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calimary's Journal
calimary's Journal
May 31, 2013

Let's not forget that's little tucker carlson's little rag.

He failed out of CNN. He failed out of MSNBC. He even failed out of Pox Noise. So he set up his own little paper to give himself something to do and a letterhead to do it by. Only thing good about little tucker carlson is he finally gave up on the bowtie affectation. And I'm afraid that's about the best that can be said about him.

May 31, 2013

Well, he WAS eventually selected to chair the Democratic National Committee.

We-the-People practically had to hold the DNC at knifepoint to push that one through.

Back in 2005 they set up listening events in various cities around the country. The one in L.A. was downtown, and I went to it. Had to walk for blocks because there was no more parking. They were canvassing grassroots Dems to see who we wanted for DNC chair. They had a couple of flabby offerings including the guy from Colorado who's a so-called Dem but anti-choice. Tim Roemer I think it was. They were really pushing hard for one of these anointed ones, and our crowd wasn't having ANY of it. It was a packed room, standing room only along the sides, every seat in this auditorium taken, people squeezing through the doorway and spilling out into the hallway outside the door. Multitudes of more questioners than there was time provided, and everybody was allowed only two minutes each. I know. I was one of many for whom they didn't have time, and I think I recall they extended the meeting by an hour to try to accommodate the onslaught of people, and they still didn't get to MANY of us. They passed out these red cards and green cards and we were supposed to vote by holding up whatever color card was signified. The whole auditorium was awash with upstretched hands holding green cards when Dr. Dean's name was called. I think out of the hundreds who were there, there were maybe half-a-dozen cards that went up for the preferred candidates of the DNC panel up on stage, when their names were called. It was almost literally by acclamation. We were UNDETERRED, and we were NOT going to entertain any other DNC chair selection but Howard Dean. It was interesting to watch the reactions onstage - this was clearly not what they were expecting OR what they thought was the better way.

And it worked. Evidently every other listening event produced the same results. The DNC officials were overwhelmed. Their preferred candidates went NOWHERE. It was a total rout for the Good Doctor. And sure enough, he was selected. They couldn't afford to go against this tsunami of grassroots opinion, and it didn't matter what kind of little regard they had for us or how insignificant were our views and preferences. They were forced to cave. They didn't approve of his "50-State Strategy." Maybe they thought it was quaint. Or maybe they thought it should all be Beltway or NO way. Well, they didn't get their way this time!

And let's think back to the results of Dr. Dean taking the helm: the very next election cycle, in 2006, the Dems got the House back. In 2008, we kept the House and got the White House back. And then after that he stepped down. Unfortunately for all of us. I'm pretty certain that if he'd stayed, we might have been able to stave off the vomit surge of teabaggers that took over in 2010 and are still trying to drag us down into Hell. (Thanks DEBBIE... )

Dr. Dean ROCKS. Then, Now, and ALWAYS. His "50-State Strategy" WORKED. And we should have stayed with it.

May 31, 2013

Welcome to DU, Mr Samuel Hain!

Glad you're here! Good point you make, and scarborough has NEVER rehabilitated himself in my eyes. He's still deeply suspect, and damaged goods, and besides, he's still a republi-CON.

Heavens above, I LOVE Howard Dean. Still do! Since 2004!

May 31, 2013

Not good enough, ClearChannel.

Not NEARLY good enough.

You don't just take the commercials off the air. You take THAT ASSHOLE off the air.

May 31, 2013

Welcome to DU, Beowulf! Exactly!

Good to have you with us!

Indeed. Who WOULD Jesus starve?

I bet none of them, while busy calling themselves good Christians and proclaiming Christ as their Savior, never once quote Him. They go straight to Leviticus (WAAAAAAAAY before Christ touched down on earth) and then directly to that miserable passage by St. Paul (the hard-ass, who came a few generations AFTER Christ touched down on earth and then lifted back up out of it) that these assholes quote all the time - the one about how "if you don't work, you don't eat."

They call themselves Christians alright. And they proclaim Christ as their Savior, and insist everybody else everywhere fall in line behind Him (and of course behind themselves too), but they NEVER quote Him. There's NEVER even a word about the Beatitudes or anything else. Certainly nothing about "the least of these" and the interests of the poor and outcast. Not one word. NOTHING about "feed My sheep" or "whatever you do to these, you do to Me" or any of that.

They're an absolute disgrace.

May 30, 2013


I've been wondering how long it'd be before we'd start seeing this, or hearing it, from ANYWHERE.

I couldn't help it, and I apologize if it seems hard-hearted, but I found myself wondering how many of those unfortunate folks in Tornado Alley voted for romney - who fulminated repeatedly about the NERVE, the very OUTRAGE, of wanting to hire MORE police, more firefighters, more teachers... and "burden" the taxpayers, and how they think they're ENTITLED! Who the hell do they think they are? Do they know how much that's gonna cost? And blah-blah-blah. How many of them bought into that and thought it was a good thing? I bet they think differently now - since those same humble teachers and first responders have repeatedly proven they're MORE THAN worth their weight in gold-pressed latinum. When they personally made the difference between whether your precious child lived or died. I wonder if this has changed anyone's mind.

I found myself thinking about that in other cases, too - like with the Jersey Shore or in the path of some other destructive monster storm, OR lunatic with a destructive monster gun or homemade bomb, too, for that matter.

And I wonder how soon they'll forget. And go back to the republi-CON gospel of cruelty and selfishness and shortsightedness - that all those whining teachers and first-responder leaches of your tax money are just useless and they should all be fired, and government is your enemy and is just bad and too expensive and doesn't do anything for you or help pull you out of a jam.

Good Grief, these voters need some serious re-education!!!!!!

May 30, 2013

With you on that, forestpath.

It affected me and I wasn't surprised at all.

I just will never forget that last panel on the Sunday on which the final Calvin & Hobbes was running - them sledding off down the hill together, excited about the ride ahead. Made me cry then. Makes me feel like crying now.

LOVED that strip.

May 30, 2013

Welcome to DU, kmlisle!

Glad you're here! That woman always amazed me. She was out there - as a businesswoman (well, of sorts), commanding big speaking fees and enjoying a high public profile and really getting ahead in the world, building her professional reputation and fame and fortune, taking FULL advantage of everything for which feminists had been fighting! For access. For equal access and equal treatment, breaking barriers down for women so that we could achieve in our own right, and be defined by and as ourselves instead of strictly in regard to whether we did or did not have a man, and to have the doors open and the playing field a little more level so we had a chance to work and expand and achieve and become and express, to NOT have to be hostage to the kind of gonads we had. Especially regarding personal choices, career choices, and life choices.

And all she wanted to do, and clearly still does want to do, was/is to undermine the feminist movement, turn the clock back at least 80 or 90 years (or decades, or more!) and drag the rest of us women and those who love us back to primordial times. Probably, preferably, to when women were property and we didn't have to bother our "pretty little heads" about any of this stuff. I just found that - well, dumbfounding! Seriously, phyllis? You're out there writing books and giving lectures and going on TV and making a fortune and actively influencing policy - that would relegate women to pink collar jobs only, with no opportunity for advancement or to be paid a living wage (especially many female heads-of-households who have no partner to help with the workload) because we womenfolk really all belonged at home with the kids and out of the workforce. So why aren't YOU home too, then? Instead of carrying on in the limelight all the time?

This woman literally built a career trying to prevent generations of women coming up after her from having the opportunities and choices she had. And she sure threw a lot of weight behind the fight against the Equal Rights Amendment. She did everything she could to slow down progress, if not stop it altogether and then roll some of it back.

That said... I hope the GOP does everything she tells them to do! Stick with whites only! Stay true to that diminishing demographic! All the better for the rest of us.

May 29, 2013

Barrump bump! Superb comment, RoccoR5955!!!

Hilarious!!! The kind of comedy that pretty much writes itself. Not unlike Congress, but that's a tragi-comedy.

May 29, 2013

One more time!!!

Or there's always the Rolling Stones -

"...look at that stupid GIRR-RRRL!"

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