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Gender: Female
Home country: USA
Current location: Oregon
Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 64,771

About Me

Female. Retired. Wife-Mom-Grandma. Approx. 30 years in broadcasting, at least 20 of those in news biz. Taurus. Loves chocolate - preferably without nuts or cocoanut. Animal lover. Rock-hound from pre-school age. Proud Democrat for life. Ardent environmentalist and pro-choicer. Hoping to use my skills set for the greater good. Still married to the same guy for 40+ years. Probably because he's a proud Democrat, too. Penmanship absolutely stinks, so I'm glad I'm a fast typist! I will always love Hillary and she will always be my President.

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Great stuff, as usual, n2doc!

Love these! As usual, these pens make awfully sharp points!

Welcome to DU, Sunshinebeams!

Glad you're here! I can't stand bill o'reilly either. Can't stand his damn pompous bombast. What a gas giant! We already know he speaks with a forked tongue. Too many incidents are starting to come out that back up our oft-stated condemnation of this man's "work" on Pox Noise. And why do so many of these hollerin' haters sound as though they're completely constipated? I guess maybe that's what makes them lash out all the time.

Awww... did you do that?

Love you back!

Indeed. There's a lot more money in CON talk. I remember listening to Randi Rhodes one

afternoon and found something she said MOST illuminating. I was surprised to hear my suspicions confirmed. I was retired from all that, and it was just a guess on my part, regarding how broadcasting (and information brokering i.e.: news) had deteriorated and how there was a deliberate bias applied forcefully and directly to what was presented on talk shows. But she said it. She was making that same point, but from the view of an active front-line practitioner. She recounted a meeting she had with some syndicator that offered to pay her a freakin' fortune - if she'd switch up her schtick and do CON talk instead of liberal talk. She refused. And admitted to kissing goodbye a king's ransom of money, fame, multiple side platforms and endorsement deals, and a long, successful and glittering career at hundreds of stations from coast to coast, including the biggest stations in the biggest cities. None of that was offered to a liberal.

The whole construct, the whole industry, is set up to favor CONservative talk. And just as - when TV programmers luck into a hit, whether it's a Western, a crime drama, a doctor show, a romantic comedy, a variety show, or whatever, suddenly overnight you notice that the damn thing has been cloned and all of a sudden you have a dozen of them to choose from - on all the major networks and more. Radio is the same. The same mentality prevails. limbaugh lucked into being the first big voice to do it. And suddenly you had all the pretenders cropping up all over the dial. And by the time liberal talk radio was instituted, the CONS had already run the table. They'd bought up all the stations, gobbled up the Mom & Pop shops, and merged and acquired their way to a huge broadcasting monopoly. Used to be there were 600-and-some owners of radio stations across the country. Now, there are six. SIX. Conglomerates that overtook, over-ate - over gorged is more like it - and the non-music programming became mostly hate radio.

It sold, too. All that hate tapped into the most base parts of the human lizard brain. It just occurred to me as I've been writing this - I can't remember the last time I heard anybody say "...but you can't say that on the radio!" Because now, you can say ANYTHING. There used to be more of an adherence to truth in advertising. I remember when commercials dared not mention the name of a competitor. It just wasn't done. You might describe what the competitor did or offered, or otherwise allude to it, but it was anonymous. And then, something changed. Advertisers did indeed compare products by name. Dish soap, razor blades, you name it. And it doesn't matter what you name it. You can go ahead and say it. Sometimes you get hit back, and sometimes you have to pay for it as Brian Williams has. But it just amazes me how Pox Noise can get away with calling themselves a news network, and trumpeting on the air that they're "fair and balanced." Nobody questions it anymore. Only some fact-checking and not a lot. Lazy coverage and ignorant young correspondents who photograph well but have no life experience to leaven their observations and their witness-bearing, and they work cheap.

It's just really frustrating to have seen this devolution. REALLY frustrating. We used to have the Fairness Doctrine and Equal Time provisions - that's all gone. No station really has to prove that they hold their broadcast license in the public interest and scrupulously serve the public interest anymore. License challenges are more often than not unsuccessful. There used to be restrictions and regulations concerning ownership - nobody could own more than three properties in any one market. And it usually worked out to owners having an AM, an FM, and a TV station. Any combination of the three. THAT'S all gone. That started in the waning days of reagan. And the owners or corporations had making money as their only interest. How you can thrive financially on that kind of mindset though - the CONservative mindset - how you can even think that way, much less push it on the radio all the time - man, I do not get that. Glad I was never active in the talk-radio arena. Only did it occasionally.

It's a shame that that CON mentality has been so lucrative. Its very success underlines the cliche - "if you're so smart why aren't you rich?" Heard that one? I suppose it dovetails beautifully with the whole misbegotten idea that God wants you to be rich, and if you are, that automatically testifies to your righteousness in the Eyes of God. You are blessed. I'm getting into the weeds here, I suppose, but it just hurts me that THAT kind of radio is what has gotten rich and influential. That there's been enough of a customer base to sustain it, and so handsomely, for so long. This asshole has been able to thrive and be a veritable king for 25 years. AND he's as rich as Midas. I'm a liberal. I think my liberal view is a lot better than the CON view. It's about helping people, using government as a force for good, about accomplishing things for the general welfare, the common, so that ALL can benefit, not just the privileged; and doing for those who cannot do for themselves. And I don't know why that hasn't been the Message-That-Sells commercially for the last 25 years. WHY does that not succeed? Are people really that easily manipulated? Are we really THAT greedy? THAT mercenary? That heartless, mean-spirited, and un-compassionate?

limbaugh has certainly given voice to all the ugly stuff. And made it sound entertaining and funny. And probably fortified the extreme CONS out there who are full of resentment but know deep-down that they're wrong and what they feel is anti-social or racist or un-Christian or selfish, but still wish those views were okay. Still wish it wasn't frowned upon and laughed at, but honored and taken seriously and reinforced. Saying it on the record - with such widespread exposure, from such a huge pulpit - in effect makes it okay. Makes it true. "You can't say that on TV if it isn't true." "They couldn't say that on the radio if it weren't true." "They couldn't print that if it wasn't true - they'd get sued." "Well, this guy and soon enough legions more like him WERE saying that shit on radio and TV and in print, so I guess maybe it's true." And more importantly, I think, "this guy's saying what I believe! So I guess I'M right, after all! And it's okay to say out loud in public!" So it becomes more respectable to have this shit out there on the public record, and I guess the audience that laps it up feels as though they can finally "come out of the closet" as it were. And besides, too few people actually do sue for libel or slander anymore. Just a guess, but this is what I suspect, anyway.

And you can beat that drum for only so long. Pretty soon it's like an observation my dad used to joke about: "Mercedes are like assholes. Everybody has one." Pretty soon it becomes overkill. And things change. If that limbaugh post is correct, he's actually noticing it. And the trend is veering away from him. Seems as though we're now in an era where he's becoming too problematic to carry on with much longer. Whether he really is out at WLS or not, he undoubtedly will be soon enough. His star is falling. The boycotts have not stopped - they've only grown and become more of a hassle for management and ownership to deal with. And they're drawing blood. AND as ol' rushie seems to be admitting in that post - times are changing. He's becoming passé. The new generations coming up and taking over DON'T THINK LIKE HE DOES. They don't see the world the way he does. They don't want the same things. Their priorities and concerns are way different from his. They don't agree with him as his panting crowds of now-aging ditto-heads have done - for 25 YEARS. SHEESH.

I couldn't be happier. I want him off the air. And even if WLS is denying it, as Nancy Reagan once warned then-White House Chief of Staff don regan (whom she did not like and was scheming, soon successfully, to oust him) "people are talking!" There's a drumbeat of this stuff happening to him now. For example, he got taken off AM talker powerhouse KFI in Los Angeles (has a HUGE signal, a clear channel station frequency-wise, and it blasts everywhere in the region, and at night sometimes you can hear it in other countries. He and a few other nauseating clones wound up on the station that used to be KTLK here in L.A., where Air America had started, and various permutations later, still had Stephanie Miller, and Randi Rhodes. Format and call letter change and all of a sudden it calls itself "The Patriot" and it's wall-to-wall hate radio and their numbers stay in the toilet. And it has a shitty signal and lousy coverage, very spotty all over the L.A. basin. Stuff like that is happening to him now. There's a drumbeat that's started. If there's a buzz about it, you just watch. Where there's smoke, there's very often fire.

OH CRAP! Sorry this is so long. Shit...

"The Majority Leader is learning fast that there is a heavy price to be paid for his years of


Abso-fucking-lutely delicious!!!!!!!!!!


Don't like it when it comes back to bite ya, do you, Yertle!?!

I'm just really glad to see that the Dems learned from that sordid six-year Sore Loserman/poor sportsmanship episode!

I am LOVING this:

"McConnell tried to pull a fast one on the Democrats who supported the bill, so the bipartisan support quickly vanished for the legislation. Sen. McConnell can do nothing without Democratic support."

AND this:

"Senate Democrats put a quick end to McConnell’s scheme to divide the president and his party. This is the second time less than two weeks that McConnell has been forced to cave on his plans. McConnell promised an aggressive agenda that would bend the president to his will, but what has happened is that Democrats has asserted firm control over the Senate’s agenda."

He's finding out all about that "turnabout is fair play" thing. And I couldn't be happier! If indeed the set-up means "minority rule," then so be it. That dynamic is gonna work for US now. In the house that mcconnell built, we're in the minority now, so that means WE rule.

Welcome to DU, tiptonic!

Glad you're here! Sometimes, I swear, it's a misery-loves-company kind of thing for me here. I wish to God that bill o'reilly got the same treatment Brian Williams did. His phony claims are so much more plentiful and outrageous than anything Brian Williams did. But Brian Williams gets thrown off the air for six months without pay. bill o'reilly remains comfortably ensconced. And anyone expecting Pox Noise to do the genuinely right thing - can just sit and warm their expectations til Doomsday. It's a topsy-turvy world sometimes.

Those who embrace the old adage about how "cheaters never prosper" or the one about how "crime doesn't pay" never met the GOP.


Bees can't wait, and franky, neither can we!!!

Well, I sure was happy to add one of my own!

And you have to realize - that was no snowball. inhofe was holding the innards of his own HEAD. That was his brain that's frozen over.

And once again, I hate to say this, but I look at the people of Oklahoma who continue, incomprehensibly, to see fit to send THIS guy to the Senate. They want HIM to represent them. So then we have to ask - what's the matter with THEM, then???? He didn't just magically get that job on his own. He had a majority of VOTES.

I am just bewildered by this. Horrified and bewildered.

With all due respect - I am not seeking a mid-level corporate job.

I know my limits. I'd rather do what I'm good at and confine it to that. I wouldn't go for such a job knowing it demanded technical skills or savvy in those things - which I freely admit - are WAY beyond me. WAY above my pay grade.

I left my last full-time news job just as they were starting to switch over to digital editing - for soundbites, interviews, actualities of all kinds to feed out to the member stations every hour. We all started learning the "wave file" system. I was very skilled in tape editing - with reel-to-reel tape, single-edge razor blade and splicing block. That's how we did it. That's the way it was done, across the industry. We were all instructed that, once you engaged the satellite, and started your feed from wherever you were (for me, in the L.A. bureau), then you go out and get yourself a cup of coffee while the feed is uploading or uplinking or whatever the term was. Because it was going to take that long. I had an assistant managing editor advise me to do that. It was hard. It was complicated. It was another layer of expertise that I had to try to adopt, and adapt to. And I tried. It was part of my job.

I will tell you this - when the way suddenly opened up for me to take early retirement (and with VERY young children at home, I didn't want to be away from home for most of the day/evening to do a job when I felt I should be closer to those little ones at that critical time), I grabbed it. And as I was leaving, on that last day, the first thing on my mind was relief - that I was leaving at THAT time. So I was not going to have to wrangle with all that new technology - when what I was good at was WRITING. And GOING ON THE AIR AND COMMUNICATING. Not fiddling with buttons and switches and inputs and wires and stuff. I'm simply not a techie.

When I started as a news reporter, you couldn't touch the equipment. You literally got your hand slapped, or physically pushed away. There were union members who did that. Union engineers and tape editors and board operators. They were the specialists in that, for which I admired and respected them. Because. THAT. IS. NOT. ME! That is NOT my skills set. I was very happy to confine myself to what I WAS good at, and leave the button-pushing and the wire-twisting and the installations and mechanics to someone who knew what they were doing.

As unions were done away with in my industry, it fell to us on the air-talent side to take up that job as well as the one we were good at. I had multiple calamities. I was a problem for some of my supervisors - I had to have them find me a different tape recorder to take into the field because I couldn't figure out or deal with the one they issued all the reporters - with 132 knobs and buttons on it that I could never keep straight. I could go pushing myself through a crazy, angry, partying-too-hard crowd in pursuit of an interview subject or to get to where the story was happening, and I'd inadvertently knock some of those buttons out of position and I'd wind up with NOTHING recorded when I got back to the bureau. They had to get me a "dumb-guy" recorder. I remember air checks I tried to record on "designated news days" when everybody in the market submits their work from the same day for awards. I'd have a stack of carts with different taped soundbites on them, to insert into my newscast at various places, in various stories therein. And in trying to load one, live, with the mic open, I knocked the whole pile over and the clattering went out over the air, all over the control board, my script, everything. When I had an engineer handling that part, such idiocy never happened. Shit like that happened to me a lot. I'm not a techie. And I would never claim to be one. Besides, the engineers were there and I also felt strongly that somebody like me shouldn't be asked to take a job from somebody like one of them. Especially since I was so lousy at it!!! I did writing and voicing and reporting. I did that very well. I kept getting hired for greater and more heavy-weight jobs because I was good at it. But have me try to engineer something and I might as well have been a cow brought in from the pasture before milking time.

So you play to, and MAKE USE OF, your strengths. I never claimed to be a technical expert. I wouldn't DARE! SO I'm never gonna be booted from most mid-level corporate jobs. Because I'm never gonna get one, or go after one, or try to get hired into one. I know better. And if anyone ever wanted to hire me for such a thing - they'd have to hire me a techie, too.

And I would think one would have hired or appointed someone at Hillary Clinton's level for her brains, her negotiating skills, her communication skills, and all that - and NOT whatever technical expertise or lack thereof would have come with the job.

It's a very profound statement. And a great point to make.

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