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Crap. Sorry to hear that.

I haven't been keeping track lately. I hate seeing people on our side losing exposure. While the enemy still has plenty of outlets.

He IS toxic gas. How could he possibly die of it?

What we now have to be on the alert for - is what ALEC morphs into.

Think Blackwater disappeared after all that light and heat was focused on it during the Iraq War? HARDLY! They loudly claimed that Blackwater was abandoned - their CEO/founder Eric Prince loudly proclaimed he was stepping down and that the company was disbanded, but they ACTUALLY went under the radar, sold the company, its name was to something called Xe, and just kept on about its evil, nasty, dirty, underhanded, deathly business.

So the lesson is - DO NOT BE LULLED INTO SNOOZE-MODE if we suddenly hear how ALEC really and truly is no more, it's been abandoned, sold off, nobody's involved anymore, they've all scattered, it's over - NOTHING OF THE KIND. They will simply go underground, change the name, change some of the names on the letter head, and continue about their evil, nasty, dirty, underhanded, and yes - deathly business. DO NOT THINK, if "ALEC" as we know it, is loudly proclaimed as done away with. Just the name will be changed. The organization, the motivation, the mission statements, the operatives and operations - will still be with us. They'll just count on out-of-sight/out-of-mind so they can continue their work without being bothered for awhile. That is, until their opposition (that is, US on the progressive/liberal/Democratic front catch on. Which means we can never stop being vigilant. We need to make damn sure we've ALREADY caught on).

Just because they sink below the surface of the water where you can't see 'em anymore does NOT mean they're no longer there, and no longer lethal.

LOVE IT! And yes! It does sum up george w. bush as well as the mentality of most GOPers.

How else do you explain why they vote as stupidly and unthinkingly as they do?

I believe it was kkkarl rove who once said, only half-joking, "too much education isn't necessarily a good thing." (Mainly because the more you know, the more likely you are to embrace liberal thinking, and NON-conservative candidates.

No kidding!

That just left me shaking my head. THIS is what the GOP thinks is gonna solve their gender gap problem? An aristocratic self-anointed entitlement junkie thrusts her arms in the air and shouts - "I LOVE YOU WIMMMMMMMMEN!!!!" WTF??? Lip service is all you need, ladies. Now get back in the kitchen.

Embarrassing as hell!!! I kept thinking she must have left her pompoms at home that night. But she still went ahead with her cheerleading like some aging high school coed.

Yes, TRULY! I HATE what's happening in America!

That's what's happening HERE. A hard-assed yearning to take the country backwards. And some of it is succeeding, at least temporarily.

Which is confusing to me sometimes, when I see teabaggers are out there whining and sniveling about how they want "their" America "back," obviously meaning the 50's before all these crazy "rights" had to be taken into account. Seems to me these folks actually OUGHT TO BE staunchly pro-union if they really want that kind of scenario to return! Consider this about those precious 1950s that they long for, where blacks knew their place (as your waiter or doorman) and women knew their place (at home with their nice house-dress, heels, and pearls running the vacuum cleaner) and Latinos knew their place (behind the doors in the back of the restaurant washing the dishes) and gays knew their place (completely silent and invisible), and Daddy was the sole breadwinner - because his paycheck alone was plenty enough to support the average wife, two-and-a-half kids, dog, and station wagon parked in the driveway of the nice house in the suburbs with the white picket fence. Daddy's economic virility very likely arose from his being a member of a union that was able to bargain with the company for decent, livable wages and benefits.

LOVE this kind of irony! And it, too, fortifies the blood!

I LOVE this story! Happy to K&R!

Awww... Welcome to DU, Sotf!

Glad you're here! I appreciate your priorities! Sounds like your wife is worth a lot more to you than a mere $10.

Neither am I! What's the point?

You get onto a downward slope as droopy as your jowls, and you just can't fight Mother Nature for long. No way to hold back those floodwaters! What's the point? Besides, I can think of tons of ways to use that money better and in much more long-term satisfying ways! Hell, I'd probably just channel it into my son's band.

Yeah, I know the Space Needle is in Seattle. But I also know Vancouver is close to the border with

Washington state. Just not sure HOW close, or how close it is, then, to Seattle. This photo looks like it's taken from an elevation, so I was wondering whether you could see all the way to...

Well, guess not. I'm just not at all clear about the geography or topography there (where the mountains are, and are they blocking a longer view, what the visibility is, that sort of thing).

Also, it's not the object in the lower left corner. WAAAAAY off in the distance, more in the middle of the photo behind the downtown buildings in the foreground, along the lower part of the photo - there is a single tall, slim structure that sticks out. It appears to have a large saucer-shaped top on it. THAT'S what I was asking about.
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