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Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 55,971

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Another vile snake wrapping herself around the Cross of Christ.

To feign reverence and “Christian” “values”. Won’t convince this lifelong Catholic that she’s “sorry.” She’s only sorry her mean-spiritedness created a nice little shitstorm for herself.

Oh MAN would I like to see those two put away.

Orange jumpsuits for the both of them. Especially that smug-ass/smart-ass Jordan.

Welcome to DU, RVN VET71!

Maybe he's keeping his head WAAAAAAAY down?

Or perhaps there's just so much sturm und drang around everybody else in that accursed White House that the glare of the critical spotlight just hasn't gotten to him yet?

Welcome to DU, dustyscamp!

Saw something most intriguing on @Stonekettle - in a Twitter conversation about bullies. He used the term "crybullies" for human disgraces like Laura Ingraham.

And frankly, whenever I hear anything about what the trumpsters think, I can't help wondering how many of them are Russian trolls.

Welcome to DU, DylanUSC!

I don't get it, either. It just doesn't compute. I'm with you on that astoundingly high number. But there's something significant to keep in mind here: DENIAL. Because NOBODY likes to admit they were wrong, much less that they've been royally HAD.

I imagine they'll get more business for doing this.

As they should. May that be a cautionary tale for the other media mean-girl types out there. I hope Ingraham gets fired. And blacklisted!

Ahhh, those were the days...

You are FAR from alone on that, AZ8theist.

FAR from it. I'm running on angry so strong that sometimes I can barely think straight.

I'm LOVING this!!!!

I'm LOVING this!!!!

I'm LOVING this!!!!

I'm LOVING this!!!!

I'm LOVING this!!!!

I'm LOVING this!!!!

I'm LOVING this!!!!

I'm LOVING this!!!!

FUCK YOU, Ingraham. I hope your show gets yanked and you get fired. You could stand to do some time on unemployment, examining your conscience (assuming you even have one, that is).

It's just a damn shame that our teachers have to go to these lengths

even just to be heard, much less win the salary increases they so desperately need and deserve. Frankly, I think a lot of these teachers deserve freakin' COMBAT PAY (looking at YOU, Parkland FL teachers!).
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