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See, THIS is what we have to watch for. Shadowy organizations like this!

I was afraid of that.

All the noise about ALEC. Well, that shoved a big spotlight on them and suddenly they were exposed and GAK! That organization started taking on water. So, figure it this way: when you spot the big ant hill in the garden, or you figure out where the termites started getting a foothold in your rafters, whaddya do? You call the bug exterminators or you spray or otherwise attack the source of the infestation. Okay fine. Job done, and the problem's solved, correct?

FUCKING ASS NOOOOOO!!!!!! NO! NO! NO!!! Think of what happens next? Have you REALLY gotten rid of the ants? Have you REALLY eradicated all the termites? Not on your freakin' LIFE! If you don't want another infestation, you have to keep after them. You have to stay vigilant. You have to be always on watch, always on alert, always doing whatever you can, preventively, to KEEP them away. You can't just sit back and think - "ahhh… cool! Problem solved! All gone! Let's relax and go back to sleep!"

Well, here, too. I was afraid that the exposure of ALEC to the blinding sunlight would only be a temporary victory. When one of their strategies doesn't work, these vermin just figure out a different way, a new plan of attack, set up a new organization or some new venture that will basically continue the same job on the same objectives, just - not called the same thing. Maybe not headquartered in the same building. But they're STILL there, and they're STILL doing their dirty work, and they're STILL hellbent on the same objectives, and they're STILL operating at full speed and metastasizing like a runaway cancer.

And I'd bet you cash money that that this is EXACTLY what's happened now that ALEC has been exposed and set back. That didn't stop 'em for a nanosecond. I bet they probably planned for precisely this "small" reversal. And to them it is. It hasn't stopped 'em at all. I'd bet they already had this one up and running, in anticipation of what we might do.

I'd also bet you cash money that most of our Dems assumed that once ALEC was exposed, the job was done, work is finished, we got 'em, and that's that. Problem solved! No more ALEC! Stand down red alert! Everybody can relax now. Let's all go back to sleep!

You ALWAYS have to think several steps ahead with these people. BELIEVE ME, they've got layers of staff people doing exactly that, at all times. They're always planning and adjusting and like a nest of termites, looking for the next weak spot where they can get in and resume their dirty work, and eat your house out from under you. Shit - do we have ANYBODY doing that? ANYBODY thinking that way? Hey Debbie, has this occurred to you AT ALL, Miss Asleep-at-the-Switch???? Probably not.

It was TOTALLY inspired by him. He set the tone of that band of thugs. As the chief thug.

Indeed, the Thug-in-Chief - shit, can you imagine if that schmuck got into the White House? Jesus, Mary, and Joseph. He literally would be the Thug-in-Chief. And we'd be back to swaggering around the globe with a big stick and big armies and troop movements and aggression everywhere.

So if he's in-yer-face and cocky as hell and leaning on people to do his bidding or else, what ELSE are his top aides going to think? He ABSOLUTELY set the tone for this kind of ham-handed look-at-me-I'm-Don-Corleone crap, with his senior staffers talking about retaliation and targeting other pols to make sure they bend the way they're supposed to, and he/she isn't "playing ball", and "they're playing in traffic" - how else would they get the clear message "that's how we do business around here, pal"? How else would they get that message - if that's not the environment of the Governor's office? If that's not the tone that's set, if that's not the climate in which they operate? How else? Michael Dukakis once talked about how "the fish rots from the head." Well, biologically I'm not sure that's completely true, but politically it sure is.

If you're a leader or a boss, you gather the people around you who think like you and operate like you. Because you want 'em doing what YOU want, the way YOU want it. You want them reflecting your "style of leadership." If you're cold-hearted and calculating and arrogant and power-hungry, you're gonna have your people constantly reinforcing and reflecting that, having your back, and taking your lead. Your own personal little version of WWJD.

The christie administration is a textbook example. They did that stuff because that's the kind of shit HE wanted and expected them to do. Clearly, and as certainly as the sun rising in the east every morning.

Totally! I hope some of them listen to him!

They sure as hell don't listen to ME!


Stand up for it and be proud, dammit! And go on OFFENSE. And make NO apologies. Concede NOTHING.

Northwestern Orange County.

Felt nothing here on the Westside this time. We had our turn the other morning.

I was still working at the time. He took a lot of crap from others in the business, locally, for

doing that. Tons of teasing and snarky remarks. The only difference between him and the rest of those shitting their pants that morning was - he did it live on TV.

Welcome to DU, TimeToEvolve!

Glad you're here! Astounding, the excuses and weasel-words that come out in defense of wanton access to guns.

Oh boo-hoo. Too frickin' bad!

If he's unhappy about it, then it must be something good for the rest of us.

That's rather astounding. A unanimous ruling? On restricting access to guns?

I'm stunned! Seriously.

Maybe guns should be like abortion has been described in the past - "safe, legal, and rare." I actually wouldn't mind seeing them all done away with, completely, but I realize that's a rather utopian dream.

Three brainy heroes!

I find brains in men to be extremely attractive. Even sexy!
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