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Gender: Female
Home country: USA
Current location: Oregon
Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 65,289

About Me

Female. Retired. Wife-Mom-Grandma. Approx. 30 years in broadcasting, at least 20 of those in news biz. Taurus. Loves chocolate - preferably without nuts or cocoanut. Animal lover. Rock-hound from pre-school age. Proud Democrat for life. Ardent environmentalist and pro-choicer. Hoping to use my skills set for the greater good. Still married to the same guy for 40+ years. Probably because he's a proud Democrat, too. Penmanship absolutely stinks, so I'm glad I'm a fast typist! I will always love Hillary and she will always be my President.

Journal Archives

Unfortunately he's too stupid to know.

After all, he's even too stupid to get the Presidential Oath of Office correct.

He botched it at Obama's inauguration. COMPLETELY. Our FIRST-EVER African American President and this idiot blew the soundbite of the century straight to Hell, for all time.

And it wasn't as though he had no advance notice, or any time to practice or anything like that.

john roberts is hopelessly and historically STOOOOOPID.

I wonder if alito still feels so certain that what Obama warned about CU during the State of the Union Address is still "simply not true." I was watching his mouth move and that's what he said, sitting there in all his regal arrogance. No you fucking DICK, what Obama said was simply and absolutely TRUE. Prescient.

Sounds like my former friend who dissed me about taking down his increasingly abrasive posts

on my Facebook page.

"...and you call yourself a liberal! You carry on about the First Amendment and then you say I can't post my rants on your page?" And "you pop up, I pop off. It's MY RIGHT!"

I went round and round with him, pointing out that I post my political views on MY page ONLY. I don't go over to somebody else's page and post stuff there when I know they don't agree with it. I confine it to MY page. He insisted because my posts appeared on the general news feed - where you see posts from everyone you're "friended by." He insisted that constituted my posting my stuff on HIS page. Which I never have.

His posts got nastier and nastier, and more bitter and cynical, and he repeatedly refused to honor my requests to quit peeing on my parade like that. DAMN - it reached the point where EVERY FRICKIN' POST I wrote - again, on MY page only - he'd come in with three, four, five, six posts castigating me, dumping on Obama, dumping on Democrats and liberals, ranting about "they're ALL the same, they're ALL alike, they should all burn in hell, blah-blah-blah." And I'd point out - "uh, dear friend, they are NOT all alike. Show me someone in the current GOP and/or CONservative movement who'd stand up for your rights as a gay man. Show me the republi-CON president or presidential candidate who finally took a decisive stand in favor of marriage equality." And he'd just go on with his bile and venom and anger and bitterness as though what I said either didn't matter or was totally wrong. Well, what I said, indeed, did NOT matter (although it wasn't wrong OR factually-inaccurate). And worse still, once he started, I noticed a few other individuals joining in and piling on against me. On MY page! I started deleting the worst and nastiest of his posts, after giving fair warning in general to anyone who came across my page, and to him in particular. Had no effect. And soon enough, here was this post from him excoriating me for being one of the many liberal frauds who wanted to deny him his First Amendment rights to shit all over MY page. And a second post that said "Enjoy Siberia." And bingo! I was "unfriended."

Funny thing was, he beat me to the punch on that one. I had actually been thinking, the night before, that I may be forced to "unfriend" this guy - but he "unfriended" me first. And I was actually relieved. And funny, I can post my occasional political things now and I no longer get this angry, lacerating, bitter, cynical screeds from him, littering my page. It's a welcome change.

And it's also sad. I'm 59. We're the same age. I've known him since we were both 16. We'd spend HOURS on the phone together because he was so much fun to gossip with. He had one of those really caustic senses of humor and circulated in some high society fundraising arenas and AMFAR and the subsequent Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation. I listened hour after hour, to him talk about his long and unsuccessful effort to find love, through all the relationships that started out great and then went sour, through all the betrayals, and one really bad episode with a "lover" who ultimately beat him and stalked him and stole a whole lot of his money - leaving him nearly destitute. I listened and sympathized - sometimes I'd listen while the late-night conversation continued until I almost literally fell asleep (it was almost always on a school night). I had him come sleep in my house when he'd come to town for a visit. Even when I still lived with my parents. And when he'd come out and get a hotel suite, I'd come visit him and we'd hang out and gossip and laugh and enjoy each other's company. We stayed in touch long after the original little circle of friends that brought us into contact with each other broke up and faded away.

And that friendship is over. Not just the Facebook "friendship." The friendship period. And it makes me feel bad to see how negative he he became, and how dark and grim his worldview became. Pretty awful. I'm sad to see this. But thereya go. And I don't care if he thinks I'm a total First Amendment hypocrite. I disagree. I'm not anything of the kind. And I'm not trying to muzzle him or anything. I just didn't want that shit on MY page.

I know. I keep wondering - WHY, Wisconsin? You LIKE this? You approve of walker?

Seriously? You support what he's done? You're okay with this ruthless agenda of his? Really?????

I can't believe this shit is okay with so many of you.

I actually turned the TV off. Couldn't watch or listen, or even have it on in the background while I'm doing something else. Hopefully we can put on a marathon of "Star Trek" DVDs tonight...

Yeah, it's just STUNNING, isn't it!? Hey, Wisconsin - you actually WANT this????????


What walker's been up to - you LIKE that? You approve? Really????? This is good what he's been doing????

Yeah, I don't understand any of that, either, a la izquierda. I do not. It's against everything I believe in - as the mother of a daughter just getting started out in the workforce now. I say that having lost a gay friend. He unfriended me on Facebook, after we got into increasingly heated and somewhat bewildering arguments. Hates Obama. Hates everybody else too, including romney, because they're all alike and they all take money from Wall Street and on and on and on. And he just can't find it within himself to support the only President who ever stuck his neck out this far for the gay community. That just means utterly nothing to this fellow. Didn't go far enough! Shoulda done this other thing instead!

Unbelievable. I still think it's part of this fairytale thinking - if I just keep voting republi-CON and keep voting republi-CON, I'LL be rich, too, someday, like they are! I think that's how some people just choose to overlook what the facts are, because they're looking beyond facts to that magic day when voting republi-CON will somehow pay off in their pocketbooks. Not realizing that trickle-down is actually "pee-on." Which is what they're doomed to be, in perpetuity, if they keep swallowing republi-CON fairy stories.

Yeah, truly.

That is Job One.

As long as they have the money advantage, and such a secretive money advantage at that, they're gonna run the table. And we're going to be at a serious disadvantage.

Citizens United HAS TO BE undone.

It just occurred to me - it may be more likely that we do get Citizens United undone. We now have a very glaring Exhibit A writ in frickin' NEON as to why it URGENTLY has to be overturned. If we'd prevailed (which, hey, I'd be delirious with job about that if it were so), there'd be an argument to be made that - well, see, they can even throw something as fucked as Citizens United at us and somehow, we prevailed, "money can't buy you guvs," and maybe there wouldn't be such a sense of urgency that THIS setback, now, will engender. But let's be realistic here. That money is a problem. We're supposed to be a a nation that's all about a level playing field. Citizens United turns that level playing field practically vertical.

Yeah. No shit.

What were they saying? June 5th 2004, ronald reagan died.

Well, looks like on June 5th 2012, democracy died. Buried under a shitload of money in Wisconsin.

I actually welcome a jury duty summons.

Yeah, you sit around and wait. And wait. And wait.

But when I've had to do it, I take my laptop and plug it in - there's always internet available. Sometimes they even have a bank of computers in the back of the room that can be used for free while you're in the jury waiting room. I even logged into DU one day.

I found it incredibly relaxing! You can't really do a lot of business. It's like being home sick from the office for the day. You're simply stuck. So you're FORCED to relax. Lots of people catching up on reading. Take a good book or your iPad or something and make a day of it!

LOL! My initial reaction came from thinking metaphorically.

The little black spot on the sun could certainly have been a reference to scott walker. Or that republi-CON woman in Wisconsin who supervises the vote and somehow always manages to fuck something up so that the GOP pulls off another win.

Ouch indeed! Truth hurts sometimes.

I'm still at a loss as to why people do that. Voting republi-CON is NOT a guarantee that you'll be rich someday like their bigshots are. I suspect there's a lot of that hope-against-hope. Like it is for so many people who faithfully buy lotto tickets week after week. SOMEDAY! They just KNOW it! And the chances are so damn slim. The REALITY is so stacked against it. And when you think that most of the assholes in charge in the GOP have no intention whatsoever of sharing the wealth, or helping somebody up to the top.

Just the way they view "competition" - that golden "free market" crap they talk about. Well, LOOK WHAT THEY DO. The goal for them is to trash the competition. Eliminate the competition. Corner the market so they own it all. I look at my former industry, broadcasting, as a prime example. I remember after deregulation, starting under "St. ronnie," all the top brass in the industry gushed - "Oh NO!!! It's NOT going to decrease competition, NOT gonna narrow listeners' choices, NOT gonna stifle programming choices. NO! There are only gonna be MORE! MORE MORE MORE!!! MORE choices and options and all the rest of it for the listeners! MORE! NOT less! You just wait and see!!!

And guess what happened? When Washington took the brakes off, all of a sudden you had this feeding frenzy like a bunch of hungry sharks gone mad - consolidating ownership, buying up properties right and left, merges and acquisitions, until the many Mom and Pop stations around the country that sailed under their own individual banners, provided work to so many jocks, newspeople, engineers, and other staffers, and took chances on newcomers because their risk level was comparatively lower. They all got bought up. The little guys grabbed for the gold, let the little stations be swallowed up into larger and larger broadcasting behemoths, until you basically had a few Goliaths owning EVERYTHING from coast-to-coast. Stations clotted together and upper management always streamlined immediately, because hey - why hire multiples of everything for all your station clusters, when you can have a few people doing double-duty. One news director overseeing two or more news departments. And you sure didn't need that second news staff. ONE could do the work of both. Etc, etc, etc, until I watched whole departments full of people get pink-slipped and walk out the door.

Now entire stations run canned stuff - ONE show out of New York that plays in hundreds of stations around the country so all you really have at the local stations is some board operator babysitting the place while the syndicated crap pipes in from elsewhere that pays the owners to run it. And the owners all say - See? We found a CHEAPER way to SERVE the COMMUNITY!!!! And it doesn't serve ANYBODY but themselves. And meanwhile all the local people who had been on staff are out of work, long gone, and demoralized. Especially since the few jobs offered now certainly don't pay as well as they used to.

SUCKS. And broadcasting is only an example. It's EVERYWHERE.

Just who does this little weenie think he is?

I am SO sick and tired of hearing him spouting off and getting attention and having his reputation as a GOP leading light just polished even shinier. Sick of him! We've heard WAY more than enough from this little putz. He is one of the worst things EVER to happen to America. There he is. Mr. Selfish America.
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