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calimary's Journal
calimary's Journal
July 25, 2014

Awwww... this is FABULOUS! So cool!!! Congratulations DFW!

What a marvelous life you've had! The BOTH of you!

July 25, 2014

About that "makes a fortune" part -

GOOD. I say "GOOD!" I say "MORE, please!" I say - "hmmm... Michael Moore is making a fortune? FANTASTIC!!!! So much the BETTER!!! It's about time one of the Good Guys got rich! What HE does with HIS money helps all the rest of us. Opens more eyes. Gets more facts and truth and reality out there into the national mindset and the national dialogue. Changes the calculus and tips the scales a little more toward OUR side. Maybe that "makes a fortune" part means he'll make more movies that further the agenda WE want to see furthered. Maybe that "makes a fortune" part will blow a bigger hole in the PNAC machinery. Maybe that "makes a fortune" part will produce another movie that brings the corporate pirates and pillagers further to their knees, or wises more people up to Wall Street's crimes and thefts, or blows not the whistle but the air-raid siren on more insurance industry fraud and chicanery."

Frankly I don't see how that's a bad thing. I WANT people like Michael Moore to get rich. Because what he does with that money is directly and profoundly beneficial to all the rest of us.

July 25, 2014

NOBODY is completely perfect.

So should I turn my back on Al Gore then? Should I NOT vote for the Democrat in whatever race it is, because he or she is not ABSOLUTELY FUCKING PERFECT? Well, if I do, hey, let's allow the republi-CON in, instead, and see how well THAT works! Let's SEND a MESSAGE!!!!!!

Yeah THAT'LL work. That'll work JUST FUCKING GREAT. The only "message" you wind up sending is the one that answers back with a nice big hearty "Thanks, CHUMP!" from the bad guy - who slithers into power because YOU just HAD to send that ever-lovin' damned stupid idiotic unrealistic pie-in-the-sky "MESSAGE"!!!!

July 25, 2014

Me too! I've been here since 2001. Can't pull myself away.

trumad, congrats on the new chapter opening up in your "little" girl's life!

July 25, 2014

Wouldn't surprise me. After all, victim-hood is something they embrace

as though their lives depended on it. Poor dears. THEY'RE the "victims" here, don't you understand?

July 25, 2014

Probably not. OR, they're hearing only what they WANT to hear.

With the convoluted thinking that dominates that side of the aisle, I'm sure they can put their magic earphones on and hear whatever message they want. SURELY these artists are actually raging against all those lazy moochers out there, aren't they?!?

July 25, 2014

I was watching fuck turd - oops - I mean chuck todd (sorry - my husband started calling him that

and it just kinda stuck in my head!) this morning and he had a republi-CON female on, to whom he was posing various questions about the GOP's cockeyed view of women's issues, and this former bush administration woman began each of her first two answers with "well, I don't agree with that..." The questions were about those sticky issues that WE WOMEN are up in arms about - their attempts to trample on our access to contraceptives, and our right to choose, and to shoehorn the full power of the government into our gynecologists' examining rooms. This hapless creature went on and on about - well, we have all these women candidates now and THEY articulate these issues better than our GOP men do, and our women candidates can explain things better and when they explain things better (as in why we want women to have fewer rights and personal - BODILY - freedoms) then people understand and start seeing it OUR way!!! As in - when you look at contraception the convoluted old-time-religion way WE look at it, you can very easily then extrapolate that out to equal ABORTION!!!! YAY!!!!! See how that works? (Cue the wide-eyed eyelash-batting here!)

And I sat there and just shook my head. All I could say was - "well, THERE'S yer problem, right THERE, lady."

And maybe that's a good thing. As long as they either can't or won't see the "problem" for what it really is, out here in the REAL world, OUTSIDE church, OUTSIDE the revival-meeting tent with the nutcase snake-oil extremist sales team at the podium, OUTSIDE the so-called "promise keepers" CONventions, OUTSIDE of the "well, JEEEEEZZUS said 'if-you-don't-work-you-don't-eat" debate societies (which, btw, Our Lord, the Compassionate Master of "whatever-you-do-to-the-least-of-these-you-do-to-me" NEVER said), then they're sunk with women. And they will remain sunk with women. PERIOD.

Remember, at its most basic: these people don't like evolution. They don't believe in it. They don't even want it taught in their schools. So they see no reason to evolve in their thinking. Rather than evolve, they prefer to roll the thinking of the entire nation back, in reverse, to the Dark Ages. Rather than accept and try to embrace the changing and evolving thinking in this country:
which accepts marriage equality,
which is increasingly focused on income inequality and the needs of the 99%,
which accepts that women are and should be masters of their own bodies and fates,
which accepts that rape is a fact and a crime and NOT something to just lie back and and enjoy,
which accepts that climate change is real and our reckless non-custodianship of this planet is killing it,
which is gravitating more and more to the Elizabeth Warren economic world view,
which believes the government DOES need to step in and help those in need when the private sector insists that predatory capitalism must always be the rule,

That's like the dinosaurs telling the cataclysmic event that brought about their extinction that "sorry, WE don't believe it. So, cataclysmic event, WE say you're just not happening!" While they slowly die! Because that cataclysmic event has irreparably changed the conditions that supported life as the dinosaurs knew it. Whether or not the dinosaurs "believed" it. What those dinosaurs may have "believed" - however fervently - just was totally irrelevant to what the actual reality was.

FINE, republi-CONS! Keep it up! That's just FINE by me! Please keep on thinking that way! Keep whistling past the graveyard. Keep on thinking that Bronze-Age thinking! Keep those blinders on! See how far it gets you. Keep on thinking if you can just say it correctly or explain it correctly, you can change the facts, the reality, and the evolving times and social mind-set, and then EVERYBODY will just magically come and move in, inside your little unreality bubble with you! Just keep on keeping those heads in the sand! Just because all you can see down there is darkness, you want to make sure that's all anybody else sees, too.


But that's exactly the way it's gonna work to ensure that the GOP becomes an even more endangered species, and a regional party only.


July 25, 2014

Yeah - no shit! (Pardon the pun!)

And THANK YOU, ted nugent, for so thoughtfully providing us this "Moment of Mirth!"

July 24, 2014

You've done it AGAIN, sheshe2!

BRAVA!!!! I LOVE the Vagina Inc. I think we women should all start doing that. En masse!!! Let's make that fucked-up ruling work for US, 'eh? Because freedom-freedom!

July 24, 2014


Good for Kevin Bacon! Clearly a man with a heart.

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