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Not a caption - I just always marvel at all the pictures of him with his mouth open.

I guess that's where the sink-hole is...

This is WUNNNNderful!!!!

Beauty can be anywhere! And can be produced with anything! THANK YOU for posting these, a_g_g!

Welcome to DU, LordGlenconner!

Glad you're here!

That big bloviating chickenhawk asshole certainly brings out the most creative insults from some of our finest DU minds! Inspiration is EVERYWHERE!!!

The only thing that makes me hesitate about him leaving the air is the "better the devil you know" thing - what would the bad guys be able to replace him with? Because what we really need to do - is cripple their ability to propagandize. And we always have to be on our guard, watching over the horizon for whatever alternatives the enemy might think up that we have to head off.

It's gonna be a constant struggle but one we can't abandon or give up on. The Dems have rolled over and gone to sleep after they think they've won - and then we get a shiv up the ass - or, for us women, an ultrasound stick forced up into our vaginas.

Remember what Mad-Eye Moody always warned Harry Potter: "CONSTANT VIGILANCE!!!!!!"

Damn. This is just too much. Have we had enough gun violence yet, America?

Or do we want more? How much is okay? How much before even the gun crazies cry uncle?

It was a story with a happy ending! After all, the bad guy LOST!!!

All the king's (dancing) horses and all the king's (spokes)men couldn't put romney into the White House, regardless how much money they spent, how much of the media they owned, and how many times they tried to rig the vote. They threw the proverbial kitchen sink at President Obama and it STILL didn't remove him from the Oval Office!

And we have to make DAMN SURE we win like that AGAIN. This very next time!!!

These are great! Shared 'em on my FB page!

Thanks for posting them, MFM008!

Welcome to DU, missingfink!

Glad you're here! Love your screen name! I would not have been proud to have her as our First Lady. She means nothing to me. I used to think she was a fairly sympathetic individual, dealing with those illnesses and all. But as soon as she started opening her mouth, she transformed herself into something rather off-putting, and rather imperious. Remember "...we've given all you people need to know" ? I beg your pardon, your ladyship! Yeah. Crap like that. I bet it never ONCE occurred to her that she was talking down to the people she hoped to work for. Yes. Work FOR. Government officials are Public SERVANTS. The President of the United States is the highest-ranking public SERVANT in the land. She probably viewed it as the closest thing to King and Queen that America offers.

When she shouted like an aging cheerleader - "I love you WIMMMENNNNNNN!" I walked out of the room

and threw up.

As if!

As if a coddled aristocrat who eats, sleeps, and breathes entitlement can shout out some lame, meaningless statement and THAT, singlehandedly, somehow magically solves the GOP's gender gap problem. The poor dear was - and still is - so tragically out of touch I bet she actually believed it would.

Her ladyship ann of dressage probably did that.

Yeah, well, fuck him. He's no longer negotiating from a position of strength.

EVEN IF the whole Cumulus/ClearChannel thing with his show negotiations fails and they keep him, he's damaged goods. His mouth has finally made him a little too much trouble. And he's on the way DOWN. NOT back up. Times, and demographics, are trending AWAY from him, steadily and more rapidly. His core audience is mainly angry old white guys and they're dying off. Most of those coming up behind them don't think the way limbaugh does, don't agree with him, don't share his worldview, and aren't even that interested in the rest of talk radio. And they sure as hell don't vote the way he endorses. He's still got some time to fool some people, including radio syndicators, but the pool of targets is shrinking, and drying up. He's on his way out. Finally picked on someone smaller than him, who wound up FAR bigger than he could ever be - Sandra Fluke and everything she represents (and that majorities of Americans get behind). His glory days are behind him. His time has passed. And he will soon be OVER. Because that boycott grew and started getting loser-stench on him after it ballooned past two THOUSAND sponsors and created unnecessary grief and drama for the media sales people. limbaugh never lost money - until that point. And then he started hemorrhaging. Unfortunately for him, once that trend took hold, he was finished. It'll take awhile for the rest of the blood to drain out, but it's a done deal. He's done.

He won't be able to recover. The trends and demographics are a rising tide against him at this point. It's just a matter of time, now.

And THANK GOD for that!!!
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