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Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 57,787

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I don't. Didn't need them there. Glad they were absent.

Every photo op that dubya is in - is ruined for me. I'd much rather both those beasts stayed away. It's not THEIR day, anyway. Never could be. Besides, dubya would insist on being in the middle - and he fucking DOESN'T BELONG. Just doesn't.

I hope voters remember THAT next election day.

All those smug rights-wrecking republi-CONs who turned down a chance to be part of this.

Crap. And they wonder why they can't connect with this demographic??????? Seriously????????

Can't recommend this one enough!!!

Now I want to see a woman president. I want that last glass ceiling shattered into 16-million little pieces. Sixteen million cracks in it are NOT enough.

I know what you mean, kpete.

This is SUCH a no-win situation.


Gotta remember that. I'm signing that petition! AND spreading this around!

GREAT find, kpete!

Totally. Of all the shows they had to repeat within the same general daypart - why THAT one?

Don't get it.

Seems to me the underlying idea or strategy would seem to be to build bench strength with a multitude of liberal and progressive voices that can be developed into host material. You can build new stars that way. Strengthen the positioning of our side. Glad Ed is back, in the Monday through Friday slot, getting much more exposure and not relegated to weekends. He's WAY too good and too valuable to be shunted off to the weekends when he's top-tier talent. I wish they'd get rid of that damn "Lockup" crap on the weekends and add the Young Turks back in, and John Fugelsang, and some others - why doesn't Randi Rhodes have a show? Why doesn't Nicole Sandler have a show? She's good enough to sit in for Randi all the time and she's terrific and she deserves more of a spotlight. Why doesn't Stephanie Miller have a show? Give Joy Reid a show - she seems to be warming up in the bullpen already, filling in as host of some of the programs.

When some people try to tell me that MSNBC and Pox Noise are completely equal, I point to the weekends. You've got 24/7 around the clock, weekend-included programming for the wrong-wing. Our channel takes the weekends off. So you're still busy propagandizing at all hours, and we get cheap-ass prison gang reality shows. Where's the equivalence then?

And dare I say it? Yes. I dare. I think Olbermann should come back, too. I miss his voice - not the sound of it so much as what it utters.

THERE. I said it.

Unless of course you like glow-in-the-dark sushi.

The longterm results of Fukushima TERRIFY me. Particularly with the denial running rampant out there among those who might be in a position to do something about it. Same with climate change. We're all going to be doomed by the pigheaded WILLFUL stupidity of a small radical minority.

Welcome to DU, Bette!

Good to have you with us! Couldn't agree more. There's so much ICK in the news, stories like these are incredibly restorative. Sorta gives one hope for humanity. After a day full of teabaggers, I'll take a few of these, happily!!!

Welcome to DU, Mickju!

Glad you're here. Yes. We should all be doing something like this if we're able.

Much blessed? Much obligated.

That one with the macho dude asleep with all the kitties - PRICELESS!

My favorite!
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