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BRAVO, SHRED! You certainly speak - and tweet - for me!


My husband just said one more remark should be added: and all those who followed him (trump, that is) will be derided and mocked and condemned. And shunned.


Yes we are, Cha. Yes we ARE.

Welcome to DU, NickPeace.

The statistics are so jarring. Numbers don't lie. As opposed to those who refused to face facts, because they'd rather lie to themselves.

Yep. Toto, I guess we're not in Midtown Manhattan anymore...

Welcome to DU, cungar2000!

Only those who will not see. Unfortunately, they seem unwilling to open their eyes - or their ears.

I find myself thinking - at THIS late date, after everything that's come out so far, if they STILL stand with him, then what does that say about THEM? If they supported him originally but have come to their senses, that's different. But those who should know better by now, then it seems time to wonder what that says about THEM.

Welcome to DU, Raphe M!

Sure seems like it to me, but I'm somewhat biased.

He should be charged with obstruction of justice for how he went above and beyond to hamper President Obama. At EVERY turn. Gorsuch shouldn't even be on the Supreme Court. That's Merrick Garland's seat. But McConnell cheated and gamed the system like mad to deny Obama his nominee. Just for the sake of being a complete partisan piss-ant.

Well, so far, THIS Friday is turning into a humdinger!

The immunity given to the trump Organization chief financial officer, that was revealed today, is a mind-blower, for sure!

O.M.G. Does this mean we might also see the tax returns?

I think Weisselberg is the guy who'd have 'em, or know where they are. And certainly - he'd know what's IN them.

For me as well.

Even though Id be seriously shocked if it actually happened.

It SHOULD happen, though. Fitting deterrent to future scoundrels who might think twice before trying to cheat to this extreme.
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