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"MAGAbillies"! Hey, I like that!

I'm watching Lucy Flores on CNN as I write this.

“He kissed the top of my head.”

Oh for Fuck’s Sake...

Gee, is she working with the woman who helped ruin Al Franken claiming “he touched my waist” during one of a hundred quick selfies with an onslaught of fans at a county fair???

“He kissed the top of my head”???????

This strikes me as one of those rare cases where the very serious and legitimate #metoo movement is being cheapened and exploited and compromised by #hey-everybody-look-at-ME-too.

“He kissed the top of my head”??????????????

Hey, I question this as somebody who had to fight off the actual groping hands of a predatory state senator with a horn-dog reputation who had me bent backwards over a teletype machine in an empty newsroom during a lunch break, after we’d finished an interview and I was trying to be polite by escorting him through a confusing series of hallways toward the station’s parking lot.

Seems to me there are WAAAAAY more serious groping, intrusive, and aggressive sexual assault cases about which to make a credible complaint! I notice she’s identified as a “former state assemblywoman/former Lt. Governor candidate” btw. Is “he kissed the top of my head” (OR “he touched my waist” for that matter) REALLY on a par with “grab ‘em by the pussy”, for example? Or a grab for the spotlight for one’s own 15-minutes of fame, or to try to stay relevant after losing an election?

I’m sorry. From my personal perspective, having interviewed real-life rape victims who survived frightening confrontations, physical attacks, and threats to life and limb with which they’ll be struggling for the rest of their days, this “he kissed the top of my head” claim just doesn’t measure up.

Yes. This isn't Vatican City, okay?

For Pete’s Sake...

Me four. That was indeed quite a day.

And neither will we, Congressman Schiff!

Indeed. Me too.

Yep. This White House IS a death panel.

I'll step forward! He certainly sounded like me in that clip.

And, Congressman Schiff, I’m just like you on this one. I’m not okay with any of this either.

She does look and sound like a Stepford wife.

And everything is just ducky in her safe, moneyed, cloistered little world.
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