coverage. Total radio silence and TV/cable blackout. Another example - it took Michael Moore coming out with "Fahrenheit 911" before ANYBODY realized there had been HUGE protests in Washington DC on Inauguration Day, so much so that bush's limo in the inaugural parade was stopped in the street by crowds that wouldn't let it pass, and they had to sneak him into the White House the back way. Michael Moore had that coverage in his film. He'd scrounged film bins from stuff left on the edit room floors that hadn't been used on the network/cable coverage of the day's events. Just blacked it all out. NOTHING. Not a word. Not a photo. NOTHING. I remember seething during that movie, and so angry by the time it was over that I turned to my husband and said - "do you remember seeing ANY coverage of that, that day? Do you remember seeing or hearing anything about that protest that stopped bush's limo and wouldn't let it proceed (people attempting one last time to keep him out of Al Gore's White House), the protest signs about the stolen election and Selection 2000? Do you remember seeing ANY coverage of ANY of that?" And of course his answer was no.

But for heaven's sake get 13 teabaggers together with funny hats and a few lawn chairs and it leads the Nightly News.


OMG!!! I'm sorry - but that's hilarious!!!!

Yeah, no shit.

Self-inflicted wounds are the stupidest. Hardest to justify or explain. And MOST detestable.

Thank you for letting us know, kestrel. Damn.

So sorry to hear this. Enjoyed reading her posts. She was one of the Elders here, for sure.

Safe passage, BHN.

No kidding. The latest belch from paula deen is certainly proof enough of that!

Thank you, btw! I really like how he was NOT born with a silver spoon in his mouth - especially compared to messieurs bush and romney. And look what he was able to accomplish. NOBODY had more going against him, just because of what color his skin is, than this man.

I remember that photo too. That little boy who reached up to touch the President's hair - only to discover that it really was just like his own. What a great photo. It wasn't just worth a thousand words. It was worth a thousand books!

I also remember this block party I attended in September 2008. The Dem convention had just happened. I was so touched by everything I'd learned about Barack Obama, and I was so intrigued by the vantage point he brought to prominence with him - of a humble community organizer. This older couple was there. Almost immediately their political slant became clear as we spoke. Their first reaction when I casually mentioned that about then-candidate Obama, they started snickering. OMG. What a ridiculous joke! Who could believe THIS? A community ORGANIZER???? BWAAAAAAHAAAAAAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!! They were laughing so hard at this together that they were literally holding each other up as they stood there by the buffet table shoulder-to-shoulder. I was IRATE. I held my tongue because of the "polite company" all over the room.

But BY JOVE on the morning after the election, I took my dog out and walked her past their house. And I snickered. And as I walked past, I chuckled. Yeah. Your fancy-ass entitled presidential-wannabe couple (then son/grandson-of-admirals-who-isn't-sure-how-many-houses-he-owns-john and beer-heiress-cindy mccain) just got their clocks cleaned by a COMMUNITY ORGANIZER!!!! BWAAAAAAAHAAAAAAAAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!

But it'll happen as long as our side stays home in November.


The ocean is their HOME, dammit! I wish we humans would stop seeing it as little more than our toilet.

Good to know re: Tricia Yearwood. LOVE this Garth Brooks quote!

Not much of a fan of country music. But I am a fan of some of its luminaries. Like Garth, for example. I've met him and he is indeed a very nice and gentle-hearted man. Seemed very considerate of the people who were working with/for him when I was there.

YES. YES. YES. YES. YES!!! This is the post of the YEAR, aquart!!!

We need people with extra chairs. We need people willing to stand in line and be place-holders. We need people to come along to the lines of voters with bottled water and energy bars and umbrellas for shade if the sun's beating down on them all day and they have to stand for hours. We need people to go run errands, and take little old ladies and gents to the bathroom if they've had to wait for hours. We need people to run to the grocery store, or send out for a stack of pizzas so people stuck in line waiting to vote have something to snack on. Or donuts and coffee in the morning. We need people to help and assist and drive and PRESSURE, alright!!! PRESSURE employers to be extremely lenient on Election Day. It's the only patriotic thing to do.
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