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Gender: Female
Home country: USA
Current location: Oregon
Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 64,660

About Me

Female. Retired. Wife-Mom-Grandma. Approx. 30 years in broadcasting, at least 20 of those in news biz. Taurus. Loves chocolate - preferably without nuts or cocoanut. Animal lover. Rock-hound from pre-school age. Proud Democrat for life. Ardent environmentalist and pro-choicer. Hoping to use my skills set for the greater good. Still married to the same guy for 40+ years. Probably because he's a proud Democrat, too. Penmanship absolutely stinks, so I'm glad I'm a fast typist! I will always love Hillary and she will always be my President.

Journal Archives

State it, my sister!

As a matter of fact, I too, am a slut with a vagina and I vote!

Oh - and that reminds me: LOOK what I just found!


I'm so thrilled about this one that I may make it a separate post here!

Dayum, you're good, ProSense!

The "Dick mitt"!

Exactly. I remember in 2008 when so many of my son's mates in high school

especially in the senior class where they were 18 or turning 18, were all enthralled by ron paul because he was against war and pro pot. I told him he should tell his friends there's a LOT more to him than that, and most of it extremely icky, not to mention ridiculously unrealistic and unworkable.

Libertarians don't realize that what they're really yowling and whining for is Somalia.

No government.
No public works.
No laws or regulations.
A few rich and powerful warlords control everything.
Pirates running amok all over the place.
Millions of poor, starving, sick, displaced, homeless.
Millions of refugees - THEIR 99%.
Total anarchy.
And all the fucking guns you can eat, everywhere you look.

Sounds like the America they all dream about.

I'm one of those!

I'm also for the there, they're, their stuff, and the its versus it's. Leftovers from Catholic school and all those spelling bees - for which I earned a mountain of holy cards as prizes. And they were like baseball cards or Pokemon cards, we collected 'em and traded 'em - "Hey, I've got five Nativity scenes. I'll trade you one for your St. Catherine and her torture wheel!" The martyr cards were always kinda cook in a gruesome way. St. Lucy was always pictured holding a palm (the symbol for martyrdom) and a silver tray with two eyeballs on it. Because as legend had it, she was martyred by having her eyes put out. St. Agnes always carried a lamb and a palm, and she and several other female martyrs who'd been beheaded were often depicted with a slit in their throats - and a couple of blood drops dripping down.

Cool and gruesome. Yep, that was Catholic school!

He's absolutely not alone!

He certainly voiced my own very serious concerns. The teabaggers are INCREDIBLY scary with what they think they want.

They've been sold a bill-o'-goods and waltzed down the garden path. I don't think they even really know what they want. I think most of 'em have just been closet racists all their lives but tried to hide it or stifle it or work through it. But then, faced with this reality that won't go away, this "nightmare" of theirs that won't stop and they can't just wake up from it and have it not be true, I think they're just in full-on vomit mode.

teabaggery (buggery?) is, in my opinion, racist at its heart and in its bone marrow. They wouldn't be vomiting all over everything if this was a white guy. Yeah, some of 'em are the same assholes who hated Clinton and thought Hillary had Vince Foster killed and how they were gonna take away all their guns and other stupid crap. But Clinton's white so it didn't bring out the bile and the acting-out and the regurgitation that we've seen against Obama. If there's ONE REASON ALONE why Obama should be reelected, it's these assholes - shoving it in their faces and NOT rewarding all that shitty reprehensible and disgraceful antisocial behavior. They do not deserve a victory of ANY sort. That would only reinforce all that disgusting behavior.

All I see, as a mother, when I see teabagger displays, are legions of adult-size three-year-olds, throwing themselves on the floor in the middle of Aisle 5 at the grocery store where the cereal is sold, because Mom wouldn't buy them three boxes of Count Chocula. I see nothing but acting-out tantrum-throwing spoiled-brat snot-noses who didn't get their way. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the REAL Sore Losermen. That's EXACTLY who and what they are. And they're not to be respected, and they're CERTAINLY not to be coddled or allowed to get their way. I dunno - maybe that's how they were raised: scream and cry and yammer and throw yourself to the ground and stomp and kick, and Mom or Dad will give you what you demand so you'll shut up.

I'm sure they'd deny and disagree and deflect, just as much as I'm sure they all very much appreciate the "common sense" teachings of their beloved dr. laura. Besides, they've never learned to take responsibility for anything! Well, I used to listen to her before she became so frickin' strident, and ALL THE TIME she railed against reinforcing and/or rewarding bad behavior. With almost every call, every afternoon. I got this from dr. laura. And it was one of the few things she said that made sense. That, alone, is enough to make me want Obama reelected: because the adult-size infantile snot-noses and spoiled-sports who were never taught to share and learned to throw temper fits to get their way all virulently want him defeated.

This has all kinds of cool links to other most interesting stories, too

Like the purported discovery of the original Coca-Cola recipe, the purported discovery of the original Worcestershire sauce, and one I really like:

Famous Expat Drinking Dens !

With a whole lotta Hemingway in there, too!

YES and YES!!!

I do NOT understand why George Lakoff hasn't been hired and made one of the big guns of the DNC. Good Lord, we won't make any headway at all unless we get the messaging thing down, and he'd be OUR frank luntz. That's something we need DESPERATELY!!!!!!!

And Howard Dean? That goes without saying. Match his track record against any of 'em lately and he shames them all. Especially the underwhelming, utterly unimpressive, and manifestly useless DEBBIE.

Yeah, no kidding!

Sometimes it feels as though the bad guys are trying to suffocate us. Shout us down, muzzle us, shackle us and stamp the life out of us.

And then who will they hate? Dayum. I remember hearing some GOP woman, don't recall who, but she was quite assertive and in-yer-face, about how far superior republi-CONS were than Dems were - boasting "'cause WE FIGHT." And I thought - wow. You sure sound proud of that. You guys DO like fighting all the time, don't you? You're never okay with coexisting, no live-and-let-live, never willing to regard peaceful association as an option even halfway worth considering. Always gotta be a fight. Always gotta be combative. Always gotta be bullying and in-yer-face. Sounds pretty damn infantile to me. They think bullying and being mean, nasty, smug, arrogant, selfish, WILLFULLY ignorant, and holier-than-thou is a good thing, somehow. AND they think they're DEFINITELY more Christian than we liberals and Dems and progressives can ever hope to be. God, sometimes it feels like we're living with a huge pack of velociraptors. And it's useless to extend a hand to velociraptors. Try offering them yours and you get it chewed off.

Sucks to be them. They're so pathetic that they don't even KNOW how bad it sucks to be them. I realize, according to the best of the Christ teachings tell us to love our enemies, and be our brother's keeper. Well, sometimes that brother turns out to be Cain.

Ms. Nance! Appreciate your writings SO much!

Damn glad you're on our side!

And isn't it just so ironic that the loudest holier-than-thous never seem to preach about The Beatitudes. I've never heard anything remotely like The Beatitudes from ANY of them. Not once. You'd think it'd be one of their most basic, foundational, defining proclamations - like the Gettysburg Address. Or Dr. King's "I Have a Dream" speech. Or the US Constitution. In my opinion, as a life-long Catholic, it's The Jesus Version, the primal Christ-ian manifesto - based on everything I ever learned about Jesus and His most significant Utterances. And nary a quote from It passeth past their lips.

Go figure.

I think we should start a new re-education framing:

Use the following phrase to preface EVERYTHING that involves a disaster that federal, state, or local taxes would help avert, or recover from:

"Well, because nobody wants to pay taxes..."

"...Colorado's burning up because there aren't enough firefighters being hired and many districts have been unfunded."

"...there's no one left to advocate for revising mortgages and help prevent your losing your home..."

"...we can't really do a thorough search for that missing child, emergency services have been cut back."

"...had to close another hospital because we couldn't afford to staff it anymore. Better hope you don't need an ambulance - the closest hospital is now 150 miles away."

"...can't offer disaster assistance since the tornado blew away your home..."

"...you're surrounded by all them damn furnurs takin' yer jobs because we can't afford any further job training programs for our own unemployed."

"...no way you're gonna have any signal strength while driving cross-country. We didn't have the money to improve the communications grid. Hope your car doesn't break down or anything, 'cause you won't be able to call for road service..."

"...crime's gone up because we had to lay off most of the town's police force. And we don't have anybody on staff anymore to come take a report about the burglary in your house last night."

"...your kid still can't read at grade level because there's no money to keep the schools open or staffed anymore, much less offer after-school tutoring programs."

"...we only have enough resources to fight one house fire every two weeks. Had to lay off 50% of our city's firefighters."

"...expect brown-outs all summer, especially when it's hottest, because there isn't enough money to upgrade the power grid."

"...it's gonna take you five hours to commute each way to work from now on because we couldn't afford the upkeep on that old dilapidated bridge - that just collapsed."

"Well, since nobody wants to pay taxes..."

I even put it to one CONservative in this panel discussion in which I took part:

"Okay, friend - you don't like paying taxes. Well, how's your car holding up these days? How many times have you had to have the wheels realigned, or replaced, or buy new tires, or had to have your whole front axle replaced because the roads are so shitty that we're all driving over potholes all the time now and damaging our cars? How much have you REALLY "saved," in not paying taxes, that you're now forced to shell out through the nose, again and again, for car repairs - repairs that wouldn't have even been necessary if we'd been able to afford just the standard upkeep on our roads? A few more dollars from each of us in taxes would keep all of us from paying HUNDREDS, if not THOUSANDS more, just on car repairs. Priced a decent new tire lately?"

You could tell from the expression on his face that he just hadn't quite considered that. Hey, in a city like L.A. where we're all literally hostages to our cars, something as menial and seemingly insignificant as shitty pavement and potholes can be a BIG issue.
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