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Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 54,586

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I'd love to see this guy run outta town on a rail. And his brother, too.

Welcome to DU, Cheese4TheRat!

Great to have you join us! There is quite a bit of inspiring humor here! And indignation. And everything in between! Threads like this are what we live for!

Welcome to DU, griloco!

Good to have you with us! And the receipts from the Ukraine's resources would pay for it all! Wouldn't cost the taxpayers a nickel! Just ask the all-knowing chickenhawk paul wolfowitz!


GREAT! A Brazillion Uraniums for sure!

Damn! We've lost quite a few DUers in the last few weeks!

A worthy reminder!

OMG - Cilla Black!

And Dusty Springfield. And Petula Clark.

GREAT times. Back when you were spotting them on TV and in "A Hard Day's Night" and in fan magazines and ads for Yardley of London… Back when the other role models were Twiggy and Jean Shrimpton and Patti Boyd, and fashion was all about Mary Quant… DAYUM! Loved those times!

"The Look of Love" !!!

Oh yeah - pretty damn sizzling if you ask me! Her voice was really something. Kinda like a thick cashmere throw for your eardrums.


I saw that photo and thought immediately - "WELL? Haven't you wondered?"

GREAT job again this week, Agschmid! Thank you for doing such cool work filling in for SCE!

Btw - that extreme close-up of the polar bear becomes more frightening the more I look at it!


Sick and tired.
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