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Welcome to DU, justhanginon!

Glad you're here. And the solution is definitely NOT to just put it on ignore - because maybe "it happens to other people" or "she deserved it" (I mean, did you see what she was wearing????) Nope. It needs to be front 'n' center. And it needs to be in people's faces. And a huge oozing pox on every todd akin and other assorted creeps who have their heads up their asses about it, or female creeps like sarah palin who think it's totally reasonable to make women pay for rape kits - because as everyone knows, it's FAR more important to save a coupla bucks rather than be so doggone focused on that stupid ridiculous waste-of-time empathy business.

And of course, our bodies have a way of shutting-that-whole-thing-down anyway,

n'est-ce pas?


Manů that one's sticking like Superglue.


And I've used versions of a few of 'em already, myself.

Welcome to DU, Fairgo!

Glad you're here! It's total denial. TOTAL denial. And yeah, I think your analysis is 100% correct. She can't really face or own the truth. Too horrible, especially if you take the next step after that - which is - the part you played in enabling it, reinforcing and covering for it, excusing it, ignoring it, and sticking your fingers into your ears and shouting "LA LA LA LA LA LA LA!" You have to dehumanize and minimize this beast's accusers and the TRUE victims here, in order to prop up your myopic little world view. The truth is just too horrible to face. So you make it go away, in sheer defense. You push it off on somebody else and pretend like hell that this other person is the villain.

NOBODY likes to admit they were wrong. NOBODY likes to admit they've been fooled. NOBODY likes to admit they've been played. Or suckered. 'Cause - what does that say about you, then? And I'd bet she's cussed him out, to herself, in private. But man - let somebody else do it and she'll come at that person with machine guns and napalm.

"Artsy-crapsy"! Sounds like a good generic slogan for Hobby Lobby.

Especially their attitude towards their female employees. And I expect that same CEO sees no problem with the rest of us having to help fund his Viagra coverage.

Impressive! Thank you for that huge effort!

That's really putting muscle into your campaign. Literally!!!!

They dine on a steady diet of Pox Noise, limbaugh & fiends, and kkkarl rove.

And for "research" they probably go to breitbart.com and newsman or some such mad-house horror-show.

See my post #83. The only solution to this is Mad-Eye Moody's warning to Harry Potter.

Mad-Eye Moody repeatedly said - "CONSTANT VIGILANCE!!!!!!" They were dealing with the Dark Lord and it was, thankfully, fiction. WE, on the other hand, are dealing with the koch brothers and shel adelson and piles of money higher than the Himalayas. We HAVE TO anticipate. We HAVE TO outthink them. We HAVE TO outwit them. And we can't EVER relax and kick back and assume the problem is now solved and over and done with. Like Lady Macbeth's damned spot, they do NOT go away and disappear, no matter how hard you scrub.

And frankly, wish I didn't have to say or believe this, but I think the Dems need to beef up not only their opposition research but bring on a few devious thinkers. You have to think like the Dark-Siders. Like Section 31 in Star Trek. Bad. Evil. Dark Side definitely. But we HAVE TO know and understand and head off what the bad guys are doing. Try to anticipate their next move. Try to outthink them when we have them on the ropes. Anybody remember how horrible Blackwater was? The very idea was icky. Well, it eventually got stopped - in the "yeah, SUUUUURE" file. Blackwater doesn't exist anymore. They frickin' renamed it. Now it's this shadowy faceless entity called Xe. Or maybe THAT has even changed by now. That was awhile ago. And I haven't kept up closely enough. But that fiend eric prince (who comes out of the ultra-conservative dick devol Amway machine in the upper Midwest - I think he married Mr. Amway's daughter) simply renamed it and the business carried on with impunity. And everybody who only bothered to look around at surface-level figured - "aha! Over! They're gone! Ding dong the witch is dead! We won! We BEAT those bastards! Everybody can relax and go back to sleep now!"

Hey, I'm as Machiavellian as the next guy.

Welcome to DU, TheSarcastinator!

Glad you're here. Particularly glad you weighed in HERE in particular! What a lovely post. Grits is really struggling with this one, understandably. It's a rough one many of us have been through. A broken heart, an empty place in the home, a deeply missed dear one. It's painful even to think about, just writing this little post. Your gentle words of comfort are probably helping everyone on this thread, not only Are_grits_groceries.

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