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This IS absurd. Especially since it's THEIR side and THEIR "dear leader"

who’ve established defying subpoenas as a standard battle tactic.

Don’t go whining about it when your favorite stalling stunt is turned around and used on you, cowards.

That's always the first hidey-hole for these cowards.

They’ll always try to take cover with worthless excuses like that one.

And we Dudettes are very likely to decide this next election.

When the hearings go public next week, those empty seats will

not only be VERY noticeable, but they won’t escape comment. LOTS of comment.

Dayum - sheer magnificence times two, this morning.

First I wake up to the Rude Pundit, and now, TheFerret.

Oh, the deliciousness!

Yes. We still have work to do. LOTS of it.

Good. Seat held.

Enjoyable. But I still don't trust Joe Scarborough.

I don’t completely trust any of these so-called “reformed republi-CONs”. They seem to be coming around - now. But for me to drive French up toward me, they’d have to start seeing the light on WAY more than just trump. Those fucked-up priorities if theirs: racist, misogynistic, jingoistic, regressive tax cuts for the rich/program cuts for the poor, take away your health care and your pension, pro-gun, I-Got-Mine-F-U, my-religion-trumps-your-rights, “let’s go back to the ‘50s” fever dreams - all of that needs to be abandoned. Repeat: ABANDONED. Deep-sixed. Scrapped. Into the shredder and then the garbage disposal.

And I don’t see enough of that from any of ‘em. They’re really not reformed at all. They need to realize their ideas are WRONG. WRONG for America, WRONG for the world, WRONG for the planet, and WRONG for the salvation of their own souls.

They'll cling to that republi-CON deck chair til the Orange Titanic sinks below the waves.


MAN-oh-Man do I Love the Rude Pundit!

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