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calimary's Journal
calimary's Journal
May 1, 2014

Damn - I look at this officer and can't help but think - WHY should that poor man have to be put in

such a horrible position? He's a peace officer! He's the guy who probably would be pulling somebody over on the Las Vegas Strip for driving drunk. He and his fellows shouldn't have to face shit (and shitters) like this! SHEESH! They don't pay guys like him enough!!!!

May 1, 2014

Oh that's a cutie. Reminds me of Shelley Berman's Cleans & Dirties.

This would be, according to his definition, a "Clirty." Which is - a cleaned-up dirty.

May 1, 2014

If one of the "liberal" justices had done this, there'd be all kinds of yowling about impeachment.

But let it be that scum scalia and there's silence.

May 1, 2014

And we still do.

When I saw him come to national prominence, I was actually terrified. I thought - he's such a smooth talker that he's going to sweet-talk and sell people all kinds of shit and they'll buy it RETAIL, and love it to death and ask for MORE! I thought because of his skills and his phony-ass Captain America schtick, he was probably gonna be the most dangerous man in America. MAN I didn't know HOW much!!! When he finally died, my first thought was - "hmmm... death of a salesman." His legacy is absolute POISON to the entire American psyche. It'll take us generations to get it out of our system.

May 1, 2014

"...hardened breadfruits..."!!!! DANG!!!

Just a bunch of bullshit bozos. Unfortunately, armed and EXTREMELY dangerous, and volatile as hell. What a cocktail. Can only lead to something very bad. I just hope non-combatants and those duly-charged with trying to keep the peace don't get hurt. They're the ones who are SUPPOSED to have guns and be armed. Not these wannabe Rambos and dickish penny-ante spoiling-for-a-fight John Waynes. It struck me that these are the thuggish idiotic "gonna go out in a BLAZE of GLORY!"

Mainly, I suspect, because they've seen all the movies and the glorified war and violence, and video war games and stuff. So understand this: these types probably, most of 'em, haven't seen combat. All they know is their armchair-warrior video games. What happens when you shoot somebody to smithereens or you get killed in those? You start a new game or hit "reset" and everything's all fine again. No muss no fuss! Lots of cool blood and guts and "Blaze of Glory." And it's awfully easy to talk tough and swagger around and arm yourself to the teeth and look like a big-ass he-man bigger than The Rock and Schwarzenegger and Steven Seagal and Rambo and Clint Eastwood and John Wayne and Will Smith all rolled into one. All of those, mind you, cheap-ass fairy-tale PRETEND movie tough-guys. However, if these assholes "play" the REAL thing, in REAL life, in REAL time, there is NO "reset" button. It's "Blaze of GORY." And they will get the shock of their lives. Or rather, of their deaths. And there's no "reset" button there, either.

If you play with fire, sooner or later you're gonna get burned. Especially if the fire you're playing with is the pretend kind most of the time. These would-be militia types, the Moocher Militia can't keep reality straight with the pretend most of the time, seems to me. They'd be a lot less swagger-y if they really knew what kind of fire they're playing with, and how close they're skirting the edge. And how recklessly they're tempting fate. All the ingredients are there for a big fat powder keg to blow up. Thank God law enforcement on hand is keeping a cool head!!! The Moocher Militia should be grateful to them rather than threatening and menacing and in-yer-face to them. That's the ONLY THING saving these assholes from a complete conflagration.

May 1, 2014

Wonder how many there are Blackwater-types.

Or - excuse me - Xe-types. They changed their name so everybody will think those nasty Blackwater types aren't around anymore, OR up to something. And that would be WRONG-WRONG-WRONG.

Remember: A name change doesn't stop them. It only stops YOU. That's what it's designed to do.

May 1, 2014

"Mooch Militia" = EXCELLENT framing!!!!!!!!

EXCELLENT!!! Just Absolute Torch N Twang EXCELLENT!!!

Let's let them wear THAT around for awhile! Sounds like they're more than living up to the other label that they've earned: DOMESTIC TERRORISTS. And that one, too, should be hung around their necks as the millstone it is and should be.

Needs repeating - a LOT! More like RELENTLESSLY!!! Til it sticks.

And this is a wealthy moocher-rancher. Why is anyone offering him more free stuff? Free stuff. I thought his type didn't like or approve of such things.

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