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Five thumbs up!

Miss them mightily! We've slid from high class to dumb ASS!

And a few more!

Guys like these - Franken and McCain - are the types who bring out the best in people.

UNLIKE a certain orange Russian Asset whose only mission in life seems to be to deceive in order to get his way.

I swear - the comparisons, which will come in tidal waves throughout this media mourning period for Senator McCain, may well jolt a few people awake on that side of the aisle. Whether they're Capitol Hill colleagues or voters out there in DeplorableLand. It's got to happen with at least a few.

While we mourn John McCain, it can't help but become obvious, even while unspoken, what a glaring and even painful contrast the John McCain story is - with that of donald trump. I can't help but suspect that it will get to at least a few of trump's hard-cores, who will actually be reminded of what REAL greatness in our public officials - AND honesty, also, is.

Preet Bharara offered a REALLY wonderful tweet yesterday evening.

Preet Bharara
Nobody wants to hear from Donald Trump today
7:36 PM - Aug 25, 2018


What's to attack?

Anyone who was around during the 2008 campaign or earlier has already pointed out whatever mistakes or flaws or issues or whatever, with which they found fault - regarding this VERY human and yet strong and courageous and noble American. I'm certainly no exception. But it grew harder and harder to stay with those feelings as time passed, and John McCain's behavior repeatedly showed the measure of the man. We who didn't know him from his Arizona world could see who and what he was as time passed, especially through the Obama years up til now.

His behavior proved him to be a really classy guy. Patriotic and loyal - to the country and the Constitution. Steadfast. Strong. Able to withstand some seriously ungodly stuff back at the Hanoi Hilton and even after that as he tried to recover.

A remarkable man. Total class. Selfless service. Imperfect, yes, but hell - aren't we all? He left a record ANYONE would be proud to have - any public servant, OR civilian. He'll always cast a giant shadow. And donald trump will NEVER be worthy even to touch the hem of his pants leg.

Frankly, I find myself wondering if John McCain's final gift to America is to wake a few more people up - about what greatness REALLY is, in HIGH contrast to what trump keeps on telling them. The comparison cannot be avoided OR overstated, even by those in denial. It's a HUGE crater that I suspect at least a few of them will have BIG trouble trying to step over.


My version goes back and forth between "what would you have done if it were Obama?" and "what would you have done if it were Hillary Clinton?"

The directive is the same.

Hey shraby! Congratulations!

That's a magnificent accomplishment!

It looks like a fairly recent photo.

I'm trying to make out his left eyebrow - to see if there are surgical scars visible from his last cancer surgery. Doesn't look like it but it's difficult to see. Maybe from 2017?

Whatever the case, a handsome woman there. Elegant and dignified. Dressed with simplicity and one statement necklace. (Personally, I like that a lot!) She looks like what a prominent family matriarch would look like.

Most of us don't want to hear from donald trump - ANY day.

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