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Watching it now!

SOOOOOO proud of her! She's just fucking BRILLIANT!!!! I love this woman and I'm SO glad MSNBC made such a smart move in giving her a show of her own. She's deserved it for a long time. Outside of Rachel Maddow, I've seldom seen dots connected and historical background perspective as expertly as she does it.

Idiot Chris "The Mouth" Matthews teased her about a week-and-a-half ago - when she was a guest on "Hardball," about her hugely intelligent responses so full of facts and historical perspective, and said something like "whaddya - an archive or something?"

IDIOT. I was yelling at my TV! "What the hell is WRONG with you, IDIOT!!!!!???????!!!!!????? That's your freakin' JOB, YOU fucking lazy-ass NUMBSKULL!!!!!"

Welcome to DU, wocaonimabi!

Good to have you with us! GOOD point!!! That's just it. Unfortunately, their main "god" is money. And that's the only way to get through to assholes like these. Make it hurt in the "heart" they really care about: their wallets.

Welcome to DU, AngryDem001!

Glad you're here! They totally are Talibanic. The Taliban's "Western Auxiliary," I suppose. And they are indeed attempting to promote Sharia law. A weird, sick type of Christian Sharia Law. They'd hate it if the Muslims did this. So why do THEY do it? (And why do they think theirs is so different and doesn't count? Well - I think we all know!)

Glad you're here. One more voice AGAINST these assholes! And we need all we can get, because they don't seem to be fading out or going away, do they?

It's certainly MY favorite!

Well, except for Russian Stacking Cats and the Russian Security one, and the Cat-moo-flage, and the cat curling and "I can has footrest" - one of our cats does that, too. BIIIIGGGG fat white furry tummy. YUMMY!!!

SUPERB, Agschmid!

A MOST worthy contribution! You did SCE - and also DU - proud!!!!

I'd love to see discussion about nationalizing some of their businesses.

After all, we're still at war, aren't we? Never mind that it's winding down. We're still at war. And as long as we're in that revolting state of affairs, I'd suggest we make some use of it - for the greater good. Chicken salad out of chicken shit. Lemonade out of lemons. Many of the koch brothers industries are natural resource-based, aren't they? Lumber, oil, gas, that kind of thing? Natural resources that belong to THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES. Not just two people in particular. ALL the people. And during wartime don't we have to take drastic measures covering the use of our natural resources? And shouldn't we ALL be making sacrifices to support that war effort? Remember what we all read/heard/studied about - during WW2? Heck, nobody hesitated when women were asked to give up their nylon stockings for the war effort. Nobody batted an eyelash when sugar and gasoline and other commodities were rationed, for the sake of supporting the war effort. Whole industries were turned over to the war effort. Detroit switched almost overnight from making cars for consumers to making tanks and other heavy artillery - for the war effort. Everybody had to tighten their belts and do without and make sacrifices of all kinds - to support the war effort.

And there's such a lament now - about how easy it is to push for war these days because it's just so painless. Only affects a few people somewhere over there - whom we don't know, our sons and daughters aren't drafted or compelled to serve, we don't have to go, we don't have to sacrifice, no muss/no fuss! Hell, let's go for the glory!!!

I realize this is splitting hairs, and proposing a foul on a technicality. And maybe it's not practicable or doable at all (especially with the strength of the opposition). But as long as that technicality exists, WHY CAN'T WE USE IT? Or at least threaten to use it? Or at least start talking about it? Make 'em shake and shudder and lose sleep up at the level of the koch brothers ("oh noes! They couldn't REALLY do that to our precious empire, could they?"?

It also strikes me that this would certainly be one way to alienate some of these rich ivory-tower fuckers who never fight but cheer on any war somebody ELSE has to go fight. If they knew they actually stood to have skin in the game - because their precious industries might have to be enlisted to the war effort, too, maybe they or some of their little chickenhawk friends wouldn't have such massive hard-ons for war?

Just a thought.

I used to post such memes as "Destabilize the enemy." Seems to me this would certainly be one way to do that.

Sounds like he's trying to shield himself from charges of conflict of interest.

And if he had to choose, he chose representing christie over representing the Port Authority. Suggests where his strongest loyalties lie. Maybe he thinks christie's chances of wriggling out of this are strong, so he's placing his bets that way? Wonder what the pay scale is? And who's paying for christie's defense? The taxpayers? Well, they're a bottomless pit of money, anyway. Especially those chumps who still believe in him.

She was an inspiration!

I remember when her hat was briefly in the ring. My dad turned to me at dinner one night and asked who I liked for President. I said "Shirley Chisholm." He looked at me with incredulity. "Shirley Chisholm????????!!!!!?!?!?!?" And I remember feeling my dander rising. I hadn't reached the age where I argued openly with him - took me a LOOOOOONNNNNNNNNNGGG time to get there. Besides, back then, I often kept things in rather than stir things up. But in my mind I thought - "yeah, pal. You heard me. Shirley Chisholm. DEAL with it." I remember resolving, at that moment, that NOBODY was ever gonna decide how I vote but ME.

Amen! To both of you!

I look for it every Sunday!

Wow! Thanks for the link! "Taking Liberties" indeed!!!!

Sounds like a book well worth reading!

I'm wondering if it might be worth it to by two books - one to keep and read, and the other - maybe… to leave somewhere. Like maybe the rectory of your nearest purportedly Christian church or Bible study group.

Or local GOP headquarters?
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