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calimary's Journal
calimary's Journal
December 1, 2012

This says it all: "You can't always take. You also have to give back."

Wouldn't it be great if all business owners had that attitude. This gentleman is correct. Most of his success is directly traceable to the hard work of his employees. God bless him for recognizing that!

December 1, 2012

Well, there IS a template for that. Just a different rice and a different president.

Although I'm not 100% sure contradicta's dearest fantasy ever came true, in full, with bush junior. She did once mistakenly refer to him at some Manhattan cocktail party as "my husband," though - and it was overheard and turned up in the gossip pages shortly thereafter. I read quite a bit of analysis about the troika of women who surrounded dubya: contradicta rice, harriet miers, and karen hughes. Fluttered around him and fussed over him like his very own Flora, Fauna, and Merriwether. And they sure did fawn alright. All three of them were widely suspected of being in love with him, and I believe all three of them were and still are never-married. Perhaps it was unrequited love, but love nonetheless. And when you watched the inter-action carefully, you could spot it.

December 1, 2012

Yeah, that was my complaint, too. It ended far too soon.

Just ended abruptly with the lament about Obama winning Ohio - "just stunning." And that was that. Hey! Guys! PLEASE Carry On! You haven't been dismissed yet! You're not supposed to stop there!!! I wanna see and savor SO MUCH MORE!!!!!!!!

December 1, 2012

I remember all the STUPID-ASS ways the media tried to tiptoe around the word "LIE" when dubya

was the White House occupant. They never had the balls to come straight out and say it. Not about the war, not about the WMD, not about Saddam having something to do with 9/11, not about the lies about 9/11, not about ANYTHING. One of my favorites was the headline "A Prevaricating President?" JEEEEZE LOUISE... let's get the tweezers...

December 1, 2012

Yeah I saw something last night that talked about wrongney being THE "data guy."

People close to him said of him that he was always all about the data. He always wanted to see the data. Always sought out the data. Always wanted ALL the data. Just kinda makes you wonder... from what area of Alice's wonderland did he procure said "data"?

December 1, 2012

I bookmarked it so I'd be able to find it again later, whenever I want to savor that night

one more time. The post itself was wonderful, but the comments were well worth enjoying at length. Still, though, it just makes me shake my head - at how completely disconnected these people on there were/are - from this odd little phenomenon known to most of us as "reality." Funny, I bet most of 'em love all the reality shows, too. I bet they started with "Jon and Kate Plus Eight" and to this day are all glued to the Honey-Boo-Boo thing!

I found myself delightedly dancing down the page, clicking on "Like!" on so many of those comments - for several reasons. Mostly schadenfreude-related, though.

December 1, 2012

There was a LOT of that. Great Expectations on their part, that had been built

like the proverbial house upon the sand.

I've been most amused at some of the comments from the TV/cable chattering class - about the nature of this election's outcome. "Surprisingly" liberal. "This was a liberal election..." they say, with varying degrees of surprise and wide-eyed incredulity. Seems THEY, TOO, bought and swallowed whole - the outright LIE about this country being "center-right." HELL NO IT ISN'T!!! NO "center-right" country would ever go so decisively FOR marriage equality and even pot legalization in a variety of states scattered across North America, much less give that black guy another four-year lease on the Oval Office. You would NOT have Election Night results like that from a so-called "center-right" country. That's a complete and total LIE. America has NOT been pushed to the "right." We are NOT a country that's growing MORE CONservative. Nobody my voting-age kids know in their age group would have voted against either of those, and everybody they knew voted for President Obama. Our younger generations are MORE liberal, not less.

That makes me feel a little bit of relief. No - a LOT of relief, to see it played out as I certainly had hoped. And it's now a confirmed fact that there are more of us on the liberal/progressive/open-minded side than there are on the prejudiced/CONservative/narrow-minded side. THAT is the side that's shrinking. They're aging and dying off. OUR side is loaded with the younger generation, especially the Millennials, who see things differently than the CONS and the Pox Noises and the limbaughs and norquists and the like. That simpering whiner michael medved wrote something about how - "NO, friends, the demographics for the future ACTUALLY present GOOD NEWS to republi-CONS!" He "reasons" that it's by virtue of the fact that everyone's aging, so we're gonna keep gaining increasing numbers of old people and old people always vote CONservative, don't they? Well, I have found that the older I get and the more I know and the longer I live, the more LIBERAL I become! Same with the VAST majority of people I know.

That argument always makes me think of the singer-entertainer and Miss America runner-up Anita Bryant, who - back when I was first working (the '70s) was best known as a VIRULENTLY anti-gay activist. Oh GOD she hated gays. She became a national spokeswoman for the anti-gay-rights reactionaries and used her public profile as a celebrity as a platform to spread the "gospel" of prejudice and hatred. This was a woman who routinely went overseas with Bob Hope on many of his Christmas tours for the armed forces, she was a guest star on all the variety shows and the Tonight Show and stuff, and she starred in her own concert tours, which always featured her rousing version of the "Battle Hymn of the Republic" to close the show and bring down the house. She had several "Hit Parade" type hits in the pop and middle-of-the-road radio formats, and she was the national spokeswoman for what was then called "the Florida Sunshine Tree" - Florida orange juice manufacturers.

Her vocal anti-gay activism eventually backfired. It actually helped galvanize the gay rights movement like nobody's business and literally shot it full of rocket fuel - helping it develop into the prominent social force for change that it's become by now. Meanwhile, there were boycotts galore, her career declined, the orange juice folks didn't like the bad publicity and dropped her as their spokeswoman, and her personal life deteriorated into a messy divorce that outraged all her legions of fundamentalist followers (how DARE you! Marriage is FOREVER!!!!!).

And remarkably enough - This SAME Woman eventually was heard to say that she'd come around to the decision that it was better just "to live and let live." I about dropped my drawers when I heard that!!! That was something I NEVER thought I'd hear coming out of the mouth of somebody like her, ever-EVER. But I guess she'd finally just gotten bumped and banged around hard enough and often enough by life to start seeing things from another point of view than just her own narrow, pinched, shallow, and myopic one.

Kind of an interesting evolving-karma story that played out in pop culture back then. When I was first working, she was a BIG ongoing story, and everyone talked about her on the air a LOT.


December 1, 2012

BWAAHAAAAAaaaaaaa!!! One of the reports I read about this referred to

what the White House presented to the House CONS was a "suck on this" package.


THIS is how the republi-CONS should be treated - just on general principles, but PARTICULARLY in the aftermath of their LOSS in the 2012 election. Let's all remember - they LOST. And they should be reminded of that at EVERY possible opportunity. INCLUDING THEIR LOSSES IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES. Some mandate! They freakin' LOST seats.

December 1, 2012

That hillbuzz.org site had a truly exquisite play-by-play of Election Night.

Oh they were just SOOOOOOOOOOO DAMN SURE. Nearly drowning in their own self-made delusions.


The comments are pretty entertaining, too. And actually a little bit distressing. To read the depth of their despair at President Obama's reelection - and all based on this cockamamie "vision" of some America that never existed in the reality-based world, any more than wrongney's fabulous internal polling numbers did. But every one of these people swallowed every ounce of this crap, whole and unchewed, especially as it was manufactured by Pox Noise and the rest of the wrong-wing media. I think I might even feel sorry for them if I wasn't so disgusted by their deliberate and willful ignorance!

December 1, 2012

Welcome to DU, yorokmok and rwsanders!

Glad you're both here! And you each make GREAT points! Conveniently enough, they don't remember THAT 1950s - with the 91% tax bracket (when, at the same time, ONE paycheck was enough to support a family of four quite nicely, thank you). That theory about wishing for the days when they were children themselves and everything was SOOOO comfy and there was NOOOOO worry, NO muss, NO fuss. But the same conditions apply now in one respect. They had NO awareness of reality back in the '50s when they were kids. And they STILL have NO awareness of reality to this very moment.

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