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Aw shit. Does that mean trump will be in my neighborhood a couple of days after Halloween???

I always try to dispose the old jack-o-lanterns the next day, but some of the neighbors donít get to it til their jack-o-lanternsí faces are melting.

Even so, the policy was designed - DESIGNED - to be hurtful.

They wanted it to be a deterrent to other would-be immigrants and asylum seekers, to discourage them from wanting to come here. They deliberately did these horrible and inhuman things as an incentive NOT to try to come up here. They were quite open about it.

Pretty heartless any way you look at it. Sure smacks the philosophy behind that plaque on the pedestal of the Statue of Liberty. I wouldnít be surprised to see some news item about some red state yahoo getting arrested on Liberty Island with a hammer and chisel, for trying either to deface or break off that plaque.

You know, the Emma Lazarus poem that includes ďgive me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free...Ē


That works, too!

What a JERK!

When you throw your wife under the bus but then wrap yourself in mourning clothes while you drag her dead body out from under same bus YOU threw her under, you are A FIRST-CLASS FUCKING JERK!!!

Most intriguing indeed.

Iím so glad stuff like this is being spotted and then looked into!

You sure issue some outstanding tweets, SHRED!

I know exactly how you feel, LisaM.

Perhaps if he sincerely wanted to make a positive gesture to President Obama, he could have done so with his votes and his position of prominence in the Senate. Merrick Garland much?

That is one helluva great quote!

So true.

While I had my issues with John McCain, I very much appreciate his parting words, and deeds. I guess itís what can happen when you KNOW youíre looking at the end of the road close-up.

I was trying to accentuate the positive but YES your point is

VERRY well-taken, magicarpet.

McCain was hardly perfect but sometimes a standout from his colleagues. But there were indeed many ways he failed to measure up. That made him a glaring contrast to most of his GOP colleagues. So then, what does that say about the rest of THEM?

I guess I sometimes fall toward the sunny side of someone who died. I donít feel motivated to dance on his grave. Not like I bet Iíll do whoever it is that trump goes. Frankly, because of trump, I no longer see myself celebrating when dubya goes. And thatís merely because in comparison to trump, dubya looks somewhat decent! Now, cheney is another matter entirely!!

I did look up the USS Forrestal fire on Snopes.com to see if McCainís piloting caused that horrible conflagration in which 134 sailors were killed and 161 injured. Nope. Debunked.

But I will always be bothered by the way he threw away his first wife for a younger, prettier, blonder, richer replacement. This, after Wife #1 waited patiently at home while he was in Vietnam and the Hanoi Hilton - but her ďsinĒ was having been in a car accident which ruined her looks and her model-perfect legs.

Iíll always be bothered by his involvement with reckless wheeler-dealer Charles Keating.

And I will never forgive him for shoving Sarah Palin on the rest of America. Thatís something NOT to forget. She wouldnít have had a national profile OR platform if he hadnít plucked her out of obscurity. Youíre totally right about that!

These are all good and valid points.

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