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Two words: Steve Bannon.

He has personally been doing this, all by his widdle self. Carrying his brand of white supremacy to Europe. Trying to plant seeds in what he hopes will be fertile ground.

And he will always be a cheater. That's who he is.

Never saw a rule he didn’t try to get around.

Those ARE good points. They make you think.

Just add it to the list.

But at some point, we have to get to a vote. There are so damn many offenses and crimes and violations and frauds that he’s committed that there wouldn’t be the time and energy to litigate them all.

We need to leave a mark. Impeach. And remove if possible. If not possible, leave him permanently marked and damaged for all of history.

She hasn't learned A Thing.

But yeah, she does indeed seem MOST impressed with herself.

I'd be glad - in fact, honored, to be the supplier of the cream pie. Even though I doubt it would bring her back to reality.

Welcome to DU, BuffaloJackalope!

Gotta say, I'm rather intrigued to read the book. But I hesitate for a different reason.

I learned during Watergate - "don't buy books by crooks." All the jailed Watergaters were either finding Jesus in prison or assuaging their guilty consciences writing books - also while in prison, many of them hitting the lecture circuit, and/or booked as speakers at book clubs across America upon their release. Which, of course, would include some additional time spent in hiding while they got themselves physically restyled or otherwise sufficiently rehabilitated in the public mind, before venturing back out to make the rounds of the talk shows. Besides, by the time most of 'em were released from prison, enough time had gone by that most people either forgot or no longer cared.

But I'm held back by the recognition that buying the book would put money in some republi-CON's pockets, and I'm pretty much loathe to do that.

And this, yet again, I'm driven to ask myself the same question:

“So then what does that say about THEM?”

Oh no! You've GOT TO get well, soon, Yui!

We want you back! We miss you!

Get better and back up to fighting form soon! We need you!!!

The only way we could POSSIBLY "move on" is if we actually did get justice.

A message has to be sent to all future presidents and president wannabes: you DO NOT do this shit.

As Captain Jean-Luc Picard would say, "Make it so!"

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