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Whatever it is, by now I think it's safe to say it's not on the up 'n' up.

Photographic realism.

You’re really gifted, my friend.

Looks good enough to eat!

Yep. Absolutely.

Indeed. If they hate her, that tells me she's doing great!

The more they hate her, the more I like her!

I just love your work.

But it will be a VERY long time before my opinion of the republi-CON party improves. They have a gigantic load of reparations, sincere and humble contrition, and a wholesale change of heart, mind, philosophy, and world view, that I doubt they can climb a mountain that high.

It always has to start with sincere and humble acknowledgement. As they say in AA, first you have to admit you have a problem. And I don’t have much confidence that most of ‘em will go there.

How’d it go with all those “good Germans”? Didn’t it take busting through the guard gates at the concentration camps and confronting the hard truths of those millions of bodies... and the ovens... and all the unspeakable atrocities...? Didn’t it take forcing them to face the bare horrors they enabled? That’s what it took to finally shake them awake. That and utter financial and social ruin and shame and the shock and horror of the rest of the world.

I don’t know if the trumpers can ever get there, if they can ever fully admit what THEY enabled. Nobody wants to admit they were wrong, especially when they embraced it all so eagerly, ardently, proudly.

Nobody wants to be the ones that were wrong. Or even worse, that they were had. ROYALLY had. That’s an awfully big lift. Frankly, I doubt many of them are up to it by now, or ever.

That's how rush limbaugh became a "best-selling author.

His first book was a bulk buy. Put him on the bestseller list, too.

And if you tuned into the TV show he had back then, you might have noticed where all those books found a home: they were the backdrop on the set. The whole stage behind him was lined with stacks of his books. They literally formed a wall.

JYep st think - “build the wall” was a slogan under false pretenses even back then. Even before trump.


Just reprehensible.

This wall I definitely celebrated.

Still love Punk Floyd!

I'm so sorry to hear this, lisa58.

Shame in them!

Shame on any woman who works to promote the candidacy of that disgusting detestable deceitful unrepentant pussy-grabber.

I’m sorry you had to deal with this. But you did the right thing. Did you at least get an apology?
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