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Gender: Female
Home country: USA
Current location: Oregon
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Female. Retired. Wife-Mom-Grandma. Approx. 30 years in broadcasting, at least 20 of those in news biz. Taurus. Loves chocolate - preferably without nuts or cocoanut. Animal lover. Rock-hound from pre-school age. Proud Democrat for life. Ardent environmentalist and pro-choicer. Hoping to use my skills set for the greater good. Still married to the same guy for 40+ years. Probably because he's a proud Democrat, too. Penmanship absolutely stinks, so I'm glad I'm a fast typist! I will always love Hillary and she will always be my President.

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Women are STILL treated that way.

That actually makes me laugh. "Why could that one not have been worked out?"


He still thinks this can be done like another business deal.

"...not have been worked out..."

What? You make 'em a deal so they can have slavery three days a week and four not? FOUR days a week and three not? You don't have to pay 'em but you do have to give 'em "free stuff"?


The private sector mentality DOES NOT BELONG in the public sector. Hell, Lindsey Graham just this moment (as of this writing) whined to Kate Bolduan on CNN that - "this is a lousy way to run a business." Well, there's that mentality again. AGAIN! Hey Lindsey - NEWS FLASH: You DON'T run government like a business! DAMMIT, WHEN are they gonna get that? That just ISN'T the way it works! That just ISN'T the way it's SUPPOSED to work! Because government IS NOT a business. It's NOT designed primarily and almost exclusively to make profit. It's a PUBLIC TRUST. Owned by THE PUBLIC, NOT some CEO at the top of the ziggurat. These are two completely different and quite separate universes - government and the business world. They don't operate the same way. They just don't. And no amount of changing or pontificating or voting or wishing or lobbying or speechifying or proselytizing or grandstanding will make it so. They're. Just. DIFFERENT. PERIOD. Cold STOP.

Dear little Lindsey demonstrates that he obviously still doesn't get that. NONE of them gets that. They're still looking for that "wish sandwich" that the Blues Brothers once talked about. "You have two pieces of bread, and you WISH you had some meat."

Definitely!!! If they think you don't care, they won't, either.

We've seen what happens when they actually get it through their thick heads that you DO care.

All those town hall meetings, the marches, the storming of the phone lines on Capitol Hill, the activism that seems to be on steroids - they've had an impact. Do you think the CONS in Congress would be hemming and hawing about pre-existing conditions and how to cover them - if there had been none of this? If they hadn't been CONFRONTED, REPEATEDLY about it? Hell no! They'd have slid through a repeal of the Affordable Care Act and on to the next screw-the-poor assignment at least a couple of months ago. They wouldn't have cared about it. And the word "replace" wouldn't even have entered into their minds, much less on their lips. They wouldn't have bothered.

Now they have a dilemma.

NOW, they KNOW everybody's watching, keeping track, and taking names. And they also know 2018 will be here before they know it. And they can't just shove this shit down our throats without consequences.

AND they know some of their own are already starting to fall away, probably in hopes of getting out of the heat. Like Ileana Ros-Lehtinen - announcing her retirement (she's throwing in the towel, completely). Like Jason Chaffetz, skeedaddling it outta there on the excuse of foot surgery (I'm taking a breakforalongtimeBYE!!!!!). I suspect we might see a few more of those as the months (and the difficulties) go on.

It WASN'T like this, even as recently as January. They were cocky as hell. They owned it all. They ran the table. They probably expected that Democrats would do what they're famous for doing: caving, giving up without a fight. They didn't expect a backlash that roared back at them with sharpened teeth and anger like they've never seen since the teabaggers started forcing their will on everybody. The teabaggers didn't have the numbers OUR movement did. Ever see any of THEIR versions of the Women's March? Nope. NO CON groups got the numbers of people taking to the streets like OUR movement has. I've not seen 750-THOUSAND people marching in L.A. - for ANYTHING. Certainly not for some republi-CON cause, that's for damn sure! Not EVER. I doubt ANYBODY's seen a bigger protest march than the inauguration - that DWARFED the crowd at the inauguration, for that matter.

I also suspect that there's a gnawing fear, maybe a small one for now, about the funky stuff being alleged about trump/Russia. They're all poo-pooing it in public, sure nothing's there, nothing's gonna happen. But I'd bet some of them are worried about it. And as time goes on and it A) doesn't dissipate and B) grows with more allegations and discoveries in the press and other shit that almost literally forces them to at least minimally look into it, that worry will grow.

So let them feel the hot breath of the angry monster starting to bear down on them. Hotter and hotter. Nearer and nearer.

That show of strength on our side has also taken the Dems by surprise, because THEY didn't expect it either. Notice how much more backbone they seem to have now? It's kinda startled me, too - in a good way, because that's been my complaint, too, all along. Anybody remember the footage of Sheldon Whitehouse (one of OURS) being confronted in his own town hall by angry Democratic constituents? He was all set to consider another trump cabinet nominee. The crowd roared NO, and KEPT AT IT! And what happened? He caved - to that crowd. Decided he'd say no to that nominee after all, when he had been on the fence.

We HAVE TO keep at it. And I know it's tiring. Fatiguing. Weary-making. Seemingly endless. Can we ever just get off the treadmill and know things will be okay? Probably not. Even WHEN we see Democrats back in power, we still have to make sure to steer THEM in the right directions, too. It just won't be nearly as hard with people of like mind. It will be steering, rather than pummeling.

But for now, let the pummeling continue!

Welcome to DU, bleedingulcers!

I find the whole Ivanka misadventure to be galling as all-get-out. What if Chelsea was sashaying around in the West Wing and touring internationally as her father's surrogate? If this was flipped, the republi-CONS would be fighting over who'd be first to finish erecting the gallows for both her and her mother, both. I remember when the opposition never stopped whining and kvetching and complaining and criticizing when Hillary actually worked in the West Wing as then-President Bill Clinton acted on a half-joking campaign promise that if America elected him, it'd be "buy one, get one free" because he was a package deal with his illustrious, brilliant, accomplished, and ultra-competent wife. They raised nonstop hell.

As to little Princess Ivanka... I wrote an ode to her awhile back, examining the apple that did not fall far from the tree, and how she was busy being as mercenary about her new political position as her father is.


As for her brothers... I'm not surprised people have taken to referring to them as Uday and Qusay, riffing off of Saddam Hussein's two vile sons. Or, as those notorious two were also known: Ooky and Kooky. I've enjoyed doing that, also. Fitting nicknames for dear little Donald-the-rhino-killer Jr. and his little sidekick Eric.

Welcome to DU, onit2day!

The media is extraordinarily timid about this stuff. Only lately have they gone as far as calling a lie a lie.

I remember being infuriated by a headline in one of the major papers during bush/cheney, regarding the lies about the Iraq war: "Prevaricating President?" OHFORCRYINGOUTLOUD!!! Just say he's lying, people. Because that's what he's doing! That's almost all bush/cheney did, period! But heavens-to-pearl-clutching, we simply CAN'T say the president lies! Well, that particular "L-word" has finally been liberated, now in the trump era. It is not unheard of to read and hear talking heads come flat out and say trump lies. It's a widely-acknowledged and by now normalized thing.

Congressman Eric Swalwell (D-CA) has info




Well, how 'bout that.

I've seen that elsewhere, too. For example:



A LOT of this went our way, and a lot more went against trump. Which is what should be standard practice by now.

VOTE 2018!!! DON'T MISS IT!!!

This, too:



I'm just so happy and relieved that Planned Parenthood was protected.

...and Russian money-launderers. Don't forget that.

This utterly wretched small sour prune of a man was vice chair of the Bank of Cypress, the go-to "laundromat" for Russian mobsters and oligarchs.

Thank you for posting this, sheshe.

We'll miss him. We already do.

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