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calimary's Journal
calimary's Journal
December 1, 2018

I was no fan of the Bushes. However,

I was really touched by the class with which George Senior and Barbara greeted the Clintons and their then-pre-teenage daughter Chelsea.

The incoming First Family arrives at the White House to be greeted by the outgoing First Couple. It’s a tradition by now.

I’ll never forget how HW greeted Chelsea so warmly and affectionately and said “Welcome to your NEW HOUSE!”

Her dad had just denied him what many (including him, I’m sure) thought was his “entitlement” to a second term. During a nasty campaign. Rendered him a one-termer, which had to be at least somewhat humiliating. And he was about to hand over the front door keys to the residence he felt he deserved to keep for four more years, and probably rather ardently didn’t want to give up. And yet he was kind, welcoming, and totally charming to that shy young girl. So was Barbara. Like grandparents more than political foes.

I couldn’t help noticing that. And I’ll remember that about him for a long time.

December 1, 2018


They're ALL laughing at him. They've all sized him up. They've taken the measure of the "man" and recognized the spoiled snot-nosed brat.

With my deepest apologies to all the other spoiled snot-nosed brats out there...

December 1, 2018


One little happy ending in the midst of all this dismal-ness. I'll take it.

December 1, 2018



The lover scorned.

Putin, on the other hand, looks positively ecstatic! I’ve never seen him high-fiving somebody like that! As my late mother would have said, “he looks like the cat that ate the canary.”

The unfortunate fact is that Putin’s having a pretty fabulous run of luck in the game of geopolitics right now.

December 1, 2018

I'm surprised he didn't book it at a trump property.

Rudy always seems ready to suck up to “the boss”.

November 30, 2018

Good. He should hear it from coast-to-coast.

Here are some ideas about calling his office, even if you’re 1) not a GOPer, or 2) not in or from Kentucky, humbly submitted:

- If you lived there beforehand, or grew up there. Keep your old address/zip code handy, in case they ask. They often do.
- If you went to school there - keep the campus address/zip code handy in case you were a dormie.
- If you have family there. Keep their address/zip code handy.
- If you have good friends there. Especially if you’ve visited there.

And what did you do there when you visited?

You supported the local economy. Bought stuff - food, drinks, via restaurant or fast-food or grocery store; you filled the car with gas; you picked up a souvenir or two, postcards, stamps, etc.; went to a movie or other ticketed event or sports pursuit; bought food/other stuff there, and so forth. Longer stays mean you’ll spend more.

You’re also inevitably using the local infrastructure, acquainting yourself with the neighborhood and general area and the people in it. How they celebrate the holidays or special events. What kinds of signature specialties or iniquities there are. The local cuisine and other public artistic expressions. Dialects and cultures. You’re getting to know the scenic parts, residential enclaves, commercial districts, “hot spots” and trends, weather, seasons, tourism...

I submit that this gives you a personal stake in that community in that state. However brief. Especially if there are people there about whom you care deeply. When YOU are there, yourself, you ARE one of them. Even temporarily. And you are thus directly and personally affected and personally impacted by the rules, laws, customs, and physical conditions there.

That’s why I feel strongly that this entitles you to have a say. However small.

ALSO - if you contributed to their campaigns. Even from out-of-state. I’d even go so far as to say - if your parents voted for whoever the Senator/Rep is, and even if it’s a GOPer. I still think that gives you a legitimate or at least reasonable authorization to call in and register your opinion.

I’ve shared the anecdote here before - about how I called Heidi Heitkamp’s Senate office to lodge a complaint about something she said on “Goid Morning America”. But I think it’s worth repeating. It was right after Newtown and she was asked about the many calls to limit or outlaw assault weapons. She vehemently objected, saying she had no intention of supporting such a move. So I called in, trying to contain my outrage. I told the staffer, politely, that I was a donor to her campaign to win that Senate seat two years earlier, and that her campaign was VERY happy to take MY California money, and didn’t reject it because I wasn’t a constituent. So by Jove she’s going to hear from me now. And her staffer listened rather than scold me because I wasn’t a constituent and they’re only interested in callers from her state.

I’ve actually received that scolding, calling from California to complain to Susan Collins’s office about some position she took. I was rudely confronted by a young male staffer - “And WHAT does this have to do with THE STATE OF MAINE???

Oh poo - sorry this is so long...

November 30, 2018

So did I. I remember reading about it - especially that rape

of the 13-year-old. Allegedly by trump. That story sure did disappear.

Wonder if there’s any way to revive it, or anything that will enable the victims to seek justice? They’ve been defiled, cheated, and then robbed. Sadly enough, with trump involved it’s probably to be expected.

November 30, 2018

Donnie Deutsch said quite a mouthful.

I was driving and listening. Among the noteworthy observations: this won’t be over when his “pResidency*” is. Prosecutors will start piling on, chipping away at his “empire” til there isn’t much left. (He actually said “nothing”, not “isn’t much”, but I don’t want to get my hopes up too high). And he further speculated there’d be another 20 years of prosecutions to follow.

What was that quote about the wheels of justice turning very slowly?

November 30, 2018

Gut says: "Don't forget the Maalox next time, idiot."

Either that or his widdle feelings are hurt because he wasn’t asked to stand front ‘n’ center.

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