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calimary's Journal
calimary's Journal
July 30, 2014

TAKE IT to them!!!!

MAKE THEM justify. MAKE THEM show and tell. MAKE THEM explain. PUT THEM ON THE RECORD. FORCE THEM TO DEFEND THESE SHITTY POSITIONS!!!!! FORCE THEM TO EXPLAIN THEMSELVES to ALL the voters they're personally hurting. And FORCE them to do it on OUR TERMS and using OUR LANGUAGE and OUR FRAMING.


July 29, 2014

Yes. Lies about SEX. He lied to a grand jury about SEX. CHEATING ON HIS WIFE.

Which is why it can be simplified down to being impeached for cheating on his wife. That's all they were able to get him for. And it wasn't for lack of trying. Yes. He lied to a grand jury. He lied to a grand jury ABOUT SEX. So I think it's fair. Saying Clinton was impeached for cheating on his wife, I think, is a fair statement to make - in order to convey the utter trivia of this particular chapter in their nonstop persecution of him. I use that phraseology all the time. Helps to minimize and trivialize the impact of "ooooooh, he was IMPEACHED!!!!!!" Yeah. For lying about SEX. He didn't steal. He didn't embezzle. He didn't cheat on his taxes. He didn't lie about why we had to go to war. He didn't tank the economy. He didn't shoot somebody in the face. He didn't torture anybody or order it or sanction it. He didn't loot the White House or try to pocket a bunch of trinkets which is apparently what the GOP does in Virginia on the way out of the governor's mansion (and the Clinton-haters lied about THIS, too - spreading lies about the outgoing Clinton crew trashing the offices and computers - which WAS. NOT. TRUE. AND. PROVEN. TO. BE. A. LIE.). He cheated on his wife. And the ken starr/republi-CON politically-motivated and richard mellon scaife-financed inquisition launched against him by a whole host of Sore Losermen from BEFORE he even got into the White House went through his frickin' underwear drawers and bellybutton lint, splitting hairs and manipulating and maneuvering phraseology and complicated grand jury questioning til they found something ridiculously puny and off-the-beaten-track that they could hang him with. So I think, as we fight back, it's a fair characterization to make. Hell, they didn't play fair all the way along, and were hell-bent on persecuting him and trying to remove him from office. So, frankly, I feel no such obligation to feed into or reinforce what they would argue on this point.

The more important message, I think, is to make sure that this ridiculously foolish persecution (and I DO call it a "persecution," as opposed to a "prosecution&quot is viewed for what it is. And that is: a ridiculously foolish, partisan, politically-motivated revenge jizz simply because Clinton had the nerve to shove their precious lord george hw bush out of his entitled "rulership" in the White House and deny him the second term which they assumed was his absolute unquestionable birthright. He was owed, after all. It was his turn.

Because, the bottom line here is what I call the "World's Biggest Entitlement Program." And it sure as hell isn't food stamps. It's not welfare. It's not unemployment insurance. It's not Social Security. It's not even the ACA. The "World's Biggest Entitlement Program" is the attitude of the GOP that IT ALONE is entitled to rule. The GOP is asserting a "divine right," if you will, and many of them DO insist that it's God's will, too. That IT ALONE should be ensconced in the White House. That IT ALONE should reign and set the agenda and tell everybody else how to live and what to think and how to feel. That IT ALONE should determine how we live, what we believe, who we pray to, who we should accept as "real" Americans, what we buy, what we pay for all those things we're supposed to buy, and how we vote (and who's even allowed to vote). The GOP is just simply supposed to govern, and to rule. Because. Because Benghazi or because impeachment or whatever the buzz word is this week.

Just saying'.

July 29, 2014

Welcome to DU, GOLGO 13!

Glad you're here! Actually, that's exactly what I do call it in regular conversation. I used to word it that way when I was on the air handling the local news on radio back in the 70s and 80s. It's a "fair and balanced" and accurate label, after all, is it not? I used to enjoy sneaking little things in like that. For example whenever I had a story about reagan returning to his Santa Barbara ranch for his 57th vacation in the last six months, I ALWAYS worded it "...yet ANOTHER California vacation." With as sweet and measured a voice as I could. I used to look for opportunities to do that whenever and wherever I could. Nobody in upper management ever said anything - I don't think anybody was paying that much attention or even noticed. But I was able to get the subliminal message transmitted.

And it's EXCELLENT that you pointed that out! SMART! It's a superb point to make and a very lovely little subtle tactic to use. Words can be very effective weapons when used shrewdly and strategically. You can draw a little blood without your targets even realizing they've been cut.

July 29, 2014

Needs to be done. SERIOUSLY.

I've always fantasized about giving them some "opportunity" to Play Fair with America - tell 'em "go ahead! Outsource anything you want. Freedom-freedom! Fine! Go overseas. Get rid of all your expensive and demanding American work force for the fabulous cheap-ass labor elsewhere! Party on!!!


In exchange for that wonderful freedom-freedom, EVERY SINGLE bolt, EVERY SINGLE car, EVERY SINGLE pharmaceutical molecule, EVERY SINGLE component, EVERY SINGLE EVERYTHING (AND all those packaged-up-in-bulk, too, of course) that's thus manufactured overseas will carry a penalty fee of DOUBLE OR maybe even TRIPLE OR QUADRUPLE what it cost you to pay an American worker's wage to manufacture whatever it is. So go ahead! Knock yerselves out. And that's whether you import those items back here to the U.S. for sale, or sell them only to other overseas clients. Go ahead! Have fun. But you will discover rather quickly that it WON'T be the cheap-ass way out that you thought it was gonna be. And it WON'T save you or your precious shareholders any money. Rather, it will COST you far more. And those "expensive" American wages will suddenly start to look like a bargain."

Make it cheaper to keep it in America and hire in America and make it in America and build in America. Make it exponentially more costly to try to cheat your way out of paying by going overseas. The costs for that should be NOSE-BLEED HIGH. They can still do it. But MAN would it fuck 'em in the pocketbook! That's the only thing they understand and the only language they speak. I don't care about the argument they present that it improves the cost of living in those other countries and then those folks can afford to buy our stuff. FUCK THAT! Besides, what guarantee do you have that they WILL buy our stuff instead of German stuff or Japanese stuff or Russian stuff or Brazilian stuff or WHOEVER's stuff? I care about the cost of living in THIS country and whether OUR folks can afford to buy our stuff. It has to be made prohibitively and ridiculously expensive to outsource. There MUST be penalties that would send them straight to groping desperately for the Maalox bottle.

July 29, 2014

HERE: For the record, here are the other five "chapters"

(Introduction) Hey guys - if I may - I'd like to start a series of discussions regarding "Going On OFFENSE."

GOING ON OFFENSE Part One: Challenging the concept of the "Sincerely-Held Belief"

GOING ON OFFENSE Part Two: "Christians"? They sure don't act like Christians.

GOING ON OFFENSE Part Three: NEVER Underestimate the Enemy

GOING ON OFFENSE Part Four: Understanding the Enemy - Why They ARE Domestic Terrorists

GOING ON OFFENSE Part Five: Challenging the "Meh, Both Parties are the Same..."

July 28, 2014

"...share ideas"?????


That woman doesn't have Idea One in that empty head of hers. Except the one about getting her mug on TV as much as possible.

I keep thinking about our miss sarah. And I keep coming back to "honey, get it while you can, I suppose. Because your looks aren't gonna last you forever."

July 28, 2014

No, they HAVE really lost it. They have INDEED really lost it.

That's really all you need to know. They're crazed and going nuts because nothing they've tried to throw at him has stuck. They haven't awakened one golden day and realized the Obama administration was just a bad dream. They haven't been able to derail him. Slow him down a little but not much else. So they're grasping at straws. They're desperate to get rid of him and nullify his very existence and nothing else has worked for them to achieve that goal.

THAT MAKES IT EVER MORE URGENT that our side gets out the vote. VOTE!!! Make everyone you know go vote, too. Drive them there. Hold their place in line so they can go to the bathroom if you have to! GET YOUR ASS to the polling place and VOTE. And make sure your friends do, too!!!

July 28, 2014

AND I forgot a few. Will have to update the list. There's more than ten items that should be on it.

As in Climate Change. Science in schools. The needs of the Palestinians AS WELL AS the Israelis. The needs of Islamists versus Christians. That's life, too. If you're pro-life, then you HAVE TO, you MUST, you have NO OPTION OTHER THAN protecting and defending THEIR right to life, too.

Sorry, but that's how it is. Either you're truly, honestly, and credibly "pro-'life'", or you're not.

July 28, 2014

Yes. And that's what it should be called. republi-CON RAPE.

Where I come from, forcible entry into a woman's vagina whether she says yes or not - IS RAPE.

Except this is even more vile. This is state-sanctioned rape. Worse yet: State-MANDATED Rape.

July 28, 2014

And if you're REALLY "pro-life," you are COMPELLED to do these things, to back up what you say.

If they want all these unwanted babies to be born, then are THEY willing to step up and adopt them all? Feed them? Clothe them? Make sure they have something better than a dilapidated car or door stop somewhere, or homeless shelter? Educate them? Stimulate their creativity and their minds? Make sure they stay healthy? Raise them "right"? Or if you can't be bothered to do it yourself, are you prepared to pay taxes for the social services that pick up the slack and care for these unwanteds? Hello? Somebody? Anybody? What happens AFTER that baby's born? THAT is when you abandon it, pro-lifers? THAT is when you turn your backs and say - "okie dokey, you're on your own! Go get a job!"?

They have to be forced to OWN this. To understand what they're saying and OWN it. OWN IT ALL, in ALL its "glory." And I suspect that when they DO have to look at it more closely and a little more deeply down than just the surface sloganeering, they're gonna start questioning this belief. Some of the solid stands that hold up this whole phony canard will start weakening, and the whole construct won't stand up so straight or securely anymore. BECAUSE IT CAN'T!!! Or at least they might start becoming open to modifying it so it's not so extreme and closed-minded. Kinda like the stop sign that was finally set up on our street. NO it won't stop the speeders and the scofflaws. It hasn't. BUT, they HAVE had to slow down a little. And for those of us neighbors who have to cross the street or walk our dogs or push our baby strollers or whatever - even THAT is a welcome improvement.

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