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It's not like that. It IS that.

This is exactly what it is!!!! This old white-haired dude is lost in some "Father Knows Best" fantasy world of the proverbial "Good Old Days." That's what you get from middle-aged and older white people who moan "I Want MY America Baaaaack" as that pathetic woman standing in the back of some town hall meeting in 2010 was whining. Remember that video clip? HER America, and this guy's America, is one where Mommy stayed home with her house dress and apron on, making babies in the bedroom and cookies and a nice pot roast in the kitchen. Daddy went to work and there were two-point-something kids in the house, a dog, and a station wagon. And Daddy was king of the castle and everybody else deferred and the "little woman" knew her place and wasn't out there burning her bra and competing with men for the good jobs and being otherwise uppity. And of course Daddy's paycheck was big enough to cover everything, but that's a whole other argument about how unions had more say and more respectů

And whatever few-and-far-between African Americans were in the picture - knew to get out of town by 6pm, after they'd served all day as housekeepers, custodians, and other assorted "help." Latinos were nowhere in evidence at any hour except back in the restaurant kitchen washing dishes, and the only Asians in town ran the local Chinese restaurant. I'm not kidding. My husband grew up in a very conservative lily-white bedroom community very much like that. John Birch Society was everywhere, and was considered respectable. When you were in high school, you started hanging with the Young Republicans. And he said that blacks literally were not allowed in town after 6pm. ASTOUNDING. That's in our lifetime, mind you. Blows my freakin' mind even to think about it. My husband said he heard enough from some of those folks that it made him almost literally sick to his stomach. He was eager to get away from there.

Those moldy-oldie attitudes still exist. They're dying out. Slowly. But they still exist. Religion is the last "safe haven" these folks have under which to seek cover to keep these attitudes and preferences alive. And unfortunately, it's a VERY powerful one - and it gains new recruits every day. It's why they cling to ayn rand so much, too. She made greed and selfishness acceptable, even respectable. She provided them another avenue of justification for these shitty, antisocial, backwards-leaning, and antiquated views. They'll cling to her to their last breath. Religion is something they can use for cover, as well - saying GOD justifies it. And you can't get much higher than that.

I'm not so sure about that. I seriously doubt he believes he's wrong to support it.

Otherwise, why else would he be clinging to defense of this? Why else would he be so certain that this is a legitimate - even noble - pursuit? TOTAL cold, blank, thick, and decidedly opaque denial. The certitude with some of these people who put it all on FAITH - is what I think we're dealing with. You just believe. It's an act of total faith. No questions. No pondering. No examination. No wiggle room or compromise. No extensive consideration of farther ramifications or possible complications. No room for any downside. There IS no downside. This is from God. And that's that. NO compromise even briefly entertained. PERIOD. End of sentence. It's settled. Done. Discussion closed.

That may be what mind set we see operating here. You throw religion into the mix - in ANY way, shape, or form, and with some of these people you might as well just throw up your hands and go home. They WON'T compromise. They won't see any need to capitulate or see any other take on this or anyone else's alternative view. They see no need to. There IS no alternative - because they think this is all from GOD.

And there are enough folks like him, still VERY much a minority but they're awfully loud and awfully insistent, that living with them and trying to share the planet with them can be rather difficult sometimes.

The so-called Christian "right" is WRONG.

Welcome to DU, Bartleby73!

Good to have you with us! And a nice story in which to have you involved! I love stories about strays finding homes. I wish they all could!

Welcome to DU, Mrdrboi!

Glad you're here! LOVE these stories! LOVE this pooch! So glad he wandered into the arms of the Brewers - good on them!!! I think I'll be rooting for them from now on!

Oh dear! So sorry to hear this. So sorry to hear this!!!

Absolutely you have all our good thoughts and healing vibes and prayers. Your whole family does.

So does mine! And I'm not a mere container. I'm a human being.

Excellent!!!!! Congrats on the terrific turnout! This is GREAT!!!

Thanks for posting! This kind of thing actually gives me some hope.

True enough, but I don't want to hear about their Christianity.

This is a SECULAR nation and we ought to be reinforcing that like nobody's business! So says this lifelong Catholic. Jesus never said - "render unto Caesar AND God both the same." He said "render unto Caesar that which is Caesar's and to God that which is God's." HE certainly knew there was a striking difference between the two, and that they were entirely separate things.


Fuck 'em. I'm with George Takei.
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