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Wrong AGAIN, lowry. YOU show that poorly informed hysteria works.

YOU EMBODY that poorly informed hysteria works!!!!

I don't buy the "we never started to with some idea of giving people the right to discriminate…"

crap for a nanosecond.

Not for a nanosecond.

In THIS day and age??????? NO ONE will EVER be able to convince me that they weren't trying to get around something so that religious excuses could be used for cover - to allow for DISCRIMINATION. PERIOD. When you say your religion allows you to turn a customer away, or not serve somebody, that is nothing BUT discrimination. PERIOD.

And if, by the barest chance that some idiots back there did think it was mere "religious freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeedom" (or as we say around our house, "freedom-freedom", they need to be dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st Century. That legislation has consequences. And you have to be DAMN CAREFUL next time you try playing with "religious freedom" and claiming authority to shove it down others' throats.

Well, they ARE. And worse!

Let's not pussyfoot around anymore. They are un-American. America's about democracy, NOT oligarchy.

Oh for heaven's sake...

"We are disappointed that there is any legislation that would make anyone feel unwelcome in our state and in our community," the Arizona Lodging & Tourism Association said on its Facebook page.



I'd want to go to each member of that Lodging & Tourism Association and ask EACH of them - who'd you vote for? Who did YOU send to the State Senate and Legislature? You didn't realize these people felt this way, and then were going to act on it? All you heard was "free market-free market-free market"? And that was enough? They're not the problem. YOU are!!!!! They don't get elected by themselves, you know. IDIOTS LIKE YOU VOTE THEM INTO POWER AND ENABLE THEM TO PULL THIS SHIT.

And just how IS that working' out for ya now, 'eh?

And OH MAN I wish they'd do this. Just as you described, DallasNE.

Start the show, or the segment, by saying that if anybody bullies their opponent or won't stop talking and give the other person their turn without talking over them or stepping on them and taking over, they'll be asked once. And then if they try it again, their mic will be cut. PERIOD. I strongly suspect the folks on that side are being schooled in how to monopolize arguments on TV. You don't just make your point all the time, nonstop, you also prevent your opponent from making his/her point. So you win THAT way, too. Keep talking. Don't let them get a word in edgewise. Jump in whenever you feel like it and override what they just tried to say (but you won't let them finish or even complete a sentence). Sometimes I wish OUR side would get more rude, too. There've been a couple of GOP operatives who just talk and talk and talk and talk and talk and talk and you never heard such a run-on sentence in your life. they don't even stop to take a breath. They string their talking points together and just GO for it, and you can't get in and you can't grab a moment and you can't make your point because they just keep talking, and they butt in when it's your turn and interrupt you mid-sentence and don't let up.

WELL, WHY AREN'T WE DOING THAT???????? WHY AREN'T WE MEETING THEM SMACK-IN-THE-FACE FOR SMACK-IN-THE-FACE??? Taste of their own medicine. See how they like it.

Truer words were seldom spoken. We all mark, and deal with, departures in our own ways.

There is no one single "correct" way. No one-size-fits-all. Everyone's situation is different.

I'm so sorry to hear this, RedRocco. All our love and sympathy to you and all your loved ones

who survive him.

Words are never enough. But just know you do not mourn alone. DU is here with you, and we will buoy you up.

BRING it!!! Man, I love that guy! LZ Granderson! The only thing I'd change would be

the moderation style. When cuccinelli starts mouthing off and interrupting and not letting Granderson say his piece, I woulda held my hand out and yelled - "HEY! LET HIM TALK!" And if cuccinelli kept breaking in, I'd have his mic turned off.

Segami, I totally agree with you! I wish we'd have more of this. I wish we had a thousand more Dannel Malloys - the Democratic governor of Connecticut, who REFUSED to allow bobby jindal to have the last word, criticizing President Obama after the President had hosted them all at the White House. Malloy even said he just kinda butted in, physically. Really didn't wait much, to step up to the mic and edge jindal out of place, and TAKE OVER. And clearly and loudly CORRECT THE RECORD.

We need MORE of this. We need emboldened Democrats to step up. Step over. And if need be, step ON whichever republi-CON is blathering and trying to monopolize the microphone or grandstand and showboat for future campaign positioning. MORE. It should be the Eleventh Democratic Commandment: NEVER let the bad guys get the last word!!!!

Once again, we were correct.

People really need to start listening to liberals again. Criminy! What HAVEN'T we been correct about in the last 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, etc., years???

Let's hope he has no chance in hell of getting elected governor.

Anderson Cooper did do a good job, but he neglected to point out that this kind of shit is happening all over the place already - and has been ever since the first pharmacist refused to fill a woman's totally legal prescription for contraceptives. Because it was against his religion. And how long has THAT crap been going on already?

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