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calimary's Journal
calimary's Journal
May 31, 2015

Thank you for this, Algernon Moncrieff.

I followed the instructions. It's easy. We have a very dear Vice President. I hate to see him sad. He's already had plenty of sad in his life.

May 31, 2015

Thanks for posting this, WillyT!

It's completely solid. You cannot separate fiscal issues from social issues. They're totally intertwined AND inter-dependent.

May 31, 2015

Welcome to DU, BOTH of you! beemer 27 and also chev52!

So glad you're both here!!! I'm a Hillary supporter but I do like what Bernie Sanders says, does, and HAS DONE. He has a long track record to look at, and he's been on the good side of pretty much every issue I can think of. I ardently want a woman in charge, for a change. And I think Hillary is set up to be the best opportunity to prevail on that in my lifetime. I think the men need to sit down and let a woman run things for a change, especially since we need a different mindset at work on our problems.

That said, I think Bernie Sanders is one who DOES INDEED present a different mindset, in his own right. The nauseating yearning to solve every big and small, local and international problem by going BANG BANG SHOOT SHOOT is just utterly doom-worthy at this point. It is guaranteed not to end well. It is guaranteed to produce results that are costly, bloody, divisive, and counter-productive. Plus, these ideas and policies DON'T WORK, DAMMIT!!!!! They make us FAR more enemies than friends. That in itself is a net fail. We keep backing the wrong people, imposing wrong and unwelcome systems on other cultures far away that don't share our views and have no desire to start doing so. It runs up ridiculously obscene bills and I'm not just talking financial. AND THERE'S NO END TO IT.

There is NO regard for any consideration of possible CONSEQUENCES to our actions in ways that will be "the gift that keeps on giving" for a factor of generations. There's never an end game. There's never an attack that's so well-thought-out that they've planned for when we leave because the job actually is done. All the proponents of these foreign policy disasters we've had, from Vietnam on, only think as far as how soon they can get in and how big a bang they can make doing so. For the cameras dontchaknow. NOBODY bothers to consider the long haul. It's Short Attention Span Theater all over again, only it's not a game, it's a war. It doesn't end tidily in 22 minutes of programming like all our favorite half-hour shows do, with the good guys always on top.

This, above, is one Absolute-Torch-'n'-Twang Rock Solid Fucking URGENT reason to vote for the DEMOCRAT for the White House - and for every other opening there is, in EVERY state and town. I'm a Hillary supporter. But I would be DELIGHTED to vote for Bernie Sanders if he turns out to be the nominee. He'd do most of what I'd hope to see accomplished, especially if voters saw fit to give him more Democrats to work with, PERIOD.

May 31, 2015

Isn't that rich!?!

I also noted that while Clinton got an illicit blow job (from a consenting adult who was in her early 20s, above age 21, who evidently went after him, with visions of "presidential knee pads" dancing in her head), his most vocal critics like henry hyde, newt gingrich, dan burton, bob livingstone, and plenty more, had done far worse than just enjoy oral sex, and what they did actually adversely affected others. Like soon-to-be-ex-wives, baby mamas, and families. All of their dalliances actually broke up marriages - their own, AND those of their lovers', and led to fatherless kids, knocked-up mistresses, out-of-wedlock births, and a whole lotta child support and alimony payments. As I recall, Bill Clinton's various offenses never resulted in breaking up anybody else's marriage, OR resulted in any out-of-wedlock pregnancies or births. If there were any, do you think for an instant we would NOT have heard about it by now - "hey Bill, I'm the son/daughter you never knew you had..."?

And Clinton never passed himself off as some sort of Grand Moral Poobah or National Arbiter of Morality and Godliness. For Pete's sake, that's ALL the aforementioned Pharisees on Capitol Hil who so loudly condemned him have ever been known to do. They're card-carrying members of the Holier-Than-Thou Club. ALL of them speaking with forked tongues, groping fingers, and open zippers.

May 30, 2015

Well, as broken clocks go...

she's probably their best example. In the same way that, SOMETIMES, you can also get a decent probing question out of chris wallace over there, too. But it's the exception, NOT the rule. And I still don't trust her. Believe me, she KNOWS who it is - who's paying for her mascara and facial contour powder (that always makes her look like Nixon did with his perennial five-o'clock-shadow) and all those nice skimpy tops and short tight skirts and stiletto heels she wears on camera. She knows who butters her bread. She's NEVER going to stray too far off the reservation in some quest to appear like an objective journalist.

I would LOVE for someone, anyone, from anywhere, ON anywhere, to ask about the whole forgiveness thing. You're forgiven? You believe in that, I'm sure. You believe in God. You believe in Jesus. You believe that you - that we all - were born forgiven by the suffering Christ on the Cross long ago. But if you believe that, does that somehow make it okay to do whatever the heck you feel like doing, even if it's wrong - because you believe you're already forgiven? So then, whatever sin you commit is already excused? And you have already been issued a free pass? Please explain.

She won't. But it needs to be asked. These folks who seek to smear their religion all over our faces and shove it up our asses and down our throats 24/7/365 need to be asked this. They need to be confronted by this and they need to try to explain it. They need to be put on the spot about this. I'll bet some of 'em have never even given it a thought.

May 30, 2015

That IS how it should be. Don't shove your religion in our faces, unless there's a very clear

and appropriate reason to do so. A case like this would come to mind. In this case it was a conversation-starter with a potential voter - whose presence and behavior was what triggered the conversation. I'm about as un-religious as they come, especially outwardly. I don't go parading my religion around in public and I only bring it up here in the proper context, where religious discussion is very clearly prompted and appropriate. MY relationship with my understanding of Jesus and of the Creator is VERY private and personal just to ME. I like that in a candidate. I PREFER that in a candidate. No candidate who wants to be President of the United States will win my vote by wearing his/her religion around and in-yer-face as though it were some fucking neon tinsel-trimmed sandwich board with sparklers and shiny mylar pinwheels and made-in-China plastic Jesus statues all over it. They're running for PRESIDENT. NOT POPE or Chief Minister/Curator/Decider of Religious Belief Systems. Running for President in a SECULAR nation.

May 30, 2015

Well said.

If Bernie is our nominee, I will eagerly and enthusiastically support him. AND I WILL vote for him. Unless it's Hillary. Then I WILL vote for her. Eagerly and enthusiastically.

Our absolute WORST Democrat is still LIGHTYEARS better than the so-called "best" the other side's got. And remember - it's not just them, it's WHO THEY BRING IN WITH THEM. Remember that! jeb bush will be bringing in paul wolfowitz sitting on one shoulder, and his lame-ass war-criminal brother sitting on his other shoulder. And rand paul will bring all the flakes and dingdongs of his father's orbit, AND his flake dingdong dad in with him. He'd probably figure, like dubya did, that HE can avenge his dad's defeats. "Well, daddy, you didn't go all the way. I'M gonna try it and I'M gonna make it work (and show both you and Mom HOW IT'S DONE at the same time)."

May 30, 2015

This is actually a good point. Hillary would be laboring under the same confines as Barack Obama

faced. As the FIRST (fill-in-the-blank-here). In his case, the first Black President. In her case of course, it'd be the first Woman President. The first of anything would be dicey. Human nature at work here - especially the worst of our human nature, VERY MUCH at work here, as we've seen in President Obama's case.

I'd bet that then-President-Elect Barack Obama had more than a few discussions with advisors and his wife and his most trusted friends and everyone in his inner circle about, well, let's call it the "Curse of The Uppity" that he would face if he came out strong and forceful from the beginning. They probably urged him to take a conciliatory approach, an open hand, never a fist.
They probably urged:
Try to meet the opposition halfway - or MORE than halfway.
Don't be too threatening.
You're breaking a mold that's been CENTURIES in the making.
You'll be swimming against a tide that's been CENTURIES in the making.
Even in a best-case scenario, you'll be fought anyway, so you have to take great care, try to outthink and outwit the opposition but gently. And did we remember to say don't be too threatening?
Yes. Don't be too threatening. They're all new at this. They won't know what to do or how to react except negatively to something strange and new and unfamiliar - because someone like YOU in the Oval Office is going to be exceedingly strange and new and unfamiliar. And people react in predictable ways to the strange and new and unfamiliar - usually with distrust and hostility. Especially if you're black.

Hillary would get the same thing. Especially as a woman. MORE unfamiliar territory that would be full of opposition and prejudice and pre-conceived notions dating back to the Dark Ages, hell, even to cave-dweller days, when the woman was merely hit on the head by the man, and dragged back to the cave by her hair. Hillary would have to fight against the assumptions that a woman is weak, a woman can't cut it, she can't be Commander-in-Chief - she'll hand it all over to the Russians/Taiban/ISIS/Fill-in-the-blank-here. Her place is in the White House kitchen or heading up the household staff or something. Women don't belong in the Oval Office except when they're visiting their husbands... OR because they're the cleaning lady making her rounds at the end of the day. All that rot.

It'll be interesting to see it play out if Hillary does prevail. Watching the human nature play out - or maybe it's more appropriate to say the BASER human nature playing out, considering what we've seen so far. I'm wondering if there'll be one of two effects on display:
Will this be seen as a one-two punch against all the damn prejudice out there? ("SHIT, Bessie, first we had to put up with one o' THEM black folks in the White House, and NOW it's some brassy broad in there, we're-going-to-hell-in-a-hand-basket, I-want-MY-America-BACK" blah-blah-blah.) And will they act out?
OR will it be resignation and capitulation as the Bronze-Agers see the tide irreversibly running against them (and the "America" they thought they knew and with which they were so much more comfortable)? Will some of 'em give up? Will they give up and go away, seeing their "cause" is lost?
I kinda suspect we'd see the former rather than the latter. These folks are the ULTIMATE Sore Losermans. As we've seen, they revert to their own inner spoiled brat-child, screaming and thrashing on the floor throwing temper tantrums in the middle of the grocery store because Mommy wouldn't buy them sugar-cereal. They act out like nobody's business. It's really embarrassing. I always feel like I'm watching an erupting class of unruly spoiled-brat kindergarteners in mid-tantrum every time I see a group of 'em.

And then again... just imagine how this "well-disciplined, reasonable, intelligent and thoroughly adult" bunch would react - knowing a SOCIALIST!!!!!!! had been elected to the Oval Office... GEEZ...

May 30, 2015

Post it on the "Meet the Press" Facebook page. Or if you do Twitter (which I don't),

do it there, too.



From their "Contact Us" page: http://www.nbcnews.com/pages/contact-us

Submit feedback or report an error
To report an error or comment on NBCNews.com or an NBC News program, please email contact.nbcnews@nbcuni.com

Press inquiries
Reporters can call 212-413-6142 for contacts at NBCNews.com PR.

All legal notices should be sent by mail to the editor-in-chief
NBC News, 30 Rockefeller Plaza, New York, N.Y. 10112

When all else fails, the old-fashioned way is good, too. Mail a paper letter. Paul Begala once said 100 paper letters about a single subject would change the course of a newsroom.

May 30, 2015


Love you too, she!

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