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Member since: 2001
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No kidding.

Seeing this and feeling heartsick.

What kind of planet is my granddaughter going to have?

...and that YOUR grandchild is going to have?

...that ANYBODY's offspring and grandchildren will have?

I gave a few 4ocean bracelets as Christmas gifts. They actually were enthusiastically received. I was pleasantly surprised - especially to see the notes come back that suggested the recipient was already pretty plugged in on climate issues.

The reception they deserve the most is to be had when

being processed as new prison inmates.

Great stuff. As usual, the cartoonists are the ones who "draw blood."

Their mightiest weapons are their pens.

The Asset and all his little GOP friends think they're playing Tic Tac Toe.

They’re really facing a Grand Master of Three-Dimensional Chess.

How very trumpian. Cruelty. Cruelty is the whole point.

It’s his favorite fallback to assert dominance.


I remember thinking "wow, what a great ending!"

Hopeful and full of wonder and leaving them fully in their element, setting off on the next adventure - in which the reader was invited to fill in the story line. Ending it without an “ending.”

Loved that strip! Sorry when it ended but glad it concluded the way it did.


The seeds were planted by reagan.

trump was the inevitable result.

I think we should be able to see who they are.

We certainly see WHAT they are.

I hope we see A LOT more of this.

Thank you, Gothmog!

I think we need some serious healing, nationwide, whenever that great day dawns when the donald can no longer do anything to hurt or con or otherwise rip off anybody.

I think we need the kind of survivor of dreadful tragedy that Joe Biden is. He understands agony and loss and the injustice of it all. He is not just sympathetic but empathetic.

Those qualities seem like just what America needs - because more than anything else, we’ll have a lot of healing to do.
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