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Member since: 2001
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I agree, Cary.

Sometimes I'll slide by long enough to check the home page and it's Bernie Sanders-Bernie Sanders-Bernie Sanders-Bernie Sanders-Bernie Sanders and then some Bernie Sanders on top of it. Just not worth it.

I'm getting it on the phone now, too. Progressive Democrats called trying to raise money for Bernie Sanders. I told them I'm not contributing because I'm for Hillary. Got a nervous giggle in response: "OH... (big pause) Okay."

YES there are quite a few here who just REALLY enjoy fighting.

One big reason why I'm not here much anymore. Life's too short.

Safe passage and peace.

Thank you for this thread, demmiblue.

There's always gonna be somebody who just simply MUST pee in the pickle barrel.

With ya, one_voice.

Thank you.

I LOVED this article. I identify with it, big time. Thanks for posting it.

I know how you feel, DSB. I'm spending much more time elsewhere now.

That dragonfly is Spectacular!

Thanks for these, SCE!

Awwwww.... this is sweet! Both episodes!

Thanks for these, TexasBushwhacker! Great stuff! And I think we all need sweet little things like this to watch and feel renewed - after what we all saw from Paris on Friday night.


That was a sweet gesture.

Thank you, SCE!

I think we all need this, after this past Friday.
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