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calimary's Journal
calimary's Journal
December 31, 2014

That could be a good thing - let's really push for it and make these GOP bastards look like the

hard-hearted selfish asshole Scrooges they are.

It presents an excellent opportunity to make them look HORRIBLE. And thoroughly UN-Christian, regardless how loudly and obnoxiously they boast about being exactly that.

A SUPERB opportunity! If only our Dems would seize upon it. Let's shit all over the enemy's "good name" in the new year - and keep infusing the Dems and the White House with calcium supplements for their freakin' BACKBONES!!!! With Elizabeth Warren in her new elevated position with a seat at the table, and MORE realization that we need to stand by liberal/progressive principles, AND a President who's finally decided to be defiant against the bad guys - at long last, MAYBE our forces will remember what they should really be standing for, and standing STRONG for it, dammit!

December 31, 2014

THIS ^^^^

Absolutely. Otherwise he's just shitting on ALL of us union members everywhere. Not just the union brothers and sisters on whose behalf he claims to be "working".

December 31, 2014

HAH! Wouldn't surprise me in the least.

I sure smell posturing every time he opens his large and rather cavernous yap.

December 31, 2014

I totally get that. Reminds me of something Jonathan Winters said.

I interviewed him once (and fell in love, of course) and he talked about how anything and everything is great as long as it isn't "the ol' dirt nap." I think, as I remember the quote, it was - "sure beats the ol' dirt nap!"

Years later, a woman I know spoke her own version: "anything above the dirt can be handled."

Can't really top that, 'eh? Sorta spells it all out at its very most basic.

Happy New Year to my DU brothers and sisters! And you're all honorary members of our "ACIDIC family," too! So THERE!

Rock on!

December 31, 2014

So let it be written, so let it be done!

Dear Peggy, fellow Californian - I hope you got rid of a lot of bad news this year - so 2015 brings more hope, more happiness, and fewer burdens.

December 31, 2014

And didn't the Kings win the Stanley Cup? (Asked she who knows nothing about sports.)

My boys made it to the Warped Tour, so that was a good thing. Little comforts in a generally bummer year, though, gotta admit.

December 31, 2014

Nope. It's true. With the money that side has to throw around, I bet there's a paid troll

under every bridge in America. Make that - a paid troll EXTENDED FAMILY.

December 31, 2014

The other problem I see pains me as a union member.

This thug Lynch who's mouthed off and dialed this whole mess up WAY past 11 is doing NOTHING to help his union brothers and sisters. He's doing exactly the things that will piss off the public, AND legislators, when it comes time to renegotiate contracts and pension arrangements and so forth. He's shooting himself not only in the foot but in the mouth and in the wallet. And all his other union brothers and sisters too. He's alienating the public. He's blowing away people in positions of authority who may have to make decisions about a PUBLIC EMPLOYEES UNION - that may not be favorable to them in the years ahead. He's really doing damage to the union movement as a whole. People can now point to him and the petty "protest" other officers pulled the other day during that solemn event for one of the two murdered officers. He's making them all look bad, and encouraging - even fomenting - bad behavior. And that's not gonna end well.

It's gonna shit all over every union from here on. People are gonna think of this petty belligerent goon and think ill of unions in general. Which will hurt the union movement across America - just when we need to be building it back up again! His behavior is free advertising for why we shouldn't bother with unions anymore, because they're now perceived as too in-yer-face, demanding, hostile, and trouble-making. He's made himself into the poster child for that.

Hey, Lynch, buddy - good luck at the next contract negotiations, okay, pal? Watch how far your myopic pugnacious bullshit will get you - and us.

December 31, 2014

Even if it isn't, that still needs to be said.

That point still needs to be made.

Over and over again.

December 31, 2014

Petty is TOTALLY spot-on.

It was PETTY as hell! Made them look very small indeed. And petty. Petty AS HELL.

That event was supposed to be about the grieving widow and family, and honoring the memory of he who died. It wasn't the time for a display of grievances. It wasn't the time for grievances PERIOD.

ASSHOLES. Petty ASSHOLES. Makes me not care what they think. Makes me not give a damn about "their side" of it. Makes me want to tell them all to go do what dick cheney told Patrick Leahy to do - on the floor of the Senate no less. They just lost all credibility and standing - and any right to whine and complain about their "grievances." Their job was simple. Just show respect. SHUT the FUCK UP and show respect. For the lost brother-in-arms, and his loved ones who mourn him. And that was IT. Epic FAIL. Epic PETTY Fail!

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