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And three rich old farts want to buy the entire Congress and every available Statehouse.

FUCKERS! Just think - if we could just tax those three multi-billionaires at 90%, we could fix a LOT of the social inequities in this country, provide enough food for probably almost every family in America, and these buggers would STILL have more money left over than they need.

Didn't feel a thing this time!

The anchor on Channel 9, Kent Shocknek, said it could be a foreshock of something bigger -

He was a morning anchor on the NBC O&O here in L.A. during the 1994 quake. They called him Kent Aftershocknek.


I definitely DO! (DU?)

I know it's helped friends of mine.

Some of my friends are really stretched to the max, financially. It's been a GODSEND! Just a GODSEND! Even the early wave of benefits before the ACA took effect, like letting your kid stay on your insurance til age 26 to give them a change to get on their feet. Like doing away with a lifetime cap. Like stopping that bullshit about pre-existing conditions. Like making sure the VAST majority - what is it? 85%? of your health care premiums go directly to YOUR health care. Doesn't line any CEO's pocket and a lot of people got a refund because of padding-overcharging that this eliminated. I got a refund, myself. $95! And the ACA wasn't even in place yet. Thanks to compromising thickheads like ben nelson who tried to make sure it was delayed in going into effect. Certainly can't start too soon, helping people get health care they can afford, dontchaknow?

I think the Dems are making a huge mistake by being weenies about the ACA. They need to backbone up and stand there with pride and get in the bad guys' faces and say "I'm DAMN PROUD of the ACA. I'm DAMN PROUD of how it's helped people save money, get insurance for the first time in their lives, be able to go to the doctor for the first time in years, get long running ailments examined and treated, and more! You bet yer ass I'm proud!!! And it doesn't need "fixing." It isn't broken, OKAY??? It's fine and gonna be made even better as the years go by. It'll ensure that more Americans will be healthier. And that winds up saving ALL OF US money."


I shared it to my Facebook page! Mesmerizing! Thanks for posting this, rug! I wanna go do this!

Me, too!

Corporate welfare is the worst of all.


Man, that one is not gonna be forgotten for a long time…

(And maybe it shouldn't be.)

Coming to this one late, but VERY happy to kick!

Really appreciate the explanation, although you certainly didn't have to prove this to me. I'm sufficiently convinced she's telling the truth. From your first point. What does she have to gain by lying? Especially if she can be found untruthful, she goes into deep doodoo. And her sticking her neck out like this - undoubtedly knowing how hardball christie and his cohorts play the game, she's already putting herself at risk. These people are vindictive. I'd bet that whenever this whole sordid business is over with, whatever the outcome, she's STILL at risk. They will try to get revenge. That, too, is how they do business. After all, part of their illusion of power is how rough it can be on you if you don't play ball with them - and the consequences and difficulties you'll face. I'd suspect that'd be enough motivation for some of the weaker targets to try to cave and "play nice." Wonder which "traffic study" might be coming down the pike with her city's name on it?

I must admit I've been bothered by that "piece of shit used car salesman" bit ever since I saw it.

Um… you'd prefer the alternative maybe? republi-CONS would work out better for ya?

I'm afraid I was hurt and disappointed. I hate seeing discord being sown anywhere - and especially here. We're all supposed to be shoulder-to-shoulder against a common enemy, aren't we? The President is NOT the enemy. You'd rather have romney in there? Or mccain with his pathetic little idiot girlfriend-sidekick in their second term? Sowing seeds of that level of discontent - at least in my sometimes-feeble opinion - is really only sowing the seeds of Dems-throw-up-their-hands-and-stay-home-on-Election-Day-because-they're-just-all-alike. And that gets you the GOP back in the White House. If that's not counterproductive, I don't know what is. I'll bet slinging shit like that is just what warms the cockles of the CONS' "hearts" (assuming of course they even have hearts). They LOVE the smell of Democrats tearing each other apart in the morning. Hey kids, let's treat them to MORE!!!!

These are excellent points, MADem.

See, a lot of people think that calling POTUS a "piece of shit used car salesman"

--Does NOT promote a positive atmosphere.

--Does NOT promote 'good discussions.'

--Demonstrates a "pattern of disruptive behavior"--particularly when it's done more than once, "con brio."

--Ruins the website for a large number of visitors (judging by the pushback from competing threads on the subject).

--Seems to OPPOSE the mission of DU.

Welcome to DU, randys1!

Glad you're here! It's just almost blindingly mind-bending, isn't it!

Your statement here: And the fact that this November our country is going to look around and say "the problem is not enough republicans" makes me want to cry...

MAN, no kidding! No Freakin' Kidding!
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