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Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 54,726

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He's straight outta Central Casting, gotta say.

Anybody notice his body language at the end of his first round of questions awhile back?

He’s been leaning forward while questioning the witness. Now, it’s finally over and what does he do?

Almost literally collapses back into his chair, in a slumping posture. Head’s turned to the side, a look of “well this sucks the big one!” on his face. Brow in a deep and constant furrow.

He is clearly NOT having a good time with this.

Never Ever EVER!!!

NEVER let them forget!

YOU built this, GOP. Every last miserable hypocritical one of you!!!

SharpieGate Part 2

With apologies to the Four Tops -

sung to Sondland:

“It’s the same old song,
But with a different meaning
Since you been ON!”


He slumped back down in his chair at the end of his first round

with the look and posture of somebody who’d just been punched in the stomach. Looked utterly deflated.

She earlier threw it to reporter Garrett Haake in the Capitol

describing where he was as m “in the blast radius.”

Brian Williams called it “blowtorch testimony.” Guess we’re WAY beyond some “smoking gun.”


De BOOM-BOOM-BOOM, or as Beethoven would have written it - "BUH-BUH-BUH BOOOOOOOOOOOMMM!!!"

Just call him "Songbird Sondland."

Holy Cannoli...

Actually, Nunes is hilarious this morning!

He starts out with welcoming us all to "Story Time, this morning."

Yeah, you got THAT right, pal!

The best part of all is that what the hapless pathetic Nunes is outlining in his opening statement, that he claims is a whole bunch hogwash, and is trying to portray as horrendously unfair and coming directly from some hideous anti-trump upside down world, is the true part!

Oh you're SOOOOOO clever, Devin.

I'm certainly confused. WHAT is the reason that anybody finds him appealing -

would vote for him?

Unless they’re that gullible, or stupid, willfully uninformed (Pox Noise viewers), racist, sexist, jingoistic, homophobic, or as petty and vindictive and vulgar as he is.

Love these tweets!

And I FUCKING HATE Gym Jordan!!!!!!!!

Lock him up.
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