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Take a number. I've heard them called "resentniks" and I think it's a perfect fit.

Well, why not? But I think he had an easy shot at the #1 spot.

Look at the comparison to what abysmal treasonous dreck we have now. I bet WAY more people miss President Obama, and WAY more than they even want to admit.

You ask a a most excellent question, Mr. Congressman.

WHY indeed won’t they investigate this shit?

But this question is one to which we actually all know the answer already.

I will forever be bothered by the way he threw away his first wife.

She was a beautiful model and devoted wife who waited for him while he went to Vietnam. But during his absence she was in a traumatic car accident that messed up her beautiful body, especially her long shapely legs. When he finally came home to her, he didn’t REALLY come home - to HER. He soon became enamored of a pretty young blonde from a fabulously wealthy family and threw over Wife #1, making the newer younger prettier woman Wife #2. They married a mere couple of months or so after his divorce was final.

I’m certainly no angel myself, but I’m bothered by that. I’ve tried to leaven that with the reminders of his service. He actually DID go over to Vietnam and got his hands dirty - doing the dirty and bloody work that preening vainglorious cowards like donald trump managed to avoid. So I’ll gladly give him that.

I didn’t like most of the votes he cast (I tend not to like whatever it is that republi-CONS support) but occasionally he did the right thing. Like that thumbs-down on the ACA repeal. So I’ll gladly give him that too.

He was a complicated man and admittedly not perfect. He was graceful in defeat, and his moment with that pathetic woman in the red shirt whose idiot “opinion” about Barack Obama’s background he corrected - live, in public, and on camera, was towering and admirable, courageous and honest. I’ll very gladly give him that, too.

I won’t mourn him with eyes glazed over by the soft fog of denial or fantasy about what one WISHES were there. But I will mourn him.

Awww, VOX! What a great read!

I love this! Especially your description of the “weaponized right wing”. That sure does nail it.

DU has served in much the same way for me. I see it as a kind of online think tank - that educates, uplifts, enlightens, amuses, and comforts.

One of my favorite books ever - is “Eloise” by Kay Thompson. Eloise is a supremely precocious and mischievous six-year-old who lives in the Plaza hotel in New York. Her mother is absent. Eloise has a very patient, tolerant, and long-suffering nanny - named Nanny. And Eloise loves Nanny, whom she describes as “my mostly companion.”

DU is like that for me on the net. MY “mostly companion”.

Love you, VOX. Love you ALL. The struggle continues but we will endure, and prevail. And DU is OUR weapon to help us get there.

OUCH! OUCHez-vous!

In death he had great class, elegance, wisdom, compassion, circumspection.

And honesty. So rare nowadays a lot of people don't even recognize it anymore.

I wish HE were President now, and trump was some itty bitty footnote.


They can only win if they CHEAT. And they can't win UNLESS THEY CHEAT.

Even Tom Brokaw stands up.

Where've you been, up til now, Tom?

YUP! This is a no-brainer. VERY simple. And they already have the template.

OR, better yet - what would they do if it were Hillary?
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