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Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 55,957

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Then there were two...



There IS a second birdie behind and underneath this one:




Even with some room, they still don't fit anymore...



We need another woman on SCOTUS, and another multitude of women in the House and Senate,

AND in the statehouses, AND in the governor's mansions, AND, yes, in the Oval Office. Forty-four Presidents we've had. All men. Time for a change. But it's been time for a change for awhile, if you ask me.

Welcome to DU, StarlightGold!

Glad you're here! They'll call her all kinds of things that aren't fit to print, I'm sure. I call her magnificent. And impressive as hell!!!

And a signature quote: "Accountability. You're getting it today."

Remarkable young woman. No nonsense, no bullshit. Liked it. VERY impressed.

OR, more likely, she did it on the understanding that this was what her boss wanted.

Especially considering the tone he set, the bullying, rude, confrontational, punitive in-yer-face shit he's famous for. We've seen publicly, many times, how he treats people. God knows what kind of unspoken rules his dutiful underlings felt were important to execute in his name.

My take is "My Ass, Bridget."

Us too! We've got it on DVD though.

Is it wrong that I'm smiling?

Indeed. SHAME on the Washington Post.

Or Washington Compost, as was said by DUer lowkell, and far more accurately, in another thread. They've fallen a LONG way downhill since the Woodward and Bernstein era.

Welcome to DU, dawnie51!

Glad you're here! Moderate-Schmoderate. I don't trust him. Simply because he's a republi-CON. That's really all I need to know. Besides, if he won, he'd still be bringing all kinds of GOP fiends and warmongers and other scumbags and government haters and climate change deniers and misogynists and vote-cagers and other CON jerks and 6th-Century minds into office with him.
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