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Musings like this one exacerbate my wondering whether trump is actually the Antichrist.

Yeah, that sounds a little far out. But less so as the days go by. We're told the Antichrist has a compelling personality and charisma, and an ardent following, after all...

This is almost blindingly horrible.

As is our so-called "leadership*".


How low a level of Hell do you suppose it'll be - in which he'll eventually be found?

For him to attack her via his shitty little "I'm a four-year-old and I can use Twitter and you can't!" tweets the following morning!!!!! Fuck him. He is one hideous excuse for a human being.

And Hillary was calling for the USS Comfort to be dispatched to Puerto Rico about a week or so ago...

In spaces, hearts, diamonds, and clubs!


I do! He was the poster child for GOOD federal government response to a crisis.

He's the guy who showed how to do it right. Under President Bill Clinton. Raised FEMA to a new level of respect and appreciation for a job well done. And then came dubya's appointee, "Brownie," who showed us all how NOT to do it right.

Welcome to DU, Loyd!

And whiter than white!

Welcome to DU, one of_theabove!

I'm stunned anew every day. To borrow from Joe Biden, NEVER have I seen malarkey like this.

That's my Congressman! Sigh...


This is GREAT!


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