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I like that point you make here, Equinox Moon.

ďEnergy flows where the mind focuses. Letís focus on the world we want to create.Ē

Like that a lot! Very valuable advice to keep in mind.

Definitely. We must NEVER NEVER NEVER repeat his sloganeering.

All that does is offering an additional voice to reinforce his lies, to further and intensify and underscore his lies.

And letís not keep our powder dry on the LIE part. We need to say what it IS. What he says IS a lie. Almost every damn sentence or sentence fragment in his tweets or from his mouth IS a LIE.

Letís NOT call it misleading.
Letís NOT call it not truthful or untruthful.
Letís NOT call it his ďstrange (or difficult, or odd, or unusual or any of those weasel-word tiptoeing through tulips) relationship with the truthĒ. Itís a LIE.
Letís NOT say heís prevaricating.
Letís NOT say heís misinterpreting.
Letís NOT say heís misrepresenting.
Letís NOT be polite or offer any wiggle room, OR give him the benefit of the doubt, since heís thoroughly SQUANDERED that privilege.
Letís NOT tiptoe around it or be all careful and nice and diplomatic and delicate about it.

Hereís a thought: does he EVER afford our side that kind of consideration? Has he ever done that either recently or in the past? NO!

Heís a LIAR. And what he does is LIE. What heís done all his life is LYING. His favorite indoor sport is LYING. His go-to default position is LYING. He wouldnít know the truth if it threw him on the ground, turned him on his stomach, removed his clothing, and gave him an enema.

The bleat of newsfolk probably defaults back to an urge to be impartial, to be objective. But Iíve gotta say that by now, itís an objective, impartial, nonpartisan FACT - a well-established and very well-documented FACT - that he is a LIAR.

And we need to say so. Loud Ďní Proud. And REPEATEDLY.

Yep. What comes to mind in reading this is that old cliche about the ease of conning a con man.

An easy mark.

Welcome to DU, ArtD!

That's a GREAT one! It rolls off the tongue VERY nicely. Short 'n' sweet, good imagery, excellent messaging. Now, it needs to be repeated. And repeated. At least THREE times, if not more.

And did I say - it needs to be repeated?

YES. It needs to be repeated. And repeated some more. The more often, the better to drill it down in, so it imbeds.

Love, love, love Jane Fonda! That's who she is.

I interviewed her when I was still working. I found her to be graceful, elegant, smart, eloquent, extremely candid about her life and humble in her regrets. VERY credible. Easy to talk to, despite TWO Best Actress Oscars and the kind of theatrical pedigree she has, and her prominence as a Hollywood heavyweight, successful businesswoman, devoted mother, and more. Kind and compassionate, sensible, realistic, and circumspect. I guess you get that way from having been repeatedly beaten up in the past, in her case for her then-extreme stand against the Vietnam War. The whole "Hanoi Jane" thing. (HEY - note the messaging. And how brutally and wrongly effective it can be, and yet again, there was no push-back or counter-messaging. She had a point, and an accurate one, albeit delivered rather clumsily. Just sayin'...).

I can remember photos of her out campaigning around residential Santa Monica, CA, for her then-husband, Tom Hayden, on crutches. I forget what the problem was, whether she'd had an injury or surgery, but there she was, out crutching around and ringing doorbells. She's a woman of commitment.

I appreciate her and admire her a LOT.

Sheesh, DemoTex. Get better!

So sorry to hear that! Glad you got help right away. Keep us posted, cuz otherwise we're gonna worry.

My favorite quote BY Michael Avenatti is one of his early ones.

He was just getting started with the Stormy Daniels public offensive. He said "those who have nothing to hide - hide nothing." Just absolutely the GREATEST! So simple. So deadly accurate. A mere eight words.

I used it for the first CTA (Call To Action) email I worked on.

It does indeed.

Matthew 25:35-45

I keep going back to the voters who somehow saw fit to elect him.

The people of Tulare and surrounding areas in Central California. What in the name of Carrieís Corset were/are they thinking???

And what does that say about them, that they support this treason weasel as their ďrepresentativeĒ?

Good! We already have it set to record.

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