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Yeah, I remember that. Back then I found myself wondering if she'd really said that.

We have AMPLE evidence of that, by now, from a certain individual's track record as a calculating manipulative PHONY.

As are the current crop of republi-CONS.

Back then, you actually had a few principled ones who wouldn't abide what they saw happening. They were Republicans back then. THIS bunch now, is strictly the Party-over-country club.

That's IT. Right there. BOOM.

Not only openly racist, but sexist, too.

He's helping them go backwards in time to those "good old days" when this was the norm. And blacks were nothing more than the servant class. And women knew their place (in the kitchen, or bedroom, legs spread on demand). When men were men and women were secretaries. Or mere containers anytime the Lord and Master felt like trying to impregnate her again. Heaven forbid you were a double-whammy though (black AND female). You were totally screwed then. And all those "others"? Muslim, Latino, anybody with a skin color other than white, well, they were the Insignificant class, not even worth wasting the Great White Male's time or attention. Seen-and-not-heard - unless they were waiters or ran the dry cleaners down the street.


As to your point 5, anybody remember the newspaper headline during the Marla Maples era -

"Best sex I ever had!"?

I think it was the front cover of the New York Post, back in the day, when The Donald was carrying on with Marla Maples as his marriage to Ivana was going down the tubes? Considering his penchant for planting stories that puff up his "reputation," I'd bet this came from that pretend legendary trump spinmeister John Barron! Or that other pretend legendary trump spinmeister John Miller - they're interchangeable.

Welcome to DU, ochem!

I've heard that advice, too. The more the yellow, the more impurities were in there and the bigger the job your kidneys just handled.

Drinking enough water is always good advice, regardless. Being well-hydrated is important, and it's good for your skin.
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